“Imagining The World Into Existence” BOOK REVIEW

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“The mind is but a reflection of the mind of God, and both God and man possessed the ability to use that greater mental power.” – Normandi Ellis

What would do if you read a book revealing you have the same powers as a god?

Normandi Ellis’ Imagining the World into Existence is an insightful look into ancient Egyptian mysticism. The early Egyptians strongly believed they were no more different than their gods in terms of creative powers. Creation, the power of thought, and the role of consciousness plays major roles in this book.

In addition, these themes reminded me of The Kybalion, a text claimed to be written by the legendary figure Hermes Trismegistus.

Considered to be a reference manual to ancient consciousness, I’ve expected Imagining the World would provide lessons and exercises applying the timeless spiritual wisdom into my daily life.

The book was completely different from my expectations. It’s packed with mixed subjects on consciousness awareness, myths, and priests’ rituals. Even though they do correlate with each other, this book seems like three books jammed into one.

Overall, the extra research Ellis compiled into Imagining the World was indeed educational. I did receive the information I was looking for.

The Power of Thought

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The ancient Egyptians believed Ptah, the god of creation, created the world with pure thought. The gods Thoth and Atum didn’t have parents; they thought themselves into existence.

The source of these gods’ creations is merely thought. Without thought, nothing would manifest into the physical plane.

The Egyptians also believed Egypt was made in the image of heaven. Therefore, the idea of everything from their pyramids and to their sacred texts came from a higher plane of existence. Ellis writes the following quotes:

“Thought precedes action.”

 “Life already exists before the physical act of creation.”

“The material world is made through work on the mental plane.”

 Mental existence comes before it reaches into its physical form. We can become powerful beings with our imaginations. Of course, we can’t physically shoot laser beams from our eyes and run faster than the speed of light easily if we imagined it.

Still, every one of us have the power to change things with our thoughts.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Reality

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“A change of consciousness changes physical matter.” – Normandi Ellis

Every decision we make changes our reality bit by bit. Think about all the internal decisions you’ve made up to this point. Your reality has changed every time you’ve traveled somewhere, switched job professions, changed religious beliefs, and more.

We’re more powerful than we think, but how would we know in this massive jungle of information we live in today? Imagining the World acknowledges an ancient perspective lost in this modern day.

I think about how much power we would truly have if we recognized our higher consciousness and harness it for our own use.

Nowadays, we let any sort of distracting information place us into states of fear, chaos, and anxiety. The news today consists of more negative news than good. It’s like the show runners are keeping the mass consciousness in a lower state on purpose. Turning our heads away from the consistent negativity shows we have the power to control which thoughts we receive.

The ancient Egyptians believed the gods created the world; we can create our own.

Consciousness & Heka

The ancient Egyptians were so in tune with higher consciousness they had incorporated rituals to their daily lives even after death. They knew what they did in the physical plane would affect their souls in the non-physical realms.

Ellis frequently mentions The Book of the Dead, The Coffin Texts, and The Pyramid Texts in her book. These manuscripts contained spells to guide and protect the deceased in the afterlife. The act of writing and reading spells were forms of creation, magical practices known as heka.

Remember in The Mummy when Evelyn read a passage from The Book of the Dead and brought Imhotep back to life?

That would be heka.

Not only heka are spells, but a god. Heka is the source behind all the existing magic in the universe including the souls’ ability to travel through the afterlife.  It is said he existed before any other god.

Doctors, priests, and scribes were highly valued for their knowledge of heka. It was believed they used heka to call on the gods to aid in their works. Writing, meditation, healing, and reading were all consider acts of heka.

In that sense, we work with magic every day! We write, we read, and empower ourselves with affirmations. We create magic daily, yet we don’t consider our abilities to be magical.

Imagining the World & The Kybalion

Imagining the World has a strong concept about thoughts and vibration correlating to The Kybalion. Ellis writes:

“Everything comes alive through the law of vibration and vibration is not static. Vibration changes thought. Thought is a vibration that changes things.”

