My October 2017 Book Haul

This month, I finally picked up a teen book after a LONG time. I haven’t read any since The Hunger Games and Twilight were popular. The love triangle tropes really turned me off from reading YA for a while.

Below, you’ll find out which YA book I read along with the rest in my October 2017 book haul:

Adult Fiction

Solomon’s Angels by Doreen Virtue (3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for solomon's angels

Doreen Virtue weaves an interesting story about the meeting between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. Not only Virtue extends a story barely mentioned in the Bible, but she adds some noteworthy metaphysical topics as well.

This book has drawn me into researching more about King Solomon legends.

Recommended for readers into:

  • Angels
  • Biblical characters
  • New Age subjects

Adult Non-Fiction

Crop Circles by Steve & Karen Alexander (3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for crop circles by steve alexander

What’s the meaning behind these crop circles? These symbols  have been reported all over England and other rural areas all around the world.

Crop Circles deciphers the symbolism behind these crop formations with sacred geometry, math, and numerology.

Recommend for readers into:

  • Aliens
  • Crop circles
  • New Age subjects

The Dimensions of Paradise by John Michell (3/5 stars)

Image result for the dimensions of paradise

Numbers and shapes play major roles creating the universe.

Esoteric writer John Michell believes they had their parts forming sacred sites like Stonehenge and Glastonbury.  He dives deep into these geometric connections and states why places like Atlantis have failed.

Warning: Prepare for tons of math!

Recommended for readers into:

  • New Age subjects
  • Numerology
  • Sacred geometry

Your Internet Cash Machine by Joe Vitale & Jillian Coleman Wheeler (4/5 stars) (review)

Image result for your internet cash machine

Tired of working your dull 9-5 job?

Read Your Internet Cash Machine and you’ll learn how to sell your own products and do affiliate marketing as part of your wildly successful online business.

Your Internet Cash Machine is a bit outdated but carries plenty of timeless, valuable advice.

Recommended for readers into:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Business
  • eCommerce


The Lost Code by Kevin Emerson (4/5 stars)

Image result for the lost code by kevin emerson

Owen is a normal summer camp teen until he discovers he has grown gills after a drowning incident.

His camp counselors are holding secrets linked to an ancient temple hidden deep in the camp’s lake. These very secrets may have connection to Owen’s dormant Atlantean DNA.

Recommended for readers into:

  • Dystopian YA
  • Fiction with Atlantis themes
  • YA

What was in your October 2017 book haul? Feel free to add your lists in the comments below! :3



Manga Monday #25: “A Silent Voice”


Bullying sucks balls. Seriously, all you want to do is have a great time at school, but some doofus with issues wants to make your life miserable.

Movies, TV, and books emphasize how serious bullying is in schools and its effects on its victims. Even manga is taking a part in it.

A Silent Voice takes on a realistic look on bullying, the consequences, and forgiveness.

Shoya Meets Shoko

Image result for a silent voice gif

 New student Shoko Nishiyama comes to Shoya’s class. Shoya Ishida realizes she’s deaf and takes advantage of it. He constantly teases her and throws her hearing aids out of the window. Shoya’s friends don’t mind, they think it’s hilarious.

All this time after enduring Shoya’s bullying, Shoko still wants to be his friend.

It’s torture reading through the bullying scenes. I was waiting for Shoko to stand up for herself and slap the crap out of Shoya!

No worries, karma catches up with him in the end.

One day, Shoya’s bullying hits its limit and Shoko transfers out of his school. Shoya’s friends turn their backs on him. Shoya doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong until he discovers his mom must pay a hefty price for Shoko’s new hearing aids.

Finally, the guilt settles in.

Six years later, Shoya sees Shoko again and decides to make things right. However, he fears Shoko will never forgive him for what he has done to her in the past.

Would You Forgive?

 anime japan koe no katachi kyoto animation a silent voice GIF

I would’ve never hung out with Shoya again. I’d forgive him, but I’d have moved on with new friends.

Would you forgive Shoya if you were in Shoko’s shoes?

