Read Whatever You Want

“Girl, you’re so white!”

A young black girl told me this during middle school. I was minding my own business reading Stephen King’s It on the bus. I remember looking at this girl like she was out of her mind.

Clearly, she was. As far as I know, reading doesn’t magically change a reader’s skin color.

This may seem like trivial chatter but similar situations keep popping out throughout my life as an active reader. I’ve been ridiculed for various reasons for reading romance novels (aka “bodice rippers”), comic books, children’s books, and more. Sometimes, it’s just books in general. It doesn’t stop!

Good thing I don’t give a hoot. Reading’s fun! It’s one of life’s many treasures.

It’s Cool to Read

If you ever feel ashamed for reading books that bring you joy, don’t. Never let people take that kind of happiness away from you. You can read whatever you want!

Besides, there are many strong benefits to reading including increased creativity, memory, and empathy.

My mind’s eye receives new visions as soon as I read a new book’s first sentence. I love the euphoria surging through my entire being when I read.

You Read? LOL

What’s the deal with people poking fun at readers anyway? You express your passion for reading and you’re ridiculed as a “nerd”?

What? Why!?

Is staring at the sun better? Playing Russian Roulette? Who knows.

I’ve read an interesting article about reader’s shame between men and women. What I took from the post: Women face more reader’s shame than men. On the other hand, men only face reader’s shame when they’re caught reading an ultra-feminine book (whatever that may be).

I’m a completely chill woman with no problems telling folks what I’m currently reading or the fact I read for pleasure at all. I won’t lie about reading spicy erotica or mystical occult knowledge.

Just Read.

You do you. Your bibliophilic freedom is infinite.

Bump the haters and find your book tribe. There are always people in the world who share the same passion for books as you do.

I repeat: read whatever you want.

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Have you unfairly faced reader’s shame? Feel free to share your story in the comments section below.


33 Blog Post Ideas for Struggling Book Bloggers


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“Balls, I don’t know what to write!!!”

There are some days when this thought has crossed my mind. Sitting frozen in front of a computer screen or an unwritten notebook page doesn’t count as quality time for drafting new blog content.

As a reference for myself and fellow bloggers reading this post, I present to you thirty-three post ideas to get out of book bloggers’ block.

1. Book Reviews

Liked the book you read? Blog about it!

Read a book and your eyes are bleeding because it was so bad? Blog about that too!

2. Mini – Book Reviews

Shorter versions of regular ol’ book reviews (no higher than 300 words).

3. Your Favorite Books

I’m sure you have one or two, right?

4. Your Least Favorite Books

It’s okay to blog about the books that left a bad taste in your mouth. Go for it!

5. Favorite Childhood Books

Share a couple of your books from your childhood. A few of mine were The Berenstain BooksThe Magic School Bus, and Goosebumps.

6. Required Class Readings You Enjoyed

Sometime during your high school career, you probably read some of these books:

Trying to remember what you read back in high school? This awesome list of required high school readings from Goodreads may help.

7. Required Class Readings You Absolutely Loathed

One high school required reading I could not stand was William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying. Sorry, Faulkner.

8. Books You’re Planning to Read

9. Recommended Readings Based on Genre

Genres like:

  • Adventure
  • Biography/Memoir
  • Fantasy/Supernatural
  • Horror
  • Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
  • Poetry
  • Romance/Erotica
  • Sci-Fi
  • Southern
  • Young Adult

10. Recommended Readings Based on Author

Think about the books you’ve read from your favorite authors and create posts about them.

11. A Life-Changing Book

12. A Book You Read Outside Your Usual Choices

Let’s say you usually read general adult books but you decide to take a break from them to read a YA book. Write about that experience.

13. Your Book Haul

Personally, my definition for “book hauls” are planned books I’ll read the upcoming month but I’ve seen bloggers mention book hauls as books they’ve read the previous.

LOL, oh well, either way should be fine.

14. “The Top (whatever number) Books of the Year”

15. “The Best Books of the Month”

16. Book Tours

17. Author/Blogger Interviews

18. Author Blurbs

An author “blurb” is a short post about an author’s life, a small bibliography of their latest work, and awards.

19. Your Favorite Authors

20. Book vs. The Movie (or TV Show)

Let’s say you have conflicting views on The Hunger Games movies after reading the books. You can discuss what the movies done right and wrong in a post.

Other examples:

21. “If You Liked This Movie/TV Show…”

Recommended readers to books based on trending movies and/or TV shows.

22. Convention/Festival Coverage

Post about the latest book convention you’ve been to where you probably met a couple of authors and grabbed tons of books.

23. Book Box Reveal

Ordering books in boxes seem to be all the rage these days. If only they had one for new age books…

Here’s a small list of book box subscriptions to get you started:

24. Giveaways!

‘Cause people like free stuff!

