Manga Monday #4: “Yukarism” by Chika Shiomi

Teen writer Yukari discovers he lived as a courtesan in his past life. Gaining traces of his previous life, he slowly puts together the life he once had as a famed entertainer and his death. Not only that, the people Yukari meets in his present life coincide with the people his former self have met in the past. Who … Continue reading Manga Monday #4: “Yukarism” by Chika Shiomi

Ten Influential Books to Kickstart Your 2016

Ready to start your 2016 with strong focus, action, and pure determination? Here are the ten influential books I've read last year that may help you this brand new year. 1. "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill Studying the successful people of his era like Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill summarizes success into four basic … Continue reading Ten Influential Books to Kickstart Your 2016