BOOK REVIEW: “The Fluff-Free Freelance Writing Master Course Workbook” by Alina Bradford


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“For the love of God, don’t write for free!” – Alina Bradford, author of The Fluff-Free Freelance Writer Master Course Workbook

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One thing I loved about The Fluff-Free Freelance Writing Master Course Workbook is its brutal honesty. This book is not going to tell you a million dollars will fall into your lap for writing one measly article for “exposure.” Don’t settle for exposure articles as a full-time freelance writer.

Seriously, you have bills to pay. Exposure won’t pay for your groceries or rent!

Alina Bradford has been a freelance writer for over 20 years. She knows what’s up and has plenty to offer to get you on the right path. Throughout her book, Bradford lays out assignments to step up your writing game. You’ll learn how to build your portfolio, SEO, establish your brand, and more. This book is not too thin or too in-depth with information. Additionally, the author clearly states the dangers encountered in freelance writing.


Some freelance writers began their careers with content mills and are okay with it. Others avoid them like the plague. According to Bradford, content mills are the dark places Mufasa warned you about.

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Content mills are writing agencies where writers exchange their time pumping out articles for small pay.  It can range from five cents a word to five dollars an article. Imagine being paid $11 for a heavily researched 1000+ word article. Doesn’t sound too sexy, does it? Content mills will only run you into the ground.


Okay, you have little freelance writing experience, and content mills are the devil. What are you supposed to do? Bradford recommends daily gig searches on sites like Freelance Writing Gigs and Writers Weekly to pitch to potential clients. You send an e-mail with an enticing headline and a short summary describing your article.

Pitching may be intimidating, but it gets easier the more you repeat the process. Yes, you’ll face rejection, but don’t let it stop you from your long-term writing goals! Here’s Bradford’s advice on the matter:

“Apply for 20 solid gigs per week until you start bringing in the clients you need to pay the bills. Once you get clients, don’t stop. You’re never done searching when you’re a freelance writer.”


I’ve pitched to a couple of freelance writing gigs. Some have kindly rejected me and others I didn’t receive any response at all. I kept pitching, and companies finally hit me up with acceptance notifications. I received one accepted pitch in August when I originally pitched to the company way back in January. Patience and repeated action truly work!

Sick of the broke writer’s life? The Fluff-Free Freelance Writing Master Course Workbook will relieve you from that position. Check out the book now and follow Alina Bradford on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Are you a freelance writer? What’s your favorite freelance writing tip of all time?

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17 Sasquatch Books to Read This September

While there’s no official Sasquatch month (that I know of), I’ve created this post to bring more awareness to these legendary creatures.

The term “sasquatch” (another name for Bigfoot) is an English translation of “sasq’ets” from the Sts’ailes people meaning “hairy man.” According to the tribe, their ancestors have regularly interacted with the Sasquatch.

Nowadays, sasquatch sightings have been reported all over the United States. In the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), Washington has the most reported Bigfoot sightings. So far, the site has reported 653 accounts of bigfoot activity.

Have you seen the sasquatch in your home state? Perhaps the fall season will make it easier to spot them in the woods.

Here are 17 sasquatch books to read this September:

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  1. Anatomy of a Beast: Obsession and Myth on the Trail of Bigfoot by Michael McLeod
  2. Beyond Boggy Creek: In Search of the Southern Sasquatch by Lyle Blackburn
  3. Bigfoot: The True Story of Apes in America by Loren Coleman
  4. The Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti, and Cryptid Primates by Nick Redfern
  5. The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television by David Coleman
  6. Bigfoot Nation: The History of Sasquatch in North America by David Hatcher Childress
  7. Bigfoot Observer’s Field Manual by Robert W. Morgan
  8. Cryptozoology A to Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabra, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature by Loren Coleman & Jerome Clark
  9. A Field Guide to Sasquatch Structures: The 50 Most Common Types in North America Forests by Christopher Noël
  10. The Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters in California by David Paulides
  11. The Locals by Thom Powell
  12. Monsters Among Us: An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomena by Linda S. Godfrey
  13. The Psychic Sasquatch and Their UFO Connections by Kewaunee Lapseritis
  14. Raincoast Sasquatch by J. Robert Alley
  15. The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac by Sharma Shields *FICTION*
  16. The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh by SunBow True Brother & Sasquatch Elder Kamooh
  17. The Sasquatch People and Their Interdimensional Connections by Kewaunee Lapseritis

Read any Sasquatch books lately? 