Shoko and Shoya eventually patch things up and become good friends. I praise Shoko’s strength to forgive and Shoya for finally taking full responsibility for his actions.

A Silent Voice is a wonderful original story touching on serious social issues.

Bullying sucks. Don’t be a bully or karma will haunt you.

A Silent Voice Movie

A Silent Voice has made its movie debut in Japan in 2016.  Check out the trailer:

The movie will come to America as a limited release on October 20, 2017.

Past Manga Mondays:

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Comment below if you’ve read the manga or have any related manga recommendations. 


Manga Monday #24: “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”

Image result for puella magi madoka magica volume 1 goodreads

If you think Puella Magi Madoka Magica is anything like Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura, you are gravely mistaken.

Don’t let the cutesy pretty manga cover fool you! This manga series is seriously dark.

To Be or Not To Be Magical

 lgbt puella magi madoka magica pmmm tw flashing madoka kaname GIF

Madoka Kaname starts another regular day at school until she meets new student Homura Akemi. She has seen her before.

In Madoka’s dreams, Homura repeatedly saves her from a creature with an incredible offer. These events begin to manifest in real life.

Homura is on an important mission: destroy Kyubey. This little creature appears to Madoka offering her magical powers in exchange for a wish. Unknowingly to Madoka, this wish will cost her cherished life.

Madoka is an incredibly kind girl with low self-esteem. With her strong desire to help people, being a magical girl would make her dreams come true. Either she remains a normal middle schooler with an average life or become a powerful fighter burdened with a tragic fate.

Madoka’s friends Nami, Sayaka, and Kyoka have made their wishes and became magical girls. Sure, their wishes came true, but with nasty consequences. They serve Kyubey under an unbreakable contract fighting countless battles until their deaths.

Sounds fun? I think not.

Overall, be careful what you wish for.

Worth Reading?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica takes a heart-wrenching twist to the popular sugary mahou shoujo (magical girl) story. Most manga under this genre makes you feel good in the inside, but Madoka Magica punches you right in the stomach!

Personally, I recommend this series if you’re searching for a new take on magical girl manga.

Don’t read if you’re not interested in crying yourself to sleep.

Image result for crying in bed gif

Past Manga Mondays:

 Which manga girl manga have you read? Feel free to comment below! 😉

Manga Monday #22: “Maid-Sama!” by Hiro Fujiwara


Image result for maid sama gif

Maid-Sama! by Hiro Fujiwara is a shojo manga about a high school girl who secretly works at a maid café and falls for the most popular boy in her school. This story appears to be like any other ol’ typical shojo story but this one has a tiny twist: the female protagonist doesn’t care about the boy (until later).

Seika High class president Misaki Ayuzawa only cares about maintaining stability in her wild, mostly-male dominated school. It only has become co-ed until recently. Misaki’s distaste in men originates from her father abandoning the family while she was very young. To take care of her sick mom, Misaki serves customers in cute maid outfits after school to keep up with the bills.

Soon-to-be love interest Takumi Usui is the first person from Seika High to discover Misaki at her job.

The shojo manga I’ve read in the past always tend to be about a girl who falls in love with a guy, goes through a serious of obstacles, and finally lands a happy ending after an enduring test of love. Maid-Sama! takes on these familiar scenarios and flips it around a bit.

Throughout the series, Misaki and Takumi slowly form a deep relationship despite the craziness happening all around them. From time to time, Takumi saves Misaki’s maid identity from being uncovered while Misaki tries to figure out her true feelings for Takumi and keep their relationship alive. Takumi may be popular and rich, but he has some dark secrets of his own.

If you’re a big fan of shojo manga, I’d recommend this series. It’s a good one I haven’t read for a while.  I’m not finished with this story yet and I pray it has a fulfilling ending.

Image result for takumi and misaki kiss gif

The last kind of shojo manga I want to read is the love interest dying and the main character moves on with a sad smile on their face. Seriously, I read a series like that and I cried out of anger and sadness for the rest of the day.

