BOOK REVIEW: “The Power of Concentration” by Theron Q. Dumont

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I loved this book!

I loved this book!

I loved this book!

I had to say it three times because that’s how much I loved The Power of Concentration. If you need to boost your focus game, read this book!


The Power of Concentration helped me straighten my focus in my daily habits including reading.

Recently, I began reading three books a day. I didn’t finish them all. I would read 60 pages from one book, 45 from the next, and about 30 from the last one. Sounds like a great productive reading day, right? Yeah, no.

I thought I was getting through books faster, but it turned out to be a hectic routine.

Why not go back to reading one book at a time? I made this decision after reading this quote:

“Center your mind on one purpose, one plan, one transaction.”

Instead of scattering my reading energy on three books, I can place a huge chunk of it on one.  It turns out I complete a book faster this way. Go figure.


For quite some time at my part-time job, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. I know every day at work won’t be awesome, but I was in a new level of low.

Fortunately, The Power of Concentration brought me back to gear. My priorities are in order, and I’m way ahead on my projects. The book helped me focus on creation. Mentally building my projects first helped me put them into action immediately.


 The Power of Concentration is filled with amazing ideas and tricks to turn you into a more focused person. I end this review with a few of Dumont’s quotes:

  1. “The inventor has to work out his idea mentally before he produces it materially.”
  2. “In deep concentration, you become linked with the great creative spirit of the universe and the creative energy then flows through you, vitalizing your creation into form.”
  3. “Dwarves can often do the work of giants when they are transformed by the magic power of great concentration. But giants will do the work of dwarves when they lack the power.”
  4. “Every day do something that will you put you nearer your goal.”
  5. “Thought is the directing power of all life’s vibrations.”

How has concentration improved your life? Comment below your story.

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My May 2018 Book Haul


I’ve completed one of my 2018 book resolutions: read three YA books!

  1. 23:27 by H.L Roberts (January 2018)
  2. Brazen by Pénélope Bagieu (April 2018)
  3. Hurricane Kiss byDeborah Blumenthal (February 2018)

One goal down, two more to go! Now, here’s my May 2018 book haul!



1. The Hermetica by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy (5/5 stars) (review)

Image result for the hermetica

Interested in mystical philosophy? Read The Hermetica. This book is a condensed version of the Corpus Hermeticum, a collection of writings from the legendary Hermes Trismegistus.

For readers into:

  • Ancient Egyptian philosophy
  • Esoteric wisdom
  • Hermes Trismegistus

2. The Sariel Crystals by Frederick A. Elder (3.5/5 stars) (review)

Image result for the sariel crystals

Before Sariel left our planet eons ago, he left 14 crystals for humanity. The crystals were never found.

Sariel reveals his position as an “Earth Watcher” and the missing pieces of history you won’t find in any mainstream history textbook.

For readers into:

  • Alternative ancient history
  • Channeled books
  • Extraterrestrials


1. The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale (4/5 stars)

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Everybody wants money to fall in their lap with ease. It can be hard nowadays with unsuccessful job searches and disappointing careers with low wages. It doesn’t have to be that way forever.

Joe Vitale believes money is attracted to those with the right energy and mindset. Use the tips in this book and your finances might change for the better.

I’ve written tons of notes from this book. Law of attraction followers will love it.

For readers into:

  • Affirmations
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Self-help books


1. Write Faster, Write Better by David A. Fryxell (3/5 stars)

Image result for write faster, writer better david a fryxell

I’ve felt Writer Faster, Write Better was too long even though I enjoyed the material. The key lessons I’ve learned is to cut the crap while editing and get straight to the questions you want to be answered during the research process.

Don’t forget: outlines are your best friends!

For readers into:

  • Books about writing
  • Writing faster
  • Non-fiction writing

2. Writing Feature Stories by Matthew Ricketson & Caroline Graham(4/5 stars) (review)

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I thought Writing Feature Stories was a mistake. At first, it started out as a book focusing on magazine writing, but it turned to blog writing topics (why I checked this out).

Since this book was published in Australia, there are many references you won’t understand. Don’t let it discourage you from reaching its valuable writing tips. This book has helpful “how to write reviews” infographics too. I forgot to scan them before I returned the book to the library.

For readers into:

  • Learning how to compose great interview articles
  • Perfecting the article research process
  • Writing for magazines and blogs



1. Infinity Incoming by Stan Lee (3/5 stars)

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After watching Avengers: Infinity Wars, I’ve been hunting down any comics I could find about Thanos. Infinity Incoming is a compilation of comics somewhat related to the Infinity Wars.

One story shows Thanos when he was a kind, genius kid. A tragic event changed him forever into the mad villain we know today.

Thanos’ mother almost killed him when he was born. From the beginning, she knew Thanos was bound to be a destructive force upon the entire universe.

For readers into:

  • The Avengers
  • The Inhumans
  • Marvel comics

2. Thanos: The Infinity Revelation by Jim Starlin (3/5 stars)

Image result for the infinity revelation amazon

In The Infinity Revelation, Thanos brings back his archrival Warlock to life to do some cosmic multi-dimensional business. This comic is not for the Marvel noob like myself, but it’s still worth the read.

