My June 2018 Book Haul

How did your June reading go?

I’ve finally started reading Interview with a Vampire as part of my Anne Rice goal for this year. Plus, I’ve read the last Tintin comic Hergé published: Tintin and the Alph-Art.

Here’s my June 2018 book haul:


1. Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice (3/5 stars)

Image result for interview with a vampire book

Is it wrong to say Interview with a Vampire was a tad dull? Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the movie first. There were rich moments in the book I’m surprised didn’t make it to the big screen.

For those into:

  • Anne Rice books
  • Vampires
  • Books set in New Orleans



1. How to Write Short by Roy Peter Clark (3/5 stars)

Image result for how to write short

You know when you schedule a cool-sounding class only for it to be completely different from its course description? How to Write Short was that class.

Don’t get me wrong! I’ve taken some unexpected valuable writing lessons from this book.

For those into:

  • Writing
  • Non-Fiction Writing
  • Increasing their writing skills


2. The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts (4/5 stars)

Image result for the nature of personal reality

Read Seth Speaks before reading The Nature of Personal Reality. Seth, channeling through Jane Roberts, goes into some deep discussions on higher consciousness and how you (yes you) can change your reality, greater than Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret tells its readers.

For those into:

  • Channeled books
  • The Seth Speaks Series
  • Higher Consciousness

I’ve also read:

3. The Power of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont (5/5 stars) *review*

Image result for the power of concentration hardcover

The Power of Concentration is incredibly underrated. Honestly, I’m surprised this isn’t a more popular book. It’s hard to concentrate on anything these days due to social media, TV, and all that jazz.

Take a dose of this book when you need to strengthen your focus game.

For those into:

  • Increasing their concentration skills
  • Self-help books
  • New Thought



1. Moon Knight (Vol. 1) – “Lunatic” by Jeff Lemire (4/5 stars)

Image result for moon knight lunatic


Marc Spector aka Moon Knight is like Batman excepts he didn’t always fight for good. When Spector was a mercenary, he was left for dead until the Egyptian god Khonshu brought him back to life.

I’ve planned only to read one comic to get a gist of Moon Knight since I’ve read a TV show was in the works.

Now, I’m hooked.

For those into:

  • Marvel heroes
  • The Marvel universe
  • Moon Knight

I’ve also read:

*Different Moon Knight series*


2. Thanos Rising by Jason Aaron (3/5 stars)

Image result for thanos rising

Why Thanos is so obsessed with death? You’ll find your answer soon enough when you read this comic.

For those into:

  • Marvel
  • Marvel villains
  • The Infinity Wars


3. The Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin (4/5 stars)

Image result for the infinity gauntlet comic amazon

Half of the universe’s population is gone and California has sunk into the Pacific Ocean. Not cool, Thanos!

What Thanos has done to Earth and the rest of the universe is so atrocious the Celestials has joined the fight. I wonder if they’ll show up in the next movie.

For those into:

  • The Infinity Wars
  • The Marvel Universe
  • Thanos



1. Animus by Antoine Revoy (3/5 stars)

Image result for animus by antoine revoy amazon

Mix The Ring and The Children of the Corn and you’ll have Antoine Revoy’s Animus.

Two kids attempt to figure out the mystery of a shady local playground. The park’s darkest secrets lie within a creepy ghost boy wearing a fox mask.

For those into:

  • Fantasy Graphic novels
  • Creepy comics
  • YA comics


2. Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel (3/5 stars)

Image result for fun home a tragicomic

Cartoonist Alison Bechdel shares her story growing up in Fun Home. Coming out is one thing but finding her father’s gay is another.  Unfortunately, Alison and her dad never had the chance to share and express life as their true selves under society’s expectations.

The tone of Fun Home is anything but fun.

For those into:

  • LGBTQ comics
  • Graphic novel memoirs
  • Non-fiction comics


3. Meteor Men by Jeff Parker (3/5 stars)

Image result for meteor men

Alien crashes into Earth. Boy meets alien. Boy and alien become friends. Does the boy take the alien home? Somewhat.

Meteor Men is basically E.T. with a surprise twist.

For those into:

  • Aliens
  • Sci-Fi comics
  • YA comics

4. Tintin and Alph-Art by Hergé (4/5 stars)

Image result for tintin and alph-art

Tintin and the Alph-Art is the last Tintin comic made before Hergé passed away. Sucks the comic’s only half finished.