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BOOK REVIEW: “Atlantis Rising” by Patricia Cori

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Atlantis Rising covers Atlantis, a secret government agenda, the Anunnaki, and humanity’s ascension to higher consciousness. If you’re reading this book, you have traces of Atlantis in you. Well, according to the Sirians channeling through author Patricia Cori:

“You do surely realize that is no coincidence you’re being drawn to the legends of Atlantis, for a fragment of your soul most likely is buried there, attached to the trauma or the glory of a past that lies hidden in the bottom of the sea.”

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Long ago, Atlantis was an amazing place with superior crystal technology. Citizens controlled energy at their will. Everything was great until the Anunnaki arrived. They came from their dying planet Nebiru (sometimes spelled Nibiru) since it was cast out of orbit eons ago. These intergalactic beings would do anything to get their hands on energy even if it means sucking the planet dry of its resources. Their target: Earth.

The Anunnaki offered advanced technology to the Atlantean high priests. Those who accepted the gifts converted into the Dark Priesthood. Their obsession with power, genetic manipulation, and mind control lead to Atlantis’ fall.

According to Cori, Earth is a living being and Atlantis’ dark energy was killing her. She destroyed Atlantis with a massive flood as a cleansing process. Although Atlantis was gone, the Anunnaki moved on.


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Some people believe a secret government (think the Illuminati) is ruling behind the scenes. They’re everything conspiracy theorists love to discuss. Descendants of the Anunnaki are rulers of today’s secret government. Their ongoing plan is to keep humanity controlled through mindless entertainment, chemtrails, and weather manipulation.

Sounds far-fetched, right? To the one conspiracy theory friend you might have, it’s the stone-cold truth.


Not only this book mentions Tesla was an Atlantean alchemist, but a foreign spirit who inhabited an Atlantean priest’s body:

“This was no ordinary mortal. The one, Nikola Tesla, journeyed from a galaxy far beyond your current understanding of ‘distance’ and ‘time,’ to take human form for the first time during the era of the Last Generation of Atlantis. We are telling you that the man, Tesla, walked amongst the native Atlanteans during the Last Generation, but that his was an alien presence…He never underwent the tedium of incarnation. He simply walked into the body of a priest of the Dark Brotherhood—one who happily handed over his physical being, eager to be released from his misguided loyalties and the dark persuasion.”

Tesla’s one extraordinary fellow.


The Hollow Earth theory declares an ancient civilization lies underneath our very feet. Those who survived the fall of Atlantis journeyed into the center of the Earth and built Agartha.  Few know of its existence and for good reason: the secret government. They would’ve corrupted it as they are already done in the surface world.

Places like Egypt and Tibet are rumored entrances to Agartha. However, there are guardians at each entrance, and a special few can enter. The Dalai Lama is one of them.


Atlantis Rising is a great book for ancient alien fans, conspiracy theorists, and people interested in channeled material.

Cori has channeled plenty of intriguing thoughts. While some of it I found was fear-based, it piqued my curiosity. There must be more happening in this world, something you won’t find in the daily USA Today.

Note: This book is part two of the Sirian Revelations Trilogy. If you’re a stickler for reading books in order, read Cori’s The Cosmos of the Soul. I’m doing the same.

Have you read this book? Read any channeled material? Feel free to comment below!

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My August 2018 Book Haul


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Is it me or August flew by fast? Did you have a chance to catch any good reads?

I was hooked on Marvel’s Inhumans this month. Read the comics if you’ve been watching the show (despite the fans’ reactions lol) or you simply have no idea who they are at all. I’d recommended reading Inhumanity first. After that, read Charles Soule’s Inhuman and The Uncanny Inhumans series.