This quote closely resembles to a principle in The Kybalion stating all matter are vibrations:

“Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.”

Thought is a state of matter. It can execute all sorts of emotions within us. If we’re upset, we receive upsetting events. If we’re happy, we’ll receive happy events.

Our emotions are magnets. We attract whatever is our current vibrational state. Change your vibration and see what comes to you.


I recommend this book if you’re into metaphysical subjects, ancient magic, or mainly interested in ancient Egyptian culture and beliefs. It’s best to check out the table of contents before reading the entire book.

I would personally purchase this book. The concepts of thoughts changing reality and the infinite power within the self really stood out to me. The ancient Egyptians knew so much we don’t know these days.

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 Comment below if you’ve read this book or you have related recommendations!


BOOK REVIEW: “Ask and It Is Given”

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Wondering if the Universe is purposely making your life hell for pure amusement?

Don’t blame the mercury retrograde yet! Read Ask and It Is Given and you’ll discover all your negative thoughts may be the root of your frustrations. What happens in the outside world reflects your mind.

Esther Hicks has written this book channeling a non-physical being named Abraham. Its purpose is to share news the world is an illusion and we have the power to change our experience in this physical plane with our thoughts.

Ask and It Is Given is a book strongly reserved for those interested in vibrations, good thoughts, and the law of attraction.

Yet, this book could’ve provided better explanations for rising from negative vibrations.

For instance, it’s game over for you if you have a mental illness or live in poverty. Apparently, you’re responsible and you must find a way to change your thoughts even though you’ve suffered for a long time.

Abraham has some serious explaining to do.

Who Is Abraham?

Abraham is described as a collective of non-physical beings from a higher dimension. It approached Esther while she was in the middle of meditating and started using her body (with her permission) to channel information through her.

Like Bashar channeling through Darryl Anka, Abraham has come to our world to spread news about our untapped powers.

 Non-Reality and Physical Reality

Everything we create comes from the mental plane. Our minds carry an unlimited amount of ideas waiting to be manifested in this physical realm.

Abraham points out everything we think about with enough focus eventually manifests. We don’t allow our desires to come through most of the time. Our fears and excuses get the best of us.

The universe will help us out if we change the way we think, letting us achieve our greatest potential.

The Universe is Your Genie

There are three steps in the “ask and it is given” process:

  1. Asking
  2. Letting the Universe does its job
  3. Receiving

Your only job is to state your desire (asking) then keep up with thoughts matching it (receiving) until it comes to life. The Universe does the middle job. It sets up the right time, the people involved, and its location.

Look at the universe as your genie. Whatever you ask, you let the genie do its work. You don’t see Aladdin complaining to Genie whenever his wishes don’t come true.

The Earth is Our Canvas

 According to Abraham, the earth is made as a platform to develop our creations. Our purpose here on the planet is to simply create and have fun doing it.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine the earth as our playground. Rules and expectations about life have structured our minds since birth.  The more we grow our imaginations, it is cut down by our parents, teachers, and authority figures. It feels like we can’t do anything except for what we are told.

Luckily, Abraham affirms we are born free and will always be. We are free to paint the reality of our dreams. Nobody can take our paintbrush away from us!

The Emotional Guidance System

Take this scenario: you’re in a cramped fourteen-hour flight and you can’t wait to get to your destination. For now, a baby is wailing behind you while you’re trying to watch a long, boring movie.

Either you:

  • A: Tell the mother to shut her baby up
  • B: Lock yourself in the bathroom and cry
  • C: Calmly ask the mother if the baby’s okay
  • D: Jump out of the plane

Choice C feels the most pleasant. You ask the mother what’s wrong and she apologizes, revealing her child is sick. Now, you sympathize for the mother and her child. You hope the trip turns out better for them.

Meanwhile, the passenger beside you starts joking about the lame movie. You chip in and enjoy each other’s company.

Thanks to your emotional guidance system, the plane trip’s been made worthwhile.