For those into:

  • Tintin
  • Hergé
  • European comics

I’ve also read:


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My May 2018 Book Haul


I’ve completed one of my 2018 book resolutions: read three YA books!

  1. 23:27 by H.L Roberts (January 2018)
  2. Brazen by Pénélope Bagieu (April 2018)
  3. Hurricane Kiss byDeborah Blumenthal (February 2018)

One goal down, two more to go! Now, here’s my May 2018 book haul!



1. The Hermetica by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy (5/5 stars) (review)

Image result for the hermetica

Interested in mystical philosophy? Read The Hermetica. This book is a condensed version of the Corpus Hermeticum, a collection of writings from the legendary Hermes Trismegistus.

For readers into:

  • Ancient Egyptian philosophy
  • Esoteric wisdom
  • Hermes Trismegistus

2. The Sariel Crystals by Frederick A. Elder (3.5/5 stars) (review)

Image result for the sariel crystals

Before Sariel left our planet eons ago, he left 14 crystals for humanity. The crystals were never found.

Sariel reveals his position as an “Earth Watcher” and the missing pieces of history you won’t find in any mainstream history textbook.

For readers into:

  • Alternative ancient history
  • Channeled books
  • Extraterrestrials


1. The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale (4/5 stars)

Image result for the attractor factor

Everybody wants money to fall in their lap with ease. It can be hard nowadays with unsuccessful job searches and disappointing careers with low wages. It doesn’t have to be that way forever.

Joe Vitale believes money is attracted to those with the right energy and mindset. Use the tips in this book and your finances might change for the better.

I’ve written tons of notes from this book. Law of attraction followers will love it.

For readers into:

  • Affirmations
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Self-help books


1. Write Faster, Write Better by David A. Fryxell (3/5 stars)

Image result for write faster, writer better david a fryxell

I’ve felt Writer Faster, Write Better was too long even though I enjoyed the material. The key lessons I’ve learned is to cut the crap while editing and get straight to the questions you want to be answered during the research process.

Don’t forget: outlines are your best friends!

For readers into:

  • Books about writing
  • Writing faster
  • Non-fiction writing

2. Writing Feature Stories by Matthew Ricketson & Caroline Graham(4/5 stars) (review)

Image result for writing feature stories amazon

I thought Writing Feature Stories was a mistake. At first, it started out as a book focusing on magazine writing, but it turned to blog writing topics (why I checked this out).

Since this book was published in Australia, there are many references you won’t understand. Don’t let it discourage you from reaching its valuable writing tips. This book has helpful “how to write reviews” infographics too. I forgot to scan them before I returned the book to the library.

For readers into:

  • Learning how to compose great interview articles
  • Perfecting the article research process
  • Writing for magazines and blogs



1. Infinity Incoming by Stan Lee (3/5 stars)

Image result for infinity incoming amazon

After watching Avengers: Infinity Wars, I’ve been hunting down any comics I could find about Thanos. Infinity Incoming is a compilation of comics somewhat related to the Infinity Wars.

One story shows Thanos when he was a kind, genius kid. A tragic event changed him forever into the mad villain we know today.

Thanos’ mother almost killed him when he was born. From the beginning, she knew Thanos was bound to be a destructive force upon the entire universe.

For readers into:

  • The Avengers
  • The Inhumans
  • Marvel comics

2. Thanos: The Infinity Revelation by Jim Starlin (3/5 stars)

Image result for the infinity revelation amazon

In The Infinity Revelation, Thanos brings back his archrival Warlock to life to do some cosmic multi-dimensional business. This comic is not for the Marvel noob like myself, but it’s still worth the read.

For readers into:

  • Alternative/multi-dimensional reality themes
  • Marvel supervillains
  • Thanos

3. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl v.1 – “Squirrel Power” by Ryan North (3/5 stars)

Image result for the unbeatable squirrel girl volume 1 amazon

Squirrel girl? Marvel seriously made a hero named Squirrel Girl?

Doreen Green has been on Marvel’s pages since 1991. Will she make an appearance in the Marvel films? A Netflix series at least. Reading this comic has certainly given me hopes.

For readers into:

  • Marvel comics
  • Squirrel Girl
  • Superheroines


1. California Dreamin’ by Pénélope Bagieu (3.5/5 stars)

Image result for california dreamin penelope bagieu amazon

Have you heard of “California Dreamin” by the Mamas & Papas? I heard the song before, but I didn’t know Cass Elliott or the band’s history.