For readers into:

  • Alternative/multi-dimensional reality themes
  • Marvel supervillains
  • Thanos

3. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl v.1 – “Squirrel Power” by Ryan North (3/5 stars)

Image result for the unbeatable squirrel girl volume 1 amazon

Squirrel girl? Marvel seriously made a hero named Squirrel Girl?

Doreen Green has been on Marvel’s pages since 1991. Will she make an appearance in the Marvel films? A Netflix series at least. Reading this comic has certainly given me hopes.

For readers into:

  • Marvel comics
  • Squirrel Girl
  • Superheroines


1. California Dreamin’ by Pénélope Bagieu (3.5/5 stars)

Image result for california dreamin penelope bagieu amazon

Have you heard of “California Dreamin” by the Mamas & Papas? I heard the song before, but I didn’t know Cass Elliott or the band’s history.

Penelope Bagieu has created an intimate story about Elliott’s life making her way to stardom despite facing family loss, her weight, and band drama.

For readers into:

  • The 60s music scene
  • Biography comics
  • Comics featuring female leads

2. Exquisite Corpse by Pénélope Bagieu (2/5 stars) (review)

Image result for exquisite corpse penelope bagieu goodreads

I didn’t know what was going on with Exquisite Corpse. The main character complained through all her problems and received a happy ending for doing nothing.

Yeah, no. I love Pénélope Bagieu’s works, but this story was meh.

For readers into:

  • Comics with female leads
  • Romantic comedies (This was supposed to be one?)
  • Stories set in Paris

3. Paper Girls v. 4 by Brian K. Vaughan (4/5 stars)

Image result for paper girls volume 4 amazon

Every Paper Girls volume I’ve read so far has taken me deeper into a world full of time-traveling plot twists! I love it!

For readers into:

  • Sci-fi comics
  • Suburban kids on grand adventures
  • Time-travel stories

I also read: Paper Girls 1, 2, & 3

What was in your May book haul? Comment below your list or post a link to your haul post!

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BOOK REVIEW: “The Master Key System”

  • Title: The Master Key System (Amazon) (Goodreads)
  • Author: Charles F. Haanel
  • Publication: Brownstone Books (June 18, 2007)
  • Pages: 136
  • Genre: Self Help, New Age/Metaphysical
  • Format: Paperback
  • Source: Library
  • Rating: 5/5 stars

What would do if you had unlimited abundance? Sure, you would quit your day job and travel around the world, right?

What if I told you all the power is inside you? The Master Key System reveals every person has an unlimited power: thought. In this book, Charles F. Haanel shows you how to harness it for your own benefit.

There are 24 chapters in The Master Key. Each of them is a lesson you practice each week.


According to Haanel, our minds are connected to a universal mind:

“Thought is the connecting link between the Infinite and the finite, between the Universal and the individual.”

Think of the house you live in. Someone had to build it. The architect has summoned the vision for your home from his imagination. This imagination comes from the universal mind.

If we’re connected to the Universe, we’re connected to endless possibilities. Our minds are infinite. We can conjure anything we desire due to our connection to the Universal mind.

Yet, we let doubt, fear, and other bullcrap get in our way. We let our negative thoughts cloud our minds. Thankfully, Haanel reminds us we are powerful imaginers.


“A builder cannot build a structure of any kind until he has first reached the plans from the architect, and the architect must get them from his imagination.”

One of the most beautiful lessons from The Master Key is the gift of imagination. Where would we be without it?

According to Haanel, where we are in life solely depends on our thinking. Think positive, you get positive, think negative, well, you wouldn’t like where you’ll end up.


All the topics Haanel discussed in The Master Key have strong connections to The Kybalion by the Three Initiates.  Both speak of common subjects revolving around cause and effect, vibration, and mentalism. It makes me wonder if Haanel were one of the Initiates or affiliated with them in some way.

Look at the similarity between The Kybalion’s laws and The Master Key System’s passages:


Master Key System: “Every thought therefore is a cause and every condition is an effect.”

Kybalion: “Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”


Master Key System: “Vibration is the action of thoughts.”

Kybalion: “Nothing rests, everything moves; everything vibrates.”


Master Key System:“Things are created in the mental or spiritual world then appear in the outward act or event.”

Kybalion: “THE ALL IS MIND. The Universe is Mental.”

You see? Interesting, isn’t it?


The Master Key System is a thought-provoking, reality-bending tool. Haanel has written a book noting imagination is our greatest asset. This book will change the way how you use your mind.

Note: It takes practice!

Be sure to apply the weekly lessons provided and watch your world shift to new heights.

Have you read The Master Key System?  How did this book help you?

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BOOK REVIEW: “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod

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  • Title: The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8 am) (Amazon) (Goodreads)
  • Author: Hal Elrod
  • Publication: Hal Elrod International Inc. (Dec. 7, 2012)
  • Pages: 150
  • Genre: Self-Help
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Source: Library
  • Rating: 3/5 stars

As I read through Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning, I realized his information is nothing new. Smash your personal goals early before you have to face the morning hustle and bustle!

