My March 2018 Book Haul

March was self-help month. It wasn’t intentional, I promise you!

Here’s what I had in my March 2018 book haul.

Adult Non-Fiction

1. 2,000 to 10,000 by Rachel Aaron (5/5 stars) (review)

Image result for 2,000 to 10000

How do you raise your daily word count? Rachel Aaron’s book shows you the secrets to longer writing without the stress.

Key points:

  • Practice daily writing.
  • Record your daily writing activities.
  • Time, knowledge, and enthusiasm are the keys to bigger word counts.

For readers into:

  • NaNoWriMo (National Writing Month)
  • Writing
  • Writing books

2. 10 Pillars of Wealth by Alex Becker (5/5 stars) (review)

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Frustrated with the massive military workload and low pay, Alex Becker taught himself SEO.  Now,  he’s a wildly successful online entrepreneur.

Key points:

  • One source of income is not enough to ride down millionaire highway.
  • Passive income is essential for financial freedom.
  • Your primary financial goal is to separate time from work.
  • The more hours you put into your dream goals, the more likely they’ll turn into reality.

For readers into:

  • Business & Finances
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Online entrepreneurship

3. The Keys by DJ Khaled (3/5 stars)

Image result for the keys by dj khaled

You might’ve heard of DJ Khaled’s inspirational talks. In The Keys, he shares his life rising in Miami’s music industry and what you can do to succeed.

Key points:

  • Work and success never stop.
  • Opportunities lead to more opportunities.
  • Don’t listen to “they” (DJ Khaled’s version of haters).

For readers into:

  • Biographies
  • DJ Khaled
  • Self-help books

4. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod (3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for the miracle morning

The premise of The Miracle Morning: seize the morning!

Key points:

  • Use the morning to read, write, visualize, exercise, and meditate.
  • Pass your limits.
  • Waking up early equals success mornings.

For readers into:

  • Early bird habits
  • Productivity
  • Self-help

5. So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport (5/5 stars) (review)

Related image

Passion alone won’t make your career dreams come true. So Good They Can’t Ignore You gives you all the reasons why shouldn’t fall into the passion trap.

Key points:

  • Increase your skills sets.
  • “Follow your passion” is a lie.
  • Make yourself valuable to the point your employer would hate to see you leave their side.

For readers into:

  • Career development
  • Productivity
  • Self-help

Other books I read by this author: Deep Work.

6. Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg (3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for smarter faster better goodreads

Personally, Smarter, Faster, Better wasn’t as thrilling as The Power of Habit, but it’s still worth the reading time.

Key points:

  • You have control over your actions.
  • Creativity solves problems.
  • Productivity: trading energy for the most meaningful reward.

For readers into:

  • Non-Fiction books
  • Productivity
  • Self-Help

Other books I read by this author: The Power of Habit.

Comics/Graphic Novels

1 – 2. The Adventures of Tintin volumes 6 & 7 by Hergé (3/5 stars)

Image result for the adventures of tintin volume 6Image result for the adventures of tintin volume 7 amazon









Stories include:

Volume 6

  • Land of Black Gold
  • Destination Moon
  • Explorers of the Moon

Volume 7

  • The Castafiore Emerald
  • Flight 714 to Sydney
  • Tintin and the Picaros

For readers into:

  • Adventure comics
  • European comics
  • Tintin

Past volumes I’ve read in this series: 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.

Teen Non-Fiction

1. Career for Tech Girls in Video Game Development by Laura La Bella (4/5 stars)

Image result for career for tech girls in video game development amazon

Do you know the leading women in the gaming industry? I didn’t know a woman is behind the Halo franchise.

Career for Tech Girls in Video Game Development offers readers (particularly young females) tips to start a career in the gaming industry.

Key points:

  • Colleges offering video game-related degrees: NYU, Drexel, MIT, and SCAD (my alma mater).
  • Video game companies to work for: Capcom, Blizzard Entertainment, HAL Laboratory, Atari, Square Soft, and Konami.

For readers into:

  • Females in the gaming industry
  • Video game careers
  • Video games

What have you read in March 2018?

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My January 2018 Book Haul

Huzzah! New year, new books! Here’s what I’ve read in my January 2018 book haul.

Adult Fiction

1. The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson (3/5 stars)

Image result for the summer before the war amazon

The Summer Before the War reveals the lives of a small English town before and after WWI. The story’s quite slow.  You’ll start to wonder when the war finally starts.