Penelope Bagieu has created an intimate story about Elliott’s life making her way to stardom despite facing family loss, her weight, and band drama.

For readers into:

  • The 60s music scene
  • Biography comics
  • Comics featuring female leads

2. Exquisite Corpse by Pénélope Bagieu (2/5 stars) (review)

Image result for exquisite corpse penelope bagieu goodreads

I didn’t know what was going on with Exquisite Corpse. The main character complained through all her problems and received a happy ending for doing nothing.

Yeah, no. I love Pénélope Bagieu’s works, but this story was meh.

For readers into:

  • Comics with female leads
  • Romantic comedies (This was supposed to be one?)
  • Stories set in Paris

3. Paper Girls v. 4 by Brian K. Vaughan (4/5 stars)

Image result for paper girls volume 4 amazon

Every Paper Girls volume I’ve read so far has taken me deeper into a world full of time-traveling plot twists! I love it!

For readers into:

  • Sci-fi comics
  • Suburban kids on grand adventures
  • Time-travel stories

I also read: Paper Girls 1, 2, & 3

What was in your May book haul? Comment below your list or post a link to your haul post!

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My April 2018 Book Haul

Can I read up to book #100 by the end of this spring?

If you’re new to this blog, I’ve set up a Goodreads challenge reading 333 books this year. I’ve read 51 books (including comics & manga) so far.

How many books you’ve read so far this year? How about this April? Here’s my book haul for April 2018.


1. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware (3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for the woman in cabin 10 goodreads

A travel journalist’ cruise assignment goes wrong after she witnesses a murder. A Woman in Cabin 10 is a decent thriller. I wish the journalist would stop drinking though.

For readers into:

  • Cruise murder mysteries
  • Ruth Ware
  • Thrillers


1. How to Write and Sell for Fun and Profit by Robert W. Bly (3.5/5 stars) (review)

Image result for how to write and sell simple information for fun and profit

How to Write for and Sell offers expert advice for freelance writers to produce their writings on various platforms (DVDs, seminars, e-books, etc.) and grow their income out of it.

Another book I read by the same author: The Secrets of a Freelance Writer.

Key points:

  • Freelance writing is not exclusively for magazine, newspaper, and online publications.
  • Always do twice the research expected.
  •  Educate your readers.

For readers into:

  • Freelance Writing
  • Having a full-time writing career
  • Writing

2. The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel (4.5/5 stars)

The Master Key System

Do you know you have an infinite power within you? In The Master Key System, Charles F. Haanel reveals the keys to harnessing the awesome power of your mind and changing your reality. Nothing like The Matrix, but a similar concept.

I also read: Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel (review)

Key points:

  • Thought is the creation of all form.
  • The mind is infinite.
  • Hone your mind with concentration and the universe will lead you to your desires.

For readers into:

  • Mentalism
  • New Thought
  • New Thought writers

3. Mind Mapping for Dummies by Florian Rustler (3/5 stars)

Mind-mapping is an organization tool used to outline your ideas into connecting thought bubbles and branches. This planning method has helped me with a couple of writing projects.  Check out Google for examples.

Key point:

  • Humans take in visual information easier than most forms.

For readers into:

  • “For Dummies” books
  • Mind organization
  • Mind-mapping


1. Brazen by Penelope Bagieu (4/5 stars)

Image result for brazen by penelope bagieu

Penelope Bagieu creates a remarkable graphic novel about historical women barely mentioned in mainstream history. Famous figures include Nelly Bly, Katia Krafft, Betty Davis, and Agnodice.

For readers into:

  • Biographic graphic novels
  • Comics/Graphic novels
  • Women’s History

2. Speak: The Graphic Novel by Laurie Halse Anderson and Emily Carroll (4/5 stars)

Speak: The Graphic Novel

I remember being furious reading the original novel Speak as a teen. The story’s fantastic, but the narrator’s day-to-day conflict was frustrating. High school can be tough. Remaining silent about sexual assault only adds salt to the wound.

For readers into:

  • Comics/graphic novels
  • YA books
  • YA graphic novels

3. Witch Boy by Molly Ostertag (3/5 stars)

Image result for witch boy

Witch Boy takes a magical spin on gender roles and how ridiculous they can be.