For the aspiring entrepreneurs reading this post, go read Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau. Ready to get out of the monotonous 9-5 life? This book is for you. You can check out the full review listed below.

Anyway, here’s the rest of my August 2018 book haul:

Adult Fiction


  1. Beauty’s Punishment by Anne Rice (3/5 stars)
  2. The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See (3/5 stars)

Adult Non-Fiction

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  1. Atlantis Rising by Patricia Cori (3.5/5 stars)
  2. Native Americans: American History by Louie Ross (2/5 stars) *ebook*
  3. Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau (3.5/5 stars) *REVIEW*
  4. Successful Copywriting in A Week by Robert Ashton (3/5 stars)

Comics/Graphic Novels


  1. Black Bolt (v.2) – “Home Free” by Saladin Ahmed (3/5 stars)
  2. Cable (v.2) – “The Newer Mutants” by Ed Brisson (3/5 stars)
  3. Cartoon Utopia by Ron Regé Jr. (2.5/5 stars)
  4. Inhuman (v.1) – “Genesis” by Charles Soule (4/5 stars)
  5. Inhuman (v.2) – “Axis” by Charles Soule (4/5 stars)
  6. Inhuman (v.3) – “Lineage” by Charles Soule (4/5 stars)
  7. Inhumanity by various authors (4/5 stars)
  8. The Last Man (Book One) by Brian K. Vaughan (4/5 stars)
  9. The Uncanny Inhumans (v.1) – “Time Crush” by Charles Soule (3/5 stars)
  10. The Uncanny Inhumans (v.2) – “The Quiet Room” by Charles Soule (3.5/5 stars)
  11. The Uncanny Inhumans (v.3) – “Civil War II” by Charles Soule (3/5 stars)
  12. The Uncanny Inhumans (v.4) – “IVX” by Charles Soule (3.5/5 stars)



  1. My Hero Academia (v.14) by Kohei Horikoshi (3.5/5 stars)

YA Fiction


  1. Rise of the Boy King by A.K. Solimov (3/5 stars)


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18 Books I’m Ready to Read Coming Out in Fall 2018

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Autumn makes its presence known with its color-changing trees and cool, crisp mornings. As the summer slowly waves its goodbyes, it’s time to bring out the comfy sweaters, fall carnivals, and FALL BOOK ANNOUNCEMENTS!

I’ve searched Amazon and my favorite book publishers for fall releases. I found 18 books I’m ready to read coming out in Fall 2018.

Comics/Graphic Novels

  1. Assassin’s Creed: Origin by Anthony Del Col (October 16, 2018)
  2. Barbarella (v.1) by Mike Cory and Kenan Yarar *paperback* (October 23, 2018)
  3. The Mental Load: A Feminist Comic by Emma *paperback* (October 23, 2018)
  4. Raven: Daughter of Darkness (v.1) by Marv Wolfman and Pop Mhan *paperback* (October 23, 2018)
  5. Dark Souls: Age of Fire by Ryan O’ Sullivan *hardcover* (October 30, 2018)
  6. Solo: The Graphic Novel Adaptation by Alessandro Ferrari *paperback* (November 20, 2018)

New Age Books

  1. Practical Atlantean Magic by Murry Hope (October 2, 2018)
  2. Encounters with Nature Spirits by R. Ogilvie Crombie (October 9, 2018)
  3. The Hidden History of Elves and Dwarfs by Claude Lecouteux *hardcover* (October 9, 2018)
  4. The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality by Mitch Horowitz *paperback* (October 9, 2018)
  5. Invisible Master: The Puppeteers Hidden Power by Leo Lyon Zagami *paperback* (November 1, 2018)
  6. The Conspiracy Book by John Michael Greer *hardcover* (November 20, 2018)



  1. The Magic Ladder to Success by Napoleon Hill *new edition* (October 16, 2018)
  2. Unstoppable by Ben Angel *paperback* (October 16, 2018)
  3. When’s Happy Hour by Betches *hardcover* (October 23, 2018)
  4. The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success by Albert László-Barabási (November 6, 2018)
  5. The Powers by Mark W. Erwin *paperback* (November 6, 2018)
  6. The Art of Influence by Jim Stovall *hardcover* (November 20, 2018)

What are you ready to read this fall?

