Booksellers for Hungry New Age Readers

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For those who don’t know right now, I love reading books on occult/esoteric studies, ancient aliens, and lost civilizations. Besides purchasing from Amazon and searching through libraries, it’s hard to find exclusive New Age booksellers especially if you don’t live in a major city.

That tiny New Age section at Barnes & Noble rarely helps.

For those interested, I’ve listed a few New Age related booksellers like Lllewellyn Publications and Inner Traditions/Bear Company that may satisfy your cravings. The books listed along with each bookseller I’ve either reviewed, read in the past, or added to my “to-reads” list.

1. Adventures Unlimited Press

2.  A.R.E Press 

3. Hay House

4. Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

5. Llewellyn Publications

6. New Page Books

7. Summit Lighthouse

8.  Weiser Books

I hope all of the new age readers out there find the books you want!

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If you know any booksellers or cool New Age books, feel free to comment below!

13 Helpful Freelance Writing Tips from the Renegade Writers

Full-time freelance writers Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell created The Renegade Writer filled with useful tips for beginners and the experienced. These tips break the old-fashioned freelance writers’ traditions involved with SASEs (Self Addressed, Stamped Envelopes), query letters, and more.

I’ve read this book out of curiosity and found myself interested in a bit of freelance writing. This could be a new writing venture worth exploring.

Here are the thirteen helpful tips from reading The Renegade Writer:

(Note: this refers directly to writing articles)

1. Ideas are Everywhere!

Articles consist of a specific topic, keying in on the audience’s needs and/or curiosities. You can find inspiration online, magazines, books, and anywhere else where content is created. If you’re a frequent blogger, check out your most popular posts. These post topics may become articles for major publications.

2. Start With 300-500 Word Shorts

Start small.

Start writing 300-500 word content and see what it takes you from there. The more consistent you are writing them, the easier it’ll be when you start writing bigger articles your audience and publishers crave.

3. Don’t Isolate Yourself Only Writing What You Know

It’s okay to write on a subject outside your normal boundaries. What you may discover may end up in your list of favorite topics for writing. Plus, an editor may assign you to a subject you know little about.

Be prepared to do some research!

4. The More Research, the More Assignments

Part of freelance writing success is having an infinite supply of assignments benefiting your writing experience. Increasing your willingness to research expands your writing opportunities.

For example: If you’re known specifically to write about hiking in the Appalachians, you can expand your writing researching flora and fauna of the region, hiking hotels, best Appalachian summits for stargazing, and outdoor cooking recipes. Start hiking around the world and write about your discoveries in the foreign mountain regions.

Go beyond writing the usual articles like “How To Survive the Appalachian Trail Avoiding Psycho Bears and Wacky Mountain Hermits”.

5. Connect With Other Writers

Meet with other freelance writers, learning and sharing writing tips. You can find them on various Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and your local area via You’ll never know what valuable information you may receive. Better yet, it’s a great way to make new friends! 🙂

6. Network With Editors

Congrats for meeting a major publishing company editor! Tell them about yourself, your works, and you may end up with your first writing gig.

7. Create Many Articles for Many Publishers

Please don’t write one article expecting it to be the holy article of all articles and send it to only one publishing company. Keep writing and submitting!

8. Just Do the Query Letter

Query letters can be difficult, but you have to go through it. The more letters you write, the easier it will be. Show editors darn good reasons why they should consider you as their “go to” writer.

9. Show Off Your Writing Track Record

In some cases, you may add some info about your previous writing publications related to the article in your query letter. Don’t write a hundred page epic about it or it’ll end up sent to the editor’s epic shredder.

10. Send Query Letters Via E-Mail

This is a modern approach to sending editors your query letters. At this day and age with technology, people barely have time for snail mail. Make sure your publishing company accepts query emails.

11. Triple Check Your Query Letters

Make sure you query letters are sent to the right editor, right department, right company! Don’t send your query letter regarding your “30 Freaky Kama Sutra Positions” article to Parenting magazine when it was supposed to be Cosmopolitan.

And always check your letters for grammar, punctuation, and etc.

12. Request Gallery Proofs

Gallery proofs are editorial reviews of articles right before they’re published for the entire world to see. You want to know about any changes made in your articles.