25. A Fictional Character You Would Date

You know you have one…or two…or three…

26. Master Shelf List

The “Master Shelf” post is a list of the books you would keep on your shelf and read repeatedly until the end of time.

27. Recipe Post

Create a dish inspired by a book you’ve read. For Harry Potter fans, make your own butterbeer and chocolate frogs then share the recipes for your readers.

28. A DIY Post

Into arts and crafts? Create something made from your book inspirations!

29. Secrets

Did you chuck that Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy gift set your significant other gave you last Valentine’s Day? Kept a book hidden in your room from your nosy, conservative parents?Have any guilty pleasure books?

“Secrets” are posts reserved for your book confessions.

30. Favorite Book Bloggers/Booktubers List

31. Favorite Book Sites List

32. Your Own Book Blogger Story

How did you get started blogging about books?

33. A Book Blogger’s List of Content Ideas

It’s nice to rub some motivation off on your readers. Sharing is caring. 😉


Comment below if any of these tips helped or you have any to add to the list. 

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Seven Resolutions For 2017

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Ah, new year, new books!  Here’s what I have in mind to achieve in 2017:

1. Write over 30 book reviews

2. Complete my 2017 Goodreads challenge

I’m reading only a cool 300 books this year. Compared to the feat I’ve made in last year’s Goodreads challenge, this one will be a walk in the park.

3. Read at least three Young Adult books

I haven’t read any YA books since the Hunger Games trilogy was popular and I stopped right there because it seemed like every YA writer was obsessed with placing the “love triangle” element in their books. I have faith I’ll find some great YA books with better themes this year.

4. Read one fantasy book

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve read anything in the fantasy genre besides Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. Time to step into new grounds!

5. Read one sci-fi book

When was the last time I’ve ever read a sci-fi book? Seriously?


6. Complete the 1,000 manga volume journey.

This might be one of the first goals I’ll get done this year. ^_^

7. Catch up with Anne Rice’s vampires

Almost ten years ago, I read Interview with a Vampire and never finished it. I want to read Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis  but I’m a stickler for reading a series in order. So, I’m reading through the entire Vampire Chronicles until I get to Anne Rice’s latest book.


Ready to see how much I’ll accomplished by the end of this year!

What are your 2017 resolutions for books?

I Read 500 Books!

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Tantei Opera Milky Holmes via Giphy

I’ve made a Goodreads goal of reading 500 books this year and completed it right on time! Reading three hours (sometimes more) a day, reading manga volume after volume, and avoiding distractions (like Minecraft and watching Downton Abbey) truly helped.

Last year, I tried to 500 books, but I knew I wouldn’t make it on time so I changed my 2015 Goodreads goal of 500 t0 400 (boo).

Want to know what I read this year? Feel free to add your Goodreads profile down below and I’ll add you.

By the way, happy new year! ^_^

Three Books for Christmas 2016

There are dozens of books I want for Christmas (every Christmas really). I mean, there are a few selected books I would absolutely keep in my bookshelves FOREVER.

If I had to choose only three books for Christmas this year, it would be:

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey (Amazon) (Goodreads)

I know Stephen Covey through his inspiring Youtube videos. I’ve decided to finally read his book after I’ve discovered an infographic based on one of his ideas called the “circle of concern vs. circle of control”:

via James Clear

Basically, highly effective people are those who are entirely concerned with what they can control opposed to what they don’t like the crazy news on TV or the salty, judgmental neighbors next door.

2. The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall

The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall (Amazon) (Goodreads)

An extensive encyclopedia on everything esoteric I love to explore? Heck yes!

Mystic writer Manly Hall wrote this encyclopedia when he was only 25 years old. Quite impressive!

3. The Lost Continent of Mu by James Churchward

The Lost Continent of Mu by James Churchward (Amazon) (Goodreads)

Yaassss, more Lemuria stories!

Explorer James Churchward reportedly deciphered a collection of ancient documents revealing Mu, a lost continent once residing over the Pacific Ocean.

Scientists at that time shook their heads furiously over this “discovery” but Churchward clearly didn’t give a hoot and continued to write as much about Mu he knew from his ancient sources.


If I don’t get these books, there’s always the wonderful Amazon gift cards. If I don’t get those, well, I’m getting them one way or another. I know for sure I can get at least one of them asap from my local library. 😉

Happy Holidays!

Hope you receive many books this holiday season!

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Over 400 Books!

One Punch Man via Know Your Meme


I’ve finally crossed over the 400 book mark in my Goodreads goal of 500 books! Thankfully, I have a couple days off from work for the holiday break to do all of the reading I want.

Yesterday, I’ve gathered all of the books I could before the library officially closed for the holidays including a grand collection of children’s books. It’s great to take a break from reading massive adult books once in a while (even though I read manga most of the time anyway lol).

Feel free to enter your Goodreads profile in the comments section below. I’ll follow you! ^_^