Males are shapeshifters. Females are spellcasters. Aster is supposed to follow the shapeshifter’s path, but he’s more interested in spells healing broken bones and scrying.

When an ancient evil loom rears its ugly head and threatens his family, Aster puts his witchcraft to the test despite his family’s warnings.

For readers into:

  • Comics/graphic novels
  • Fantasy comics
  • Witches in comics

Comment below your April 2018 Book Haul. Feel free to a post a link to your blog post if you’ve made one. 😉

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My March 2018 Book Haul

March was self-help month. It wasn’t intentional, I promise you!

Here’s what I had in my March 2018 book haul.

Adult Non-Fiction

1. 2,000 to 10,000 by Rachel Aaron (5/5 stars) (review)

Image result for 2,000 to 10000

How do you raise your daily word count? Rachel Aaron’s book shows you the secrets to longer writing without the stress.

Key points:

  • Practice daily writing.
  • Record your daily writing activities.
  • Time, knowledge, and enthusiasm are the keys to bigger word counts.

For readers into:

  • NaNoWriMo (National Writing Month)
  • Writing
  • Writing books

2. 10 Pillars of Wealth by Alex Becker (5/5 stars) (review)

Related image

Frustrated with the massive military workload and low pay, Alex Becker taught himself SEO.  Now,  he’s a wildly successful online entrepreneur.

Key points:

  • One source of income is not enough to ride down millionaire highway.
  • Passive income is essential for financial freedom.
  • Your primary financial goal is to separate time from work.
  • The more hours you put into your dream goals, the more likely they’ll turn into reality.

For readers into:

  • Business & Finances
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Online entrepreneurship

3. The Keys by DJ Khaled (3/5 stars)

Image result for the keys by dj khaled

You might’ve heard of DJ Khaled’s inspirational talks. In The Keys, he shares his life rising in Miami’s music industry and what you can do to succeed.

Key points:

  • Work and success never stop.
  • Opportunities lead to more opportunities.
  • Don’t listen to “they” (DJ Khaled’s version of haters).

For readers into:

  • Biographies
  • DJ Khaled
  • Self-help books

4. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod (3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for the miracle morning

The premise of The Miracle Morning: seize the morning!

Key points:

  • Use the morning to read, write, visualize, exercise, and meditate.
  • Pass your limits.
  • Waking up early equals success mornings.

For readers into:

  • Early bird habits
  • Productivity
  • Self-help

5. So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport (5/5 stars) (review)

Related image

Passion alone won’t make your career dreams come true. So Good They Can’t Ignore You gives you all the reasons why shouldn’t fall into the passion trap.

Key points:

  • Increase your skills sets.
  • “Follow your passion” is a lie.
  • Make yourself valuable to the point your employer would hate to see you leave their side.

For readers into:

  • Career development
  • Productivity
  • Self-help

Other books I read by this author: Deep Work.

6. Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg (3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for smarter faster better goodreads

Personally, Smarter, Faster, Better wasn’t as thrilling as The Power of Habit, but it’s still worth the reading time.

Key points:

  • You have control over your actions.
  • Creativity solves problems.
  • Productivity: trading energy for the most meaningful reward.

For readers into:

  • Non-Fiction books
  • Productivity
  • Self-Help

Other books I read by this author: The Power of Habit.

Comics/Graphic Novels

1 – 2. The Adventures of Tintin volumes 6 & 7 by Hergé (3/5 stars)

Image result for the adventures of tintin volume 6Image result for the adventures of tintin volume 7 amazon









Stories include:

Volume 6

  • Land of Black Gold
  • Destination Moon
  • Explorers of the Moon

Volume 7

  • The Castafiore Emerald
  • Flight 714 to Sydney
  • Tintin and the Picaros

For readers into:

  • Adventure comics
  • European comics
  • Tintin

Past volumes I’ve read in this series: 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.

Teen Non-Fiction

1. Career for Tech Girls in Video Game Development by Laura La Bella (4/5 stars)

Image result for career for tech girls in video game development amazon

Do you know the leading women in the gaming industry? I didn’t know a woman is behind the Halo franchise.

Career for Tech Girls in Video Game Development offers readers (particularly young females) tips to start a career in the gaming industry.