13. Get Your Money

Make sure you get paid. Check out the publishing company you’re writing for is legit.


Need more tips? Purchase your copy of The Renegade Writer now and check out the site. Hope these tips will give you better insight into freelance writing!

(Pic Source: The Renegade Writer)

Comment below if you have read this book, you know any freelance writing books you’d recommend, or share your personal freelance writing experiences!


The Millionaire Fastlane Review

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The Millionaire Fastlane is one of the best books for aspiring entrepreneurs I’ve read so far this year! The title appears scammy but the book covers clearly authentic material.  The book was an immediate reliever after reading the unsettling Automatic Millionaire. Author MJ DeMarco offers a “no BS” guide to the millionaire lifestyle of your dreams. Take note: it’s a long path of dedication and hard work.

DeMarco began his self-made millionaire journey after his encounter with his dream car: a Lamborghini. What surprised him even more than the car was the owner, a young inventor. DeMarco thought if the young man could afford a Lambo, he could too. He built and sold a highly successful limousine directory website and the rest was history.

The Millionaire Fastlane is a wake up call to readers to take a leap of faith, acknowledge their own power to create money, and work like it’s nobody’s business. DeMarco states there are three paths of wealth people take: the Sidewalk, the Slowlane, and the Fastlane. Sidewalkers are always broke, Slowlaners depend on retirement wealth, and Fastlaners build money systems (multiple passive incomes, businesses, etc).

Here’s a closer look at the three:

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  • Complete consumers
  • Dependent on people to give them money all the time
  • Look rich but completely broke
  • Sometimes steal
  • Scheme people for money
  • Spend their entire paycheck on crap on payday then complain about not being paid enough

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  • More productive than the Sidewalker but still tend to consume useless liabilities. Even go into debt for it.
    • Example: Going into credit card debt for a rarely used boat
  • Hoping to earn millions through a decent full-time job with low to average pay with an annual 1% salary increase
  • Returning to college (and further debt in the process)  for an advanced degree in hopes of receiving a higher paying job
  • Working for an employer for forty-five years and contributing money for a 401k in order to retire rich (if they don’t die first)


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  • Complete producers
  • Creates businesses
  • Own multiple streams of passive income


This book shatters the old beliefs about becoming a millionaire. There’s no age or career requirements to be one. The only tools you need are your ideas, passion, and commitment.

Now, DeMarco states passion alone isn’t enough to gain ultimate wealth. I was confused by this statement until he presented an example of a woman’s passion for art. She was so enthralled with art that she opened up an art gallery/cafe. The business shut down a few months after it opened. The problem: it didn’t answer to people’s needs.

If you can figure out how your passion can solve problems, you have a successful business!

I loved how DeMarco pointed out the difference between being “interested” in creating a business and being committed. The person interested in making a business would only work on the idea for an hour a day twice a week while the committed one works seven hours a day, seven days a week.

The committed individual will go farther financially than the interested one. Staying committed is part of the millionaire fastlane process.

The Millionaire Fastlane has done a great job guiding readers out of the outdated financial beliefs that wealth is only reserved for the naturally talented and retired old folks.

Please read this book along with other “millionaire” books you may find and see which ones you should keep. Not long before I’ve created this review, I purchased my own copy. The notes I’ve written down from my previous library copy wasn’t enough. I had to have a copy of my own because I know for sure I’ll be reading it again and keeping it as my personal strategy guide.

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Comment below if you’ve read this book or have any related book recommendations!



The Automatic Millionaire Review: “Be a Millionaire by Skipping Starbucks?”

The Automatic Millionaire, Expanded and Updated: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich by [Bach, David]


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Don’t know your way to a millionaire future?

Does climbing the corporate ladder lead you to being a millionaire? Maybe. Do you have the patience to find out?

What about having two or three jobs? Sounds stressful.

David Bach’s The Automatic Millionaire offers the stress-free solution to your millionaire goals: compound interest and cutting out your morning Starbucks latte. Now, these steps are great ideas until I realized it’s not the financial route I’d take for the long run. Kudos to Bach, they’re smart moves, but not something I would depend on for the rest of my life. There has to be more than watching my baby dollar grow into mega millions when I’m 85.