Everybody has what Abraham calls the “emotional guidance system” aka your emotions. The purpose of your feelings is to let you know of your vibration status. If you’re sad, it means you’re in a low vibration. You’re happy then you’re on a high vibration. Your emotional guidance system can help you decide which choices feel the best.

The only concern I had with this concept is mental health disorders. What about the people with depression and anxiety issues? They can’t flip their emotions from sadness to happiness like a light switch. A depressed individual can be in Disney World and still be down in the dumps.

It’s not fair to say it’s their fault they carry low vibrations due to their mental condition. The same goes to homeless people who don’t know better.

Millionaire Vibrations

Most people aren’t millionaires because they don’t emit “millionaire vibrations”.

Millionaires have abundant mindsets. Everywhere they look and everything they do is a financial opportunity. A millionaire’s money-flowing imagination immediately expresses itself into physical reality.

On the other hand, poor mindsets remain in low vibrations. Money doesn’t come to poor people because they’re not a vibrational match to abundance. Screaming to the world you’re broke isn’t exactly going to help you out. The universe only responds by giving you more “broke” situations.

To sum things up, Abraham suggests the best way to have money come to you is to change your thoughts about it. Start thinking of money as an infinite resource instead of a limited one. The more positive thoughts you have about money, the more it will fly into your bank account.

However, this view seems fair until I think about the children who were born poor. Surely, they didn’t deserve to be born in poverty. I wished Abraham elaborated more on this factor.


Ask and It Is Given is a decent beginner’s book to the Law of Attraction process. Abraham reveals we have the powers of thought to change our realities. What are you going to do with your infinite creative powers?

This book would’ve been better if it had more clarifications on certain topics. I suppose that’s why more Abraham books we’re published after this one.

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 Comment below if you’ve read this or any other Abraham books.

“365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency” Review

365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency is an uplifting book for anyone ready to get rid of all sorts of negative energy burdens. I’ve explored the possibilities written in this book from carrying certain crystals to gaining willpower.

Warning: All the tips in this book don’t work out for everyone. It’s up to the reader to discover what works out the best for them.

What is Frequency?

Related image

According to this book, frequency is energy based on our emotions. When you’re happy, you feel light as a feather. You feel like doing cartwheels and rolling down hills in a picturesque countryside. At a lively concert, you absorbed the vibrant energy from the excited audience and the performers.

Now, negative energy is awful. You spill hot coffee on yourself, your boss yells at you for no apparent reason, and your Uber driver picks you up an hour late! Plus, it’s a cranky driver at that!

When you’re angry or sad, you can feel the bad vibes weighing down upon you. You feel like you’re dragging an anchor behind you throughout the day and the energy seeps into everything.

No time for that bull! You deserve good energy!

Journaling, Meditation, & Mother Nature

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There are tips in Melissa Alvarez’s book I already do and they’ve certainly elevated my mood:

Meditation: I love to meditate. It helps me clear the monkey chatter in my mind. Sometimes, it alleviates headaches.

Journaling: Journaling leads me to creative solutions to any problems I face. It’s much better for me than ranting on Tumblr or Facebook. I feel better immediately once I state my concerns on paper instead of keeping them on repeat in my head like a broken record player.

Visiting Mother Nature: I don’t understand how anyone can stay cooped up indoors (especially at work) all day when Mother Nature provides so much to see. Taking a simple walk around the park certainly raises my frequency. One time, I was stressing over a computer problem so I left home and took a stroll around the park. I’ve returned with a peace of mind and my computer issue was solved with a few clicks.

Sample Frequency Tips for You

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As the book title states, there are over three hundred frequency raising tips you can try. Here’s a few:

Do Things You’ve Always Wanted to Do

Do you want to just drop all your obligations to travel all around the world for a year?

Stuck at a lame office job as some corporate employee when you’d rather paint for hours in your own home studio as a freelance artist?

The best thing you can do: stay true to yourself. Do what makes you happy.

Now, I’m not talking about stealing money from a bank or setting someone who annoys you on fire.  This is not the Purge! That’ll take your frequency down the wrong path.