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4 Sweet Bookworm Benefits of Kindle Unlimited

Do you prefer eBooks or print? Both formats have their pros and cons.

I prefer print. I love the feel of holding a book, and I don’t mind taking it everywhere I go.

However, the problems with printed books are plenty. Some books you want are only available as eBooks. Sometimes, you’re too impatient to wait for an ordered book and too lazy to go to the library. The library may not have the book you want!

I’ve encountered a similar scenario when was looking for Colette Gale’s Entwined. I read Gale’s previous works, and I was ready for a hot new story. The problem: Entwined was only released as an eBook. My stubborn self decided to wait until the printed copy was released.

Eventually, I was introduced back to eBooks through the Lean Stone Book Club. Every week, the club offers two books to their members. I thought the company offered free printed books. Nope, they were eBooks, and I had to retrieve them through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

I admit I didn’t like using Kindle Unlimited to read. I don’t like staring at a screen for long unless I’m reading blog articles or working on writing projects.

EBooks Aren’t So Bad…

Kindle Unlimited changed my mind about eBooks. Here are 4 sweet bookworm benefits of Kindle Unlimited:

1-You’ll have access to thousands of free e-books for a small monthly fee.

 Kindle Unlimited has countless eBooks ranging from cooking to self-help. As an American Amazon user, members only have to pay $9.99 a month. Prices vary for international users. Kindle Unlimited membership is available for those in the following locations:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

2-You’ll have your own library.

 You can keep up to ten eBooks at a time in your Kindle library. You can return an eBook with a simple click of a button and get a new one.

3. It’s a quick pick up for any educational read.

A few months ago, I’ve been watching eCommerce videos about Amazon FBA and Shopify. Of course, my local libraries didn’t have any books on the topics. I didn’t want to buy the books either. Luckily, I found plenty of books available on Kindle Unlimited. The list of titles was endless!

If there’s an interesting subject you would like to explore, check Kindle Unlimited first for free titles.

4. You can highlight and bookmark your eBook pages.

I’m an avid highlight user. Once you upload the Kindle Cloud Reader app, you can highlight any book passages. You can also check all of the passages you’ve marked.

If there’s a page where you have to stop, you can place a bookmark on the spot and come back later.

EBook Samples

Image result for kindle gifs

Here are a couple of eBook titles you can find as a Kindle Unlimited member. They are divided into the following sample categories:

  • Business/Self-Help
  • Comics/Graphic Novels
  • Manga
  • Writing

Business/Self Help

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • 6 Figures to 6 Months by Peter Voogd
  • Amazon FBA 2018 by Abraham King
  • The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley
  • Manage Your Day-to-Day by Jocelyn K. Glei
  • One Thousand Ways to Make $1,000 by F.C Minaker

Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Deadpool (v.1): “Secret Invasion” by Daniel Way & Paco Medina
  • Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel
  • Marvel (v.1): “No Normal” by G. Wilson and Adrian Alphona
  • Saga (v.1) by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
  • Star Wars: Dark Vader (v.1): “Vader” by Kieron Gillen and Salavador Larroca
  • The Walking Dead (v.1): “Days Gone Bye” by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore


  • Amazing Agent Luna (v.1) by Nunzio DeFillipis and Christina Weir
  • Attack on Titan (v.1) by Hajime Isayama
  • Battle Angel Alita (v.1) by Yukito Kishiro
  • Dance in the Vampire Bund (v.1) by Nozomu Tamaki
  • Fairy Tail (v.1) by Hiro Mashima
  • Girls und Panzer (v.1) by the Girls und Panzer Projekt


  • The Fluff-Free Freelance Writing Master Course Workbook by Alina Bradford
  • How to Pitch a Blog Post by Sophie Lizard and Lauren Tharp
  • Make Money as a Freelance Writer by Gina Horkey and Sally Miller
  • The Miracle Morning for Writers by Hal Elrod
  • Up Up Down Down Left Write: The Freelance Guide to Video Game Journalism by Nathan Meunier
  • You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins

Thanks to Kindle Unlimited, I have a healthy relationship with eBooks now. Click here if you want to become a member too.