The Automatic Millionaire presents a luring cover promising readers a life filled with financially free paradises if they follow the book’s monetary guidelines. I was excited to read this book when I picked up my library copy then disappointed. This book reveals you’ll become a millionaire by the automation process of repeatedly paying yourself 10% of your paycheck, putting a couple of bucks into a 401k, and investing in a few mutual funds.

C’mon, that can’t be it!

This book is for those who don’t mind becoming millionaires when they reach their sixties and seventies. Try reading another book if you have decided to retire while you’re still young.

Parts of the Automatic Millionaire path is throwing out hard-to-keep budgets and morning lattes to save money. Sure, lattes are not necessary like bread and water, but you can simply learn how to make more money enough to keep buying lattes. Either way, deleting unnecessary expenses is a good start to greater financial awareness.

From previous financial books I’ve read, the key to making more money is to keep purchasing assets that’ll you give more money repeatedly. To me, that’s the “real” millionaire route. That way, you don’t have to think about trading your precious hours away for an average pay working for somebody else for thirty years.

There’s little in this book teaching readers how to make millions getting out of the employee mentality. An employee’s wage runs on a fixed income under a fixed time. Plus, Uncle Sam (the government) takes a bite out of your paycheck before it passes over to you.  Adding more income streams like real estate investments and businesses are solutions to a full, happy financial life.

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Money can be transformed into an unlimited supply. Your limited human lifespan can’t be extended while you wait for your millions to manifest.

Overall, The Automatic Millionaire is a great book for crazy spenders who want to be millionaires but have no concept how to use the money to invest in themselves first. This is not the book for those striving to be millionaire entrepreneurs.

One more tip: don’t use this book as your only “how to be a millionaire” book.  Please read more. Keep yourself financially educated.

Personal book recommendations:

(Gifs & Pic Sources: tenor, totalpeople, giphy)

Please comment below if you read this book or you have any personal financial book recommendations!

My May 2017 Book Haul

I realized I’ve been reading tons of graphic novels (besides manga) but I barely mention them anywhere in this blog. In this book haul from May, I’ve read Ichiro, a fantasy graphic novel about a half-Japanese, half-American boy who stumbles into Japan’s mythical world.

Next, I have read plenty of online business related books and one not so exciting “millionaire” book. More on that later.

Graphic Novels

Ichiro by Ryan Inzana (4/5 stars)

Image result for ichiro by ryan inzana

Young Ichiro sets off a journey to Japan with his mother to reconnect with his Japanese roots. He spends time with his grandfather to learn about his homeland and the American father he barely knew before he was killed in Iraq.

As a reader, you’ll take slices of Japanese culture and history including its classic legends as Ichiro follows a magical, shape-shifting tanuki (japanese raccoon dog) into the supernatural underworld.

Recommended for readers into:

  • Fantasy
  • Graphic Novels
  • Japanese culture
  • Supernatual elements
  • World Mythology


Non-Fiction Books 

Long-Term Success Building WordPress Websites for the Amazon Affiliate Program by Ryan Stevenson (3/5 stars)

Image result for Long-Term Success Building WordPress Websites for the Amazon Affiliate Program by Ryan Stevenson

You can make money with your own wordpress site! Sounds like a dream, right?

All you need to do is create a self-hosted WordPress site and join the Amazon Associates affiliate program. This program offers users the opportunity to sell products from Amazon in exchange for commissions.

Obviously, this is only the shorthand version of the online business process.

Long-Term Success is a proper book for readers ready to take their WordPress sites to the next level. Be aware some chapters are overloaded with product research and technical information.

Recommended for readers into:

  • Amazon
  • The Amazon Affiliate program
  • E-Commerce
  • Online businesses
  • WordPress

Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets: How to Use the Power of Others to Market and Sell For You by Greg Jameson (3/5 stars)

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How did Amazon become the mutli-billion dollar behemoth it is today? Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets shows off Amazon’s skills from attracting heavy online traffic to active engagement.

This is a great book for website users to get their own small e-commerce sites to grow.

Recommended for readers into:

  • Amazon
  • E-commerce
  • Online businesses
  • Online marketing

The Dot-Com Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online by Russell Brunson (3/5 stars)

Image result for The Dotcomsecrets The Dot-Com Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online by Russell Brunson

I’ve discovered Dot-Com Secrets through a Facebook ad telling me I can get this book for free. I didn’t trust it (lol) so I requested a copy from my local library.