Creative Visualization

Think about the things you want to see instead of being frustrated with what’s in front of you.  Creative visualization is a step closer to your ideal solutions if you’re struggling with losing weight, money, or finding a new career.

However, sitting around daydreaming all day about living in a giant mansion or having a fit Instagram model body isn’t going to take you anywhere. You must take action in order to make you dreams come true.

Make a vision board as an extra step to your personal creative visualization. Slap some pictures from old magazines and newspapers symbolizing your desires on construction paper then place the board anywhere you’ll see everyday as a friendly reminder. Be as creative as you want to be with them. You can create one entirely on your computer with any image-editing software you may have.

To learn more about vision boards, check out the video below:

The Power of No

Say no to smoking.

Say no to drama.

Say no to f*ckboys.

Say no to unhealthy twelve-hour Netflix marathons.

You have the power to say no to anything that doesn’t resonate with you. Protect your precious energy.

Saying no can be a little tricky sometimes when it comes down to your friends, family, and significant others. If they’re not spreading good vibes your way, you have the right to steer clear of them.

It’s hard, but you’ll realize your moving negativity aside to make room for the positive.

Advanced Techniques

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The only problem I had with this book was the way some frequency tips were presented as if everybody can do them with ease. That’s why I warned earlier every tip won’t work out for everyone.

Here are two techniques I distinctively remember from the book that would be the most challenging for a beginner:

Astral Travel

Astral projection is the process of consciously moving your soul out of body. You’re not dead, only out of your physical body. This can take months of practice.

You’re capable of traveling all over the universe including multiple dimensions during your astral journeys. You’ll also be able to contact multi-dimensional beings.

Watch out for the lower dimensional beings! They can be dangerous to your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. If you meet one while wandering in your astral form, you’ll be able to retreat back to your body and wake up!

Spooky, isn’t it?

Entering the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is a higher dimensional library containing universal knowledge about everyone and everything past, present, and future. This library is also known to carry records about your current life, your past lives, deaths, and future births.

To get there, you must master astral projection first.

Oy, I know, it’s a load of work!


365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency is a self-help book you can refer to as many times as you like. It’s not the kind of book you read once and all your emotional woes magically fade away. I highly advise you to stick with tips you know you can do without having to go through a forty-year shamanistic journey.

You’ll start to see great things as soon as you apply this book into your life.

Another “frequency” related book you can you read: Frequency – The Personal Power of Vibration by Penney Peirce (book review).

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Have you read this book or any vibration raising books? Please comment below!



Booksellers for Hungry New Age Readers

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For those who don’t know right now, I love reading books on occult/esoteric studies, ancient aliens, and lost civilizations. Besides purchasing from Amazon and searching through libraries, it’s hard to find exclusive New Age booksellers especially if you don’t live in a major city.

That tiny New Age section at Barnes & Noble rarely helps.

For those interested, I’ve listed a few New Age related booksellers like Lllewellyn Publications and Inner Traditions/Bear Company that may satisfy your cravings. The books listed along with each bookseller I’ve either reviewed, read in the past, or added to my “to-reads” list.

1. Adventures Unlimited Press

2.  A.R.E Press 

3. Hay House

4. Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

5. Llewellyn Publications

6. New Page Books

7. Summit Lighthouse

8.  Weiser Books

I hope all of the new age readers out there find the books you want!

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If you know any booksellers or cool New Age books, feel free to comment below!

BOOK REVIEW: “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts

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Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts (Amazon) (Goodreads)
  • Title: Seth Speaks
  • Author: Jane Roberts, Seth (spirit)
  • Series: The Seth Books
  • Publication: Bantam Books (Owned by Random House)
  • Genre: New Age/Metaphysical
  • Pages: 484 pages
  • Format: Paperback
  • Source: Purchased Book
  • Rating: 5/5

Happy Birthday to Jane Roberts! She was born on May 8, 1929 and would’ve been 88 years old today. I came across Jane Roberts and her book Seth Speaks after a brief mention of her in an Esther Hicks (Abraham) book I own. Hicks heard of Jane Roberts and Seth as soon as she began her own channeling experience. Sadly, Roberts passed away before Hicks could meet her.