Do you use Kindle Unlimited? Comment below your experiences.

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My July 2018 Book Haul


It’s almost the end of August, and I’m finally sharing my July 2018 book haul with you! July was an exceedingly active reading month. I read over 20 books, the majority were comics!

In this haul, you’ll notice a list of books about Australia. I’ve been obsessed with the land down under thanks to Junkrat and Roadhog from Overwatch (love that game).

Dear consistent readers, the haul posts are changing. Now, they’re organized in simple lists. I mean, simple! You’ll see what I’m talking about once you scroll down. I say it’s much better than, let’s say, this post.

Hope everybody’s summer reading has been going well. Fall’s coming soon, and the fall book announcements are coming around the corner!

Adult Non-Fiction

Related imageImage result for creativity for saleImage result for the metaphysical world of isaac newton

  1. Ancient Future by Wayne B. Chandler (3.5/5 stars) *REVIEW*
  2. Creativity for Sale by Jason Surfrapp (3.5/5 stars) *REVIEW*
  3. Nothing in This Book is True, but it’s Exactly How Thing Are by Bob Frissell (3/5 stars)
  4. Ancient Aliens: The Official Companion Book by The Producers of Ancient Aliens
  5. The Metaphysical World of Isaac Newton by John Chambers (3.5/5 stars) *REVIEW*


Comics/Graphic Novels

Image result for dark nights risingImage result for moon knight crazy runs in the familyImage result for archie volume 5

  1. Archie v.5 by Mark Waid (3/5 stars)
  2. Avengers: Mighty Origins by Peter David (3/5 stars)
  3. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (2/5 stars)
  4. Black Bolt v.1: “Hard Time” by Saladin Ahmed (4/5 stars)
  5. Cable v.1: “Conquest” by James Robinson (4/5 stars)
  6. Constantine v.1: “The Spear and the Flame” by Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes (4/5 stars)
  7. Dark Days to Metal by Scott Snyder (4/5 stars)
  8. Dark Nights Metal: The Deluxe Edition by Scott Snyder (3/5 stars)
  9. Dark Nights Metal: The Resistance by Joshua Williamson & Jeff Lemire (3/5 stars)
  10. Dark Nights Metal: Dark Nights Rising by Peter J. Tomasi & Joshua Williamson
  11. Jessica Jones v.1: “Uncaged” by Brian Michael Bendis (3/5 stars)
  12. Moon Knight 1: “Crazy Runs in the Family” by Max Bemis (3/5 stars)
  13. Moon Knight v.3: “Birth and Death” by Jeff Lemire (3/5 stars)
  14. Thanos: Infinity Abyss by Jim Starlin (3/5 stars)
  15. The Archies v.1 by Matthew Rosenberg & Alex Segura (3/5 stars)
  16. Tintin in the Congo by Hergé (2/5 stars)
  17. Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. by Dan Slott & Mike Costa (3/5 stars)

Juvenile Fiction

Image result for the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe first edition amazonImage result for the giving tree

  1. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (4/5 stars)
  2. The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis (3/5 stars)

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Image result for not for parents australiaImage result for australia by ann heinrichs

  1. Australia by Ann Heinrichs (4/5 stars)
  2. Australia by Colleen Sexton (4/5 stars)
  3. Not for Parents Australia: Everything You Wanted to Know by Janice Scott and Peter Rees (4/5 stars)



  1. My Hero Academia Vigilantes v.1 by Hideyuki Furuhashi (3/5 stars)
  2. One Punch Man v.14 by ONE
  3. Splatoon v.3 by Sankichi Hinodeya
  4. Vinland Saga (Book One) by Makoto Yukimura (4/5 stars)

What’s in your July book haul?

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