Dot-Com Secrets is about capturing people to your online business through a huge, elaborate, sales marketing funnel. The first catch: offer the audience a valuable product for free.

This book was interesting enough to learn about the sales marketing process but not enough for me if I ever decided to apply the methods on my own.  However, I written down a few notes just in case.

Wait a minute! If you received this book for free, you’ve just fallen into Brunson’s funnel!

Recommended for readers into:

  • E-Commerce
  • Online marketing
  • Sales marketing funnels

The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich by David Bach (2/5 stars)

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You can become a millionaire by paying yourself first before your bills and skipping your morning Starbucks latte. Sure, this may work, if you’re not looking forward to becoming a millionaire while you’re still young!

The Automatic Millionaire was certainly not the latte I thought I ordered. The way this book was presented teaches readers how to become “passive” millionaires by cutting out expenses, putting some money into some mutual funds as long-term investments, and hope for the best.

This book is good for crazy spenders to cut down on their habits but not for productive people who plan to be rich by creating businesses and selling products.

Recommend for readers into:

  • Becoming a millionaire
  • Finances

Please comment below if you have any recommendations or you’ve read any of the books above! 😉


Be Obsessed or Be Average Review: “Obsession Is Good.”

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Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone (Amazon) (Goodreads)


  • Title: Be Obsessed or Be Average
  • Author: Grant Cardone
  • Publication: Portfolio (October 11, 2016)
  • Genre: General, Business/Finances
  • Pages: 240 pages
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Source: Library
  • Rating: 5/5

Grant Cardone’s notion of obsession as a good quality impressed me. He transmutes the common negative imagery surrounding the term into something positive. For example:

Obsession with drugs? Not cool.

Obsession with positive career goals? Very cool.

Be Obsessed or Be Average is a fast-paced 200+ page read. There were a few repetitive passages in the book but I took them as friendly reminders to stick with your “positive obsessions” or else. Remaining average is like wandering around in the circles in the middle of nowhere. You don’t want to be doing that until you die.

Here are ten tips from Cardone for staying in the “obsessed zone”:

1. “Network”

You’re obsessed with a certain interest? Your next mission is to find people who are just as obsessed as you are. You can find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Now, don’t network exclusively online. Go out and meet actual living, breathing people. Find local clubs and attend conventions related to your interests too.

2. “Focus on Increasing Income”

How can you use your obsession to increase your income? Discover ways you can get that done asap! You want to do what you love and get paid for it.

3. “Complete Every Task From Start to Finish”

You wouldn’t stop a multi-million dollar movie production only because of one iffy scene (that’s expensive).  Finish it! There will be some days you don’t want to do it but you’ll thank yourself once it’s done.

4. “Never Settle”

Congrats, you’ve accomplished a goal! Now, create a new one and finish that one.

Plan. Achieve. Repeat. Don’t stop.

5. “Always Raise and Refuel Your Obsession”

You love food. You love taking food photography. You attend dozens of cooking classes.

You do all sorts of cool hobbies related to food until one day, you’re not in the “foodie mood”. The thought of food makes you want to puke.

The remedy: the cooking channel. All of those inspiring cooking shows refuel your passion for food. Now you’ve set up an Instagram account for your foodie photos, sell your higher quality food photography, and blog about your favorite foods at your local restaurants. You even have risen to Youtube stardom thanks to the Youtube cooking channel you’ve filmed from the comfort of your own home.

That’s what raising and refueling your passion is all about.

6. “Stick and Stay, It’s Bound to Pay”

You love to play video games so you started an affiliate marketing aside from working full-time at a boring corporation. Problem: you’re only making three dollars a month from your site.

Don’t freak out!

Find out what you’re doing wrong, sort out possible solutions, and get back to work. Months later, after a couple of tweaks with your site, you make enough money to quit your corporate job and deal with video games 24/7.

Persistence is key!

7. “Make Time for Your Obsessions”

If you don’t start out with an hour with your obsession due to your super busy lifestyle, why not start out with fifteen or thirty minutes? That’s still time. Don’t starve your obsessions.

8. “Be Charitable”

It’s good to make loads of money but it’s better to share some of it too.