I stamped Seth Speaks with a five-star rating for its extensive coverage of on my favorite New Age subjects: higher consciousness and multi-dimensional realities. Seth Speaks also sinks into deeper esoteric information about reincarnating souls, lost civilizations, and the concept of God. Some chapters are lighter to read than others. The dense chapters mad me stop and question what I read. Fans of channeled readings, New Age thought, and The Secret may have fun with this book. I’m glad I own a copy of Seth Speaks.

Jane Roberts was an average writer from upper state New York. She had no interest in any new age concepts. One day, her life changed:

“My psychic initiation really began on evening in September 1963, however as I sat writing poetry. Suddenly my consciousness left my body, and my mind was barraged by ideas that were astonishing and new to me at the time. On return to my body, I discovered that my hands had produced an automatic script, explaining many of the concepts that I’d been given. The notes were even titled — The Physical Universe as Idea Construction.” -Jane Roberts, Seth Speaks

This is no ordinary case of a muse awakening a writer during writer’s block. Roberts had her first experience with Seth, a spiritual energy personality. She became a full-time channeler and hosted sessions for people to attend Seth’s speakings. Robert Butts, Jane Roberts’ husband, recorded the sessions. Most of them are compiled into Seth Speaks.

Seth writes and speaks through Jane Roberts to reveal our true identities. We are powerful, co-creating beings. Our purpose is to learn and control our infinite creative energy in this physical dimension. This may take a while for first time readers to understand.

The main subject of Seth Speaks is the creation of reality. According to Seth, everybody has a part in creating their own realities. Your reality is a mirror of your  thoughts. If you encounter constant beauty and goodness in your life, that’s the quality of the thoughts in your head. Same goes for the awful events you may encounter in your life. It’s all a reflection of your inner world.

Now, I’ve always wondered if there was more to this physical world especially after watching The Matrix. There is something odd about this reality. I feel something vital is missing. Our only reality has to be more than what we absorbed from mass media. It has to come from somewhere higher than our simple minds can conceive.

Seth states matter comes from thought and thought is a part of consciousness. Therefore, everything we see and feel comes from thought. A sandwich is an example of thought manifested into matter.

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Thinking about that sandwich (via Huffpost)

 It had to come from somewhere before being eaten. You have to create an image of that scrumptious sandwich in your mind then prepare and blend the ingredients to replicate the idea.  Boom, you have manifested a sandwich into physical existence!

Furthermore, Seth mentions our thoughts can manifest in different realities. Your current existing reality is only a speck in an infinite universe of realities. Let’s say you’re a high school senior contemplating to attend a certain college. You’ve been accepted to three: your humble hometown community college, a prestigious private institution, and a lively, highly reputable art school. The thoughts of yourself in these vastly different colleges have already manifested in alternate realities. The college reality you choose will be the only one that manifests. The other two realities are nonexistent in your reality but exist in realities parallel to your own.

Seth Speaks is an amazing mystical book. A higher dimensional being is telling you are a god capable of creating new worlds with your mind.

Isn’t that sweet?

The book is only an iceberg tip of larger “higher-consciousness” information. Books like Seth Speaks are the reasons why I love reading so much.

Have you read Seth Speaks or any other Seth Book? 

I’ve posted a book review about another channeler: Darryl Anka/Bashar

BOOK REVIEW: “Kryon: The End Times” by Lee Carroll

Image result for the end times new information for personal peace
Kryon: The End Times (New Information for Personal Peace) by Lee Carroll (Amazon) (Goodreads)
  • TitleKryon: The End Times (New Information for Personal Peace)
  • Author: Lee Carroll
  • Publication: Kryon Writings (Oct. 1993)
  • Pages: 172
  • Series: Kryon Books (#1)
  • Genre: New Age/Metaphysical
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Source: Library
  • Rating: 3/5

Kryon creeped me out a bit. This channeled entity exclaims we “volunteer” to die in a repeatable reincarnation cycle until we finally get our minds in place to carry our true purpose on earth. I’ve read about this afterlife concept before in similar channeled books, but not in such a mildly disturbing tone. It’s like:

Hehe, you are going to die again and again! But that’s okay, you’re immortal. You really like doing this! 😉 -Kryon

Whoa Kryon, calm down.

