BOOK REVIEW: “Edgar Cayce On Atlantis” by Edgar Evans Cayce


Edgar Cayce on Atlantis by Edgar Evans Cayce (Amazon) (Goodreads)

Hugh and Edgar Evans Cayce compiled readings about Atlantis predicted from their psychic father: Edgar Cayce (1877-1945).  Edgar Cayce , known as the “Sleeping Prophet”, used to give out readings to clients about their past incarnations in his sleep. Not only he gave out psychic readings, Edgar was a humble Sunday school teacher and photographer.

In this compact book, Edgar mentions the clients’ past lives in Atlantis, the fall of Atlantis, and its predicted rise from the Atlantic Ocean.

Anything about Atlantis especially those who are psychically involved with the city get me excited! Not saying I follow any psychic who stands on a podium declaring Atlantis is real but Edgar Cayce’s detailed readings have intrigued me.  In one reading, Edgar mentions Atlantis would rise around 1967-1968. Now, Atlantis as a huge chunk of land didn’t just pop out of the Atlantic Ocean during these years but the mysterious sea roads of Bimini (located in the Bermuda Triangle) were discovered in 1968. Atlantis theorists claim these road once lead to the legendary city. Too bad there isn’t much evidence to prove this but one can certainly hope!

Edgar Cayce on Atlantis made me  wonder how much more history is left undiscovered. I love reading books that take me on a higher thoughtful level.  I like to explore stories mainstream media wouldn’t dare to uncover.

With Edgar Cayce’s readings in mind, I wonder if anything Atlantis related will happen during my lifetime. In the mean time, it’s good to keep my mind open and welcome all the possibilities. Life’s more fun that way!

What do you think about Atlantis?

Have you read any of Edgar Cayce’s readings?