Key points:

  • Colleges offering video game-related degrees: NYU, Drexel, MIT, and SCAD (my alma mater).
  • Video game companies to work for: Capcom, Blizzard Entertainment, HAL Laboratory, Atari, Square Soft, and Konami.

For readers into:

  • Females in the gaming industry
  • Video game careers
  • Video games

What have you read in March 2018?

 Past book hauls:

My February 2018 Book Haul

This month, I’ve developed a new system reading more books every day. Besides reading one book at a time, I’d read two. I read 60 pages from one book and 30 pages from the second. This method worked wonders!

Looking forward to experimenting with another plan to read even more. If you haven’t viewed my 2018 resolutions, my goal is to read 333 books (including comics & e-books) by the end of the year.

Here’s my February 2018 book haul:

Adult Non-Fiction

1. Become the Force by Daniel M. Jones (4/5 stars)

Image result for become the force book amazon

Daniel Jones took the whole Star Wars universe to a more in-depth spiritual level. The spirit of Jediism is being peaceful, doing good, and connecting with the Force.

I have no plans of joining the Church of Jediism anytime soon, but it was interesting to read about the church’s origins and its founder.

2. The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle (5/5 stars) *review*

Image result for the little book of talent godread

Consistent practice makes one talented according to The Little Book of Talent. This book is filled with valuable information to upgrade any skill you need to develop.

3. Show Your Work!  by Austin Kleon (5/5 stars) *review*

Image result for show your work! Amazon

You’d think having a creative career is hard, but Austin Kleon will show you how it’s done. Do the work, show your work, and repeat.

4. Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon (4/5 stars) *review*

Image result for steal like an artist Amazon

Show Your Work! was so great I immediately picked up Steal Like An Artist. These books are pure gold for artists everywhere.

5. The Writing Warrior by Laraine Herring (4/5 stars) *review*

Image result for writing warrior Amazon

Writing for leisure? Simple.

Writing full-time? Not so much.

Reading The Writing Warrior has helped me get over my writing problems especially the accursed writer’s block whenever it rears its ugly head.

Comics/Graphic Novels

1. The Adventures of Tintin (v.2) by Hergé

Image result for the adventures of tintin volume 2 Amazon

I love these Tintin 3-1 editions. This volume features The Broken Ear, The Black Island, and King Ottokar’s Sceptre.

2. The Adventures of Tintin (v.3) by Hergé

Image result for the adventures of tintin volume 3 Amazon

More Tintin adventures! This volume includes The Secret of the Unicorn, The Shooting Star, and The Crab with the Golden Claws.

3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Book One) by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (5/5 stars) *review*

Image result for the chilling adventures of sabrina amazon

I love a good scary story sending chills down my spine. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is not another friendly Archie comic featuring Sabrina in her kooky, magical adventures.

Please read at your own risk.

4. Hollow City: The Graphic Novel by Ransom Riggs (story) & Cassandra Jean (art) (4/5 stars)

Image result for hollow city: the graphic novel amazon

If you’re familiar with the Peculiar Children novels, try reading the graphic novel series.

I hope the movie sequel to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children comes out soon. I’m ready to see this in theaters!

I also read: 

5. Pashmina by Nidhi Chanani (3/5 stars)

Image result for pashmina graphic novel amazon

Priyanka finds a magical scarf leading her back to India. There, she uncovers a family secret hidden from her since she was born.

6. Plutona by Jeff Lemire & Emi Lennox (2/5 stars)

Image result for plutona graphic novel amazon

Plutona‘s about a group of kids finding a superheroine’s corpse in the woods. This story had rising potential then it dropped with an anti-climatic ending.

Juvenile (For Ages 8-13)

1. The Adventures of Riley: Outback Odyssey by Amanda Lumry & Laura Hurwitz (4/5 stars)


I read Outback Odyssey since I was in a “Let’s travel to Australia” mood. I learned many things about the Outback wildlife. Did you know male kangaroos were called boomers?

YA (Young Adult)

1. Hurricane Kiss by Debbie Blumenthal (3/5 stars)

Image result for hurricane kiss amazon

Jillian is forced to shed her true feelings for River, a football star dropout, in the midst of Category 5 Hurricane Danielle.

Debbie Blumenthal’s storm descriptions made me feel like I was right in the middle of Mother Nature’s horrors. The romance was sweet, but I felt like the hurricane rushed it.

What was in your February book haul?