However, I loved Simonson’s beautiful descriptions of the English countryside. She makes you feel like you truly there.


Adult Non-Fiction

2. The Art of Doing by Camille Sweeney & Josh Gosfield (4/5 stars)

Image result for the art of doing by camille sweeney

What does an Indy 500 racecar driver, a New York Times bestselling author, and erotica movie director have in common? They took action to get to where they are now.

The Art of Doing is an inspiring collection of interviews with people who have accomplished amazing feats.

Guests include Laura Linney, Yogi Berra, Alec Baldwin,  Stephen J. Dubner, Constance Rice, Phillippe Petit, Jessica Watson, the founders of OkCupid, and the band OK Go.

3. Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual by Jocko Willink (4/5 stars)

Image result for discipline equals freedom

Discipline Equals Freedom will teach you how to boost your mental and physical state. You must have the discipline to control your life. Without it, life controls you.

4. The Great Pyramid Hoax by Scott Creighton (2.5-3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for the great pyramid hoax goodreads

The Great Pyramid Hoax has an appealing premise regarding forgery in the Great Pyramids. Unfortunately, the extensive evidence has bored me to sleep.

On the bright side, I’m looking forward to reading more of Scott Creighton’s books in the future.

5. Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel (5/5 stars) (review)

Image result for mental chemistry amazon

Changing reality is all about mindset. Charles F. Haanel offers readers a detailed look how we are truly the creators of our realities. What we see in our lives reflects our beliefs. Control your thoughts, and you’ll control your world.

Comics/Graphic Novels

6. 1602: Marvel by Neil Gaiman (4/5 stars)

Image result for 1602: Marvel amazon

Imagine your favorite Marvel characters and set them in the Elizabethan era. You’ll love this comic if you already love Marvel and Neil Gaiman’s works.

Queen Elizabeth is dead, and the new king is setting up an inquisition killing off mutants. Now, it’s up to the survivors to find a safe escape route out of Europe.

7. African American Classics edited by Tom Pomplun and Lance Tooks (4/5 stars)

Image result for african american classics

Stories from famous African-American writers like Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston are taken into graphic novel form. A highly recommended Black History month read!

8. Superman/Wonder Woman (volume one): “Power Couple” by Charles Soule (3/5 stars)

Image result for superman/wonder woman power couple

Wonder Woman and Superman together? Yeah, I can see that. They make a great couple, but they don’t get to spend much quality time together. Darn villains keep threatening Earth!

9. Thor (volume one): “The Goddess of Thunder” by Jason Aaron (4/5 stars)

Related image

This Thor series was exciting and awesome! Too bad it’s only two volumes. A woman has taken Thor’s hammer, and everybody in the universe is trying to figure out who she is.

10. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle & Hope Larson (3/5 stars)

Image result for a wrinkle in time graphic novel goodreads

I’ve read the graphic novel since I’ve never had time to read the book when I was a kid. I liked Meg’s story crossing dimensions to find her missing father. I wish she weren’t such a whiner though.

Juvenile Non-Fiction

11. Hazardous Tales: Donner Dinner Party by Nathan Hale (3/5 stars)

Image result for donner dinner party book

Never attempt to travel through America with an ox wagon during the winter. I repeat, just don’t!

This historical graphic novel unfolds the tragic story of the Donner Party. During the mid 19th-century, 87 travelers endured a harsh journey from Springfield, Illinois to California. Only 48 made it to the sunny state. Cannibalism was involved.

YA (Young Adult)

12. 23:27 by H.L Roberts (3/5 stars)

Image result for H.L roberts 23:27 amazon

Young rock star Lilith is trapped between staying to true herself and being a puppet to the music industry. It’s taking a toll on her relationship with her band member Alec.

This emotional roller coaster story has its highs and serious lows. You’d want to jump into Lilith’s world and make everything better for her.


What was in your January book haul?

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BOOK REVIEW: “The Lost Code” by Kevin Emerson

Image result for the lost code

Can you imagine trying to enjoy normal summer camp life then everything gets crazy super quick?

First, you drown. Boo.

Then you wake up with gills. WTF?

Next, you discover your camp counselors are up to some shady business experimenting on your fellow campers. Plus, they’re attempting to locate a lost temple hidden somewhere in the campgrounds.