Before I go to work, I wake up at 4 am to get my exercise and writing routine out of the way. Since I’m a part-timer, my days are pretty sporadic, so it gives me an extra advantage.

I never understood the appeal of living life exclusively for an employer. You wake up for them (not really for yourself), drive through terrible traffic for them, and you have to ask permission for a measly 30 min lunch break.

Feeling like this guy?

I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty messed up to me.

We were born to create our own lives, right? Otherwise, we’re living in a depressing dystopian story.

One of the best takeaways from The Miracle Morning is making personal development a top priority. Nobody’s going to take you to the next level in life but you.

For example, do want to lose weight? Your 9-5 job keeps tempting you with way too many birthday parties and potlucks?

Wake up early. It’ll suck at first, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Early Birds = Success

Most successful people are early birds. PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi wakes up at 4 am while Richard Branson wakes up at 5 am. Look at where they are in life.

A Texas study has reported students who wake up early are more likely to have higher GPAs.  Early birds truly get the worm!

The Miracle Morning‘s message is to start taking control of your life in the mornings.  The rituals. In your morning routine, you should include:

  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Writing (daily progress of your long-term and other thoughts)
  • Exercise
  • Creative visualization
  • Reading (Inspirational, Business, Productivity, etc.)

Do this daily, and you’ll start to see significant changes in your life.


To change your life, you have to change what you do in the mornings.

Sometimes, The Miracle Morning reads like an expanded informercial. Casually skim the pages Hal keeps shouting out at you to check out his products.

On the other hand, it’s a refreshing read for anybody who feels like their life is out of their control.

What’s your daily morning routine?

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How To Read Like a Billionaire

Remember when your parents would drag you to the library on Saturday mornings?  You’ve dealt with enough books at school. Why would you need to stuff your face with more?

vintage read GIF by US National Archives

Your parents may be on to something. Billionaires like Warren Buffett and Oprah Winfrey carry a trait that has made them super successful: reading.

So, how do you do it?

How to Read Like a Billionaire

1. Make time to read

You may not have three hours of reading to spare, and that’s okay.  Give yourself at least 30 minutes a day to read an enriching book.

2. Read for answers

The difference between rich people who read and everybody else is the content they absorb. Most readers read for pure pleasure. Those with higher incomes read for further self-education and application.

Elon Musk’s inspiration for Space X came from rocket science books. Of course, a few sci-fi adventures made it into the list.

3. Read more

There’s no harm in reading more than required. Nobody’s stopping you. What do you want to know? The more you learn, the better.

Billionaires’ Reading Habits

Billionaires today have massive literary appetites.

Other billionaire readers include Charlie Munger, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Dorsey, David Rubenstein, and Mark Zuckerberg.

 21 Reading Recommendations

youtube falling GIF by SoulPancake

Here are 21 personal recommendations to develop your billionaire mindset:

  1. The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss
  2. The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone (review)
  3. Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone (review)
  4. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  5. Deep Work by Cal Newport (review)
  6. Hustle by Neil Patel, Jonas Koffler, and Peter Vlaskovitz (review)
  7. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz (review)
  8. Mastery by Robert Greene (review)
  9. The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco (review)
  10. Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins
  11. The One Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan (review)
  12. Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff
  13. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg (review)
  14. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (review)
  15. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason
  16. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles (review)
  17. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  18. Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Lechter
  19. Think Like Zuck by Ekaterina Walters
  20. Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets by Mary Buffett & David Clark
  21. Your Internet Cash Machine by Joe Vitale & Jillian Coleman Wheeler (review)

Do you read like a billionaire? Which books have upgraded your life?

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BOOK REVIEW: “Mental Chemistry” by Charles F. Haanel

Image result for mental chemistry wilder publications

  • Title:  Mental Chemistry (Amazon) (Goodreads)
  • Author: Charles F. Haanel
  • Publication: Wilder Publications (December 18, 2008) *orignally published in 1922*
  • Genre: Self-help, New Age/Metaphysical
  • Pages: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • Source: Purchased
  • Rating: 5/5 stars

I’ve found Mental Chemistry at Barnes & Noble with its unusual cover. By then, I knew the book covered some deep matrix-y subjects, and it did.

The basis of Mental Chemistry: our minds reflect the Universal Mind and the Universal Mind is the source of everything. In more simple terms, our mind is the microcosm, and the Universal Mind is the macrocosm. A quote from Nikola Tesla comes to mind:

nikola tesla ac GIF

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration.”

We can create abundance since we channel the source of everything. We are infinite beings. The ability to manifest endlessly is in our hands, but we barely use it.

Mental Chemistry reminds me so much of Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich. Both Haanel and Wattles speak of bringing down abundance from an invisible higher source.

 I’ve written down many valuable notes from reading Mental Chemistry. Here are nine takeaways you can use in your