9. “Avoid Those Who Don’t Talk about Money”

I found this to be a little mean at first but I understood later the context Cardone was pulling. If you’re serious about bringing in more financial success in your life, you have to surround yourself with people who are the same boat.

Stay clear of those who complain about money 24/7 and don’t do anything about it. You’re not about that life.

10. “Don’t Worry about Haters”

Haters hate while you continue to create. It only reveals you’re doing something right. Haters will do anything to slow you down. Don’t let them waste your time.


There are definitely more tips Cardone provided in Be Obsessed or Be Average. I recommend reading this book along with The 10x Review.

Obsession can lead you to amazing abundance. However, the kind of obsession when you’re snorting pounds of cocaine every day or stalking one of the Kardashian sisters is not okay.

Don’t do it. That’s not cool.

Comment below if you’ve read this book or you have any book-related recommendations! 😉

10x Rule Review: “Do It Ten Times More!”


The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone (Amazon) (Goodreads)
  • Title: The 10x Rule
  • Author: Grant Cardone
  • Publication: Wiley (April 26, 2011)
  • Genre: General
  • Pages: 240 Pages
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Source: Library
  • Rating: 5/5

You have no time to do what you truly enjoy because you’re stuck in a boring, life-swallowing job and surrounded by soul-sucking leeches. I’m talking about those people who’re like:

“You have unrealistic goals.” -Naysayer

“Why don’t you slow down? You’re doing too much.” -Lame Dude

“You’re not going to make money doing that.” -Non-Supportive Buttmunch

Image result for blah blah gif
You tired of all the naysayers’ BS

After reading and applying The 10x Rule, your old negative reality will fade away. This book will literally kick you out of the couch and make you want to conquer the world! I was reassured it was completely okay to go into the deep end of my interests no matter what. Some people may think you’re crazy or obsessed.  Truly, you’re only dedicated and deeply focused.

The 10x Rule states you must apply ten times the action you’re used to doing in exchange for great results. If you’re a blogger with a tiny blog, why not expand yourself putting 10x the effort? You can spread your blog to various social media platforms, create more content, and network. You’ll never know what your joy of blogging may lead you. It could lead to serious profit and sweet job offers.

The problem most people face is undermined activity. They stick with average results expecting big outcomes. Average action only comes with average results. That’s like a runner expecting to gain a fit runner’s body running three times a month. You have to step up your game! According to Cardone, remaining average can be deadly. The path of mediocrity leads to a dead-end. One with an average mind may end up working for higher minds for 30+ years until retirement.

Might as well be dead.

Image result for jumping out of office gif

Do you really want to live somebody else’s dreams or live your own?

The key to standing out is dominating your passion(s). I love reading. I talk to people who love to read and blog about books. Some goes for writing. I write not only blog posts but scripts for film and theatre. I love being unlimited! There are  infinite opportunities available within your joys. Take those opportunities and smash them!

The best part about dominating your field is gaining attention. Cardone notes attention equals to money and power. The more power to you the more you expand yourself. You know those popular video game Youtubers (PewdiePie, DiamondMinecart, etc.) who have gained million dollar incomes for their video game walkthroughs and commentaries? They gained more subscribers (including major companies) with the growing content they provided for their viewers. These video game Youtubers grew their joy of video games with a popular video platform people’ll notice.

I say the only problem Cardone failed to mention in The 10x Rule is burn-out. Sure, you’re doing what you love on a daily basis but you’re a human being who needs to rest at some point.

When I was in college (undergrad), I used to do cardio every single day! I loved it because I was seeing results but my body wasn’t used to the constant activity. One of my knees gave out after an hour walk/run interval around the school track. Boy, I was not happy! From now on, I make sure I schedule rest days at least once a week.  It’s great to put out ten times the effort but it’s better to know when it’s time to rest before your body completely shuts down.

I recommend Grant Cardone’s 10x Rule if you’re ready to do bigger things and receive bigger results in your life. His book reminds me there’s no limit to success. You’ll miss out BIG TIME if you place limits on your achievements.  Read this book and you will become ten times the person you were before.

Comment below if you’ve read this or any of Grant Cardone’s books. Feel free to submit any success stories you have after reading The 10x Rule.

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