Depending on your personality, this sounds like the best camp story worth sharing or the worst. It’s quite a surprise for Owen Parker.

The Lost Code: Climate Change Ruins Everything

climate change GIF

Kevin Emerson’s The Lost Code carries out a compelling dystopian teen adventure set over fifty years in the future.

Climate change has seriously screwed Earth over. Sea levels have risen so much America has invaded Canada. Much of Virginia has become the new Everglades.

Domes contain habitable areas as protection from the deadly sun.

Owen’s summer camp is in a dome. Inside, man controls the weather. Robot butterflies reenact the real ones that existed before climate change reached dangerous heights.

Most of Owen’s fellow campers are orphans called Cryos. Parents cryogenically froze their kids to be brought back to life when the climate change calmed down. These kids come out of their frozen cells only to discover their parents are long gone.

Luckily, Owen doesn’t have the same life as the Cryos. His dad is still alive. Owen sends him letters whenever he has a chance.

Owen’s world takes a massive twist after he grows gills and discovers he’s an Atlantean descendant. The camp wants to take advantage of his bloodline as soon as they learn of his origins.

So Slooooowwwww

tired timmy time GIF by Aardman Animations

You read so much about Owen’s camp you’d think you’re reading his camp memoir.

The story finally picks up when Owen grows gills but falls flat again until he discovers the hidden temple a hundred pages later.

Patience is vital reading this book. The Lost Code begins painfully slow then explodes with action when you’re about to chuck the book aside.

Read More? Maybe.

In the end, I liked The Lost Code, but I’m not sure if I want to finish the trilogy.

Oh yeah, there’s more:

Image result for the dark shore kevin emerson

Image result for the far dawn kevin emerson

Don’t read The Lost Code unless you’re a patient grasshopper. Quick is not an adjective to describe this book. Seek other books if you love fast-paced action stories.

Which YA books you’ve read recently?

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My October 2017 Book Haul

This month, I finally picked up a teen book after a LONG time. I haven’t read any since The Hunger Games and Twilight were popular. The love triangle tropes really turned me off from reading YA for a while.

Below, you’ll find out which YA book I read along with the rest in my October 2017 book haul:

Adult Fiction

Solomon’s Angels by Doreen Virtue (3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for solomon's angels

Doreen Virtue weaves an interesting story about the meeting between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. Not only Virtue extends a story barely mentioned in the Bible, but she adds some noteworthy metaphysical topics as well.

This book has drawn me into researching more about King Solomon legends.

Recommended for readers into:

  • Angels
  • Biblical characters
  • New Age subjects

Adult Non-Fiction

Crop Circles by Steve & Karen Alexander (3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for crop circles by steve alexander

What’s the meaning behind these crop circles? These symbols  have been reported all over England and other rural areas all around the world.

Crop Circles deciphers the symbolism behind these crop formations with sacred geometry, math, and numerology.

Recommend for readers into:

  • Aliens
  • Crop circles
  • New Age subjects

The Dimensions of Paradise by John Michell (3/5 stars)

Image result for the dimensions of paradise

Numbers and shapes play major roles creating the universe.

Esoteric writer John Michell believes they had their parts forming sacred sites like Stonehenge and Glastonbury.  He dives deep into these geometric connections and states why places like Atlantis have failed.

Warning: Prepare for tons of math!

Recommended for readers into:

  • New Age subjects
  • Numerology
  • Sacred geometry

Your Internet Cash Machine by Joe Vitale & Jillian Coleman Wheeler (4/5 stars) (review)

Image result for your internet cash machine

Tired of working your dull 9-5 job?

Read Your Internet Cash Machine and you’ll learn how to sell your own products and do affiliate marketing as part of your wildly successful online business.

Your Internet Cash Machine is a bit outdated but carries plenty of timeless, valuable advice.

Recommended for readers into:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Business
  • eCommerce


The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson (4/5 stars)

Image result for the lost code by kevin emerson

Owen is a normal summer camp teen until he discovers he has grown gills after a drowning incident.

His camp counselors are holding secrets linked to an ancient temple hidden deep in the camp’s lake. These very secrets may have connection to Owen’s dormant Atlantean DNA.

Recommended for readers into:

  • Dystopian YA
  • Fiction with Atlantis themes
  • YA

What was in your October 2017 book haul? Feel free to add your lists in the comments below! :3