(Source pics: Tumblr: Maid, Fireworks)

Comment below if you’ve read this manga or you have some shojo  series you’d like to share! 😉

The Automatic Millionaire Review: “Be a Millionaire by Skipping Starbucks?”

The Automatic Millionaire, Expanded and Updated: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich by [Bach, David]


Image result for travolta gif

Don’t know your way to a millionaire future?

Does climbing the corporate ladder lead you to being a millionaire? Maybe. Do you have the patience to find out?

What about having two or three jobs? Sounds stressful.

David Bach’s The Automatic Millionaire offers the stress-free solution to your millionaire goals: compound interest and cutting out your morning Starbucks latte. Now, these steps are great ideas until I realized it’s not the financial route I’d take for the long run. Kudos to Bach, they’re smart moves, but not something I would depend on for the rest of my life. There has to be more than watching my baby dollar grow into mega millions when I’m 85.

The Automatic Millionaire presents a luring cover promising readers a life filled with financially free paradises if they follow the book’s monetary guidelines. I was excited to read this book when I picked up my library copy then disappointed. This book reveals you’ll become a millionaire by the automation process of repeatedly paying yourself 10% of your paycheck, putting a couple of bucks into a 401k, and investing in a few mutual funds.

C’mon, that can’t be it!

This book is for those who don’t mind becoming millionaires when they reach their sixties and seventies. Try reading another book if you have decided to retire while you’re still young.

Parts of the Automatic Millionaire path is throwing out hard-to-keep budgets and morning lattes to save money. Sure, lattes are not necessary like bread and water, but you can simply learn how to make more money enough to keep buying lattes. Either way, deleting unnecessary expenses is a good start to greater financial awareness.

From previous financial books I’ve read, the key to making more money is to keep purchasing assets that’ll you give more money repeatedly. To me, that’s the “real” millionaire route. That way, you don’t have to think about trading your precious hours away for an average pay working for somebody else for thirty years.

There’s little in this book teaching readers how to make millions getting out of the employee mentality. An employee’s wage runs on a fixed income under a fixed time. Plus, Uncle Sam (the government) takes a bite out of your paycheck before it passes over to you.  Adding more income streams like real estate investments and businesses are solutions to a full, happy financial life.

Image result for happy money gif

Money can be transformed into an unlimited supply. Your limited human lifespan can’t be extended while you wait for your millions to manifest.

Overall, The Automatic Millionaire is a great book for crazy spenders who want to be millionaires but have no concept how to use the money to invest in themselves first. This is not the book for those striving to be millionaire entrepreneurs.

One more tip: don’t use this book as your only “how to be a millionaire” book.  Please read more. Keep yourself financially educated.

Personal book recommendations:

(Gifs & Pic Sources: tenor, totalpeople, giphy)

Please comment below if you read this book or you have any personal financial book recommendations!

Manga Monday #18: “Fairy Tail Blue Mistral” by Hiro Mashima


Fairy Tail Blue Mistral by Hiro Mashima (Amazon) (Goodreads)

If Fairy Tail was a massive cake, full of detailed decorations and layers, Fairy Tail Blue Mistral would be the small, simple cupcake. Blue Mistral is the spinoff series of Fairy Tail starring Wendy Marvell and her feline sidekick Clara. Together, they’re off in their own adventures without their fellow Fairy Tail guild members. That’s right, no Natsu, Lucy, Gray, or Erza (at least for now). Wendy’s first quest is to find a local village’s missing inhabitants and the “ghost dragon” rumored to haunt the area. What Wendy uncovers isn’t what is all cracked up to be.

For Fairy Tail fans, Blue Mistral is the light read when you want to take a break from the original Fairy Tail story line. For me, Blue Mistral is decent but mildly disappointing. Wendy’s one of my favorite female Fairy Tail characters! I felt like reading a lowkey G-rated fanfiction. I’d stick to the original Fairy Tail. Besides, Wendy’s more badass in that one.

Related image
Badass Wendy (via Daily Anime Heart)


Have you read Fairy Tail Blue Mistral?