Past book hauls:

My January 2018 Book Haul

Huzzah! New year, new books! Here’s what I’ve read in my January 2018 book haul.

Adult Fiction

1. The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson (3/5 stars)

Image result for the summer before the war amazon

The Summer Before the War reveals the lives of a small English town before and after WWI. The story’s quite slow.  You’ll start to wonder when the war finally starts.

However, I loved Simonson’s beautiful descriptions of the English countryside. She makes you feel like you truly there.


Adult Non-Fiction

2. The Art of Doing by Camille Sweeney & Josh Gosfield (4/5 stars)

Image result for the art of doing by camille sweeney

What does an Indy 500 racecar driver, a New York Times bestselling author, and erotica movie director have in common? They took action to get to where they are now.

The Art of Doing is an inspiring collection of interviews with people who have accomplished amazing feats.

Guests include Laura Linney, Yogi Berra, Alec Baldwin,  Stephen J. Dubner, Constance Rice, Phillippe Petit, Jessica Watson, the founders of OkCupid, and the band OK Go.

3. Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual by Jocko Willink (4/5 stars)

Image result for discipline equals freedom

Discipline Equals Freedom will teach you how to boost your mental and physical state. You must have the discipline to control your life. Without it, life controls you.

4. The Great Pyramid Hoax by Scott Creighton (2.5-3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for the great pyramid hoax goodreads

The Great Pyramid Hoax has an appealing premise regarding forgery in the Great Pyramids. Unfortunately, the extensive evidence has bored me to sleep.

On the bright side, I’m looking forward to reading more of Scott Creighton’s books in the future.

5. Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel (5/5 stars) (review)

Image result for mental chemistry amazon

Changing reality is all about mindset. Charles F. Haanel offers readers a detailed look how we are truly the creators of our realities. What we see in our lives reflects our beliefs. Control your thoughts, and you’ll control your world.

Comics/Graphic Novels

6. 1602: Marvel by Neil Gaiman (4/5 stars)

Image result for 1602: Marvel amazon

Imagine your favorite Marvel characters and set them in the Elizabethan era. You’ll love this comic if you already love Marvel and Neil Gaiman’s works.

Queen Elizabeth is dead, and the new king is setting up an inquisition killing off mutants. Now, it’s up to the survivors to find a safe escape route out of Europe.

7. African American Classics edited by Tom Pomplun and Lance Tooks (4/5 stars)

Image result for african american classics

Stories from famous African-American writers like Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston are taken into graphic novel form. A highly recommended Black History month read!

8. Superman/Wonder Woman (volume one): “Power Couple” by Charles Soule (3/5 stars)

Image result for superman/wonder woman power couple

Wonder Woman and Superman together? Yeah, I can see that. They make a great couple, but they don’t get to spend much quality time together. Darn villains keep threatening Earth!

9. Thor (volume one): “The Goddess of Thunder” by Jason Aaron (4/5 stars)

Related image

This Thor series was exciting and awesome! Too bad it’s only two volumes. A woman has taken Thor’s hammer, and everybody in the universe is trying to figure out who she is.

10. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle & Hope Larson (3/5 stars)

Image result for a wrinkle in time graphic novel goodreads

I’ve read the graphic novel since I’ve never had time to read the book when I was a kid. I liked Meg’s story crossing dimensions to find her missing father. I wish she weren’t such a whiner though.

Juvenile Non-Fiction

11. Hazardous Tales: Donner Dinner Party by Nathan Hale (3/5 stars)

Image result for donner dinner party book

Never attempt to travel through America with an ox wagon during the winter. I repeat, just don’t!

This historical graphic novel unfolds the tragic story of the Donner Party. During the mid 19th-century, 87 travelers endured a harsh journey from Springfield, Illinois to California. Only 48 made it to the sunny state. Cannibalism was involved.

YA (Young Adult)

12. 23:27 by H.L Roberts (3/5 stars)

Image result for H.L roberts 23:27 amazon

Young rock star Lilith is trapped between staying to true herself and being a puppet to the music industry. It’s taking a toll on her relationship with her band member Alec.

This emotional roller coaster story has its highs and serious lows. You’d want to jump into Lilith’s world and make everything better for her.


What was in your January book haul?

Past book hauls: 

Recent articles:

My December 2017 Book Haul

Ever planned to read certain books and ended with a completely different list? That was me last month. Plans change, and that’s okay. At least I’ve accomplished reading 300 books as part of my 2017 Goodreads challenge.