My uncomfortable vibe with this book eased when I read more chapters explaining the reincarnation cycle and how we can easily break free from it. The rest of the book explains  Kryon’s origins, how audio engineer Lee Carroll became a channeller for Kryon, earth grids, karma, and Jesus Christ (in a highly metaphysical sense). Despite my initial experience with this book, I’m still intrigued to read more books within the Kryon series.

Fun fact: Kryon/Carroll has been invited to speak at the UN. Between 1995 and 1996, the UN’s Society of Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T) brought Kryon/Carroll in to hear his messages. First of all, I didn’t know such group existed in the UN. Second, why was it made? That’s some research I have to do on the side.

Overall, KryonThe End Times was another stimulating channelled book. Probably the most “out there” for me personally compared to Bashar and Abraham Hicks. However, still decent. I’m reading more Kryon books in the future to see where it leads to. One more thing, Kryon mentions the reason behind Atlantis’ destruction but refuses to reveal it. Ain’t that a bummer!

Atlantis getting jacked up (via Pinterest)

Have you read any of the Kryon books? What’s your favorite channelled book?

BOOK REVIEW: “Bashar: Blueprint For Change”by Darryl Anka

Image result for bashar blueprint for change
Bashar: Blueprint for Change – A Message from Our Future by Darryl Anka (Goodreads)
  • Title: Bashar: Blueprint for Change – A Message from Our Future
  • Author: Darryl Anka
  • Publication: New Solutions Publishing (Dec 1, 1990)
  • Genre: New Age/Metaphysical
  • Pages: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Source: Purchased
  • Ratings: 5/5

Okay, Bashar: Blueprint for Change was awesome but not $159 awesome!

I had quite a challenge getting this book. My library didn’t have it so I’ve requested it through a special inter-library loan. They couldn’t find another library that owned a copy. So, my last option was to buy it online. It was $40 when I got it last month (Jan. 2017). I don’t know why it skyrocketed to $159 now. Marked on the book cover, it’s a $14 book (but my silly self bought it for higher)! You’ll notice I haven’t placed a link to the Amazon page under the book cover picture above. The sellers are on crack or I have an extremely rare, precious book in my hands.

The story behind Bashar’s profile sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. He’s an alien/human hybrid speaking from the future through a human being living in this present time.

Image result for essassani
Illustration revealing the Essassani are a hybrid race of humans and the Zeta aka the “Greys” (via Consciousness Energy Path 111)

You got that? I’m sure you did.

Bashar is part of a multi-dimensional race called the Essassani. According to Darryl Anka, he and Bashar made a deal in a past life. In this life, Bashar would use Anka’s body as a vessel to speak to anyone willing to hear his message about the future (at least what it is leading to at this very moment).

I know, it all sounds like pure clusterfudge. I gave this book five stars for its insightful messages about following your excitement, reality creation, multi-dimensions, and consciousness.

Bashar’s book is one you have to read with a completely open mind to fully understand its concepts. At first, reading Bashar’s messages written through Anka appear to be quite wacko but it shapes up as you dive deeper into the book. Blueprint for Change is best for those who are into extraterrestrials, channeling, and consciousness ascension. I would like to read another book from Bashar/Anka but not from Amazon with their crazytown prices! More than likely I’ll find another Bashar book in some random indie or new age bookstore (heck yeah).

For now, I’ll just watch his Youtube videos. Here are a few:


Image result for bashar same message many messengers
Darryl Anka speaking to Lilou Mace (via Youtube)

Have you read Bashar: Blueprint for Change?

Do you think channeling is real or a complete hoax?