By now, I’ve learned my biggest lesson of 2017 as an active reader: avoid the “shiny new cool book” trap.

Here’s my December 2017 book haul:

Adult Non-Fiction

1. Kabbalah by Tim Dedopulos (4/5 stars)

Image result for kabbalah tim dedopulos

Kabbalah is an easy-to-read intro to this religion. This subject has caught my interests through various esoteric studies and recurring Tree of Life images I’ve kept seeing in books and the internet.

For readers into:

  • Jewish mysticism
  • Kabbalah
  • Religious studies
2. The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall (5/5 stars)

The Secret Teachings of All Ages (Reader's Edition)

This extensive occult studies encyclopedia has taken most of the month to read. It was well worth it!

For readers into:

  • Alchemy
  • Ancient mystery cults
  • Esoteric philosophy

Comics/Graphic Novels

3. 1602: Witch Hunter Angela by Marguerite Bennett (3/5 stars)

Marvel takes their modern world back into the Elizabethan era. Instead of fighting enemies in space, Angela the assassin hunts down demons and creatures called the Witchbreed.

For readers into:

  • Leading female characters
  • Marvel
  • Alternate Marvel universes
4. The Shadow Out of Time adapted by I.N.J Culbard

The Shadow Out of Time

A college professor finds out strange beings have been using his body for research while he was unconscious. Quite uncomforting.

For readers into:

  • H.P. Lovecraft
  • Lovecraftian monsters
  • Lovecraftian lore
5. The Unsinkable Walker Bean by Aaron Reiner (4/5 stars)

The Unsinkable Walker Bean was such a surprising, fun pirate adventure story. Little Walker Bean has to return a cursed talking skull before its owners cause utter chaos on the surface world.

For readers into:

  • Adventure comics
  • Comics for middle-schoolers
  • Pirates
6. Username: Evie by Joe Sugg (3/5 stars)

Lonely teen Evie ventures into a virtual reality created by her deceased father. Her bully cousin stumbles into Evie’s world and attempts to screw it up.

Username: Evie is the first book I’ve read written by a Youtuber. Joe Sugg is known as ThatcherJoe on Youtube.

For readers into:

  • Sci-Fi
  • Virtual reality stories
  • Youtubers’ books

Comics: “Welcome to Riverdale” edition

7. Archie (volume three) by Mark Waid (4/5 stars)

Archie (2015-) Vol. 3 by [Waid, Mark]

I had to return to reading Archie comics since Riverdale came out. I can see why Betty and Veronica fuss over Archie. He’s a real cutie, but the boy needs to make up his darn mind who he wants to date. No wonder Jughead gets tired of Archie’s relationship drama.

For readers into:

  • Archie Andrews
  • Archie comics
  • Riverdale

I also read: Archie (volumes 1, 2, and 4)

8. Jughead (volume two) by Chip Zdarsky (4/5 stars)

Image result for jughead volume 2 amazon

Jughead and Sabrina make a great duo. Glad I gave this Jughead series a second chance. The first volume didn’t catch my attention much.

For readers into:

  • Jughead Jones
  • Jughead comics
  • Riverdale

I also read: Jughead (volumes 1 & 3)

Comics: “Star Wars” edition

9. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by Jody Houser (3/5 stars)

I picked this up because I didn’t feel like seeing it in theatres. Warning: it’s sad.

For readers into:

  • Action comics
  • Sci-Fi
  • The Star Wars universe
10. Star Wars: Shattered Empire by Greg Rucka (3/5 stars)

What happened after The Return of the Jedi? Happiness was short-lived, I’ll tell you that much.

For readers into:

  • Action comics
  • Sci-Fi
  • The Star Wars universe

Adult Non-Fiction: “Writing” edition

11. Secrets of a Freelance Writer by Robert W. Bly (4/5 stars)

Want to make a substantial income as a freelance writer? Read this and you’ll be ready for a successful writing career.

For readers into:

  • Copywriting
  • Freelancing
  • Writing
12. Wired for Story by Lisa Cron (4/5 stars)

The key to getting a reader hooked on your story is unlocking their brain’s desires. Once you learn the tricks, you might become a master storyteller.

For readers into:

  • The art of storytelling
  • Brain studies
  • Writing

What did you read last month? Any reading plans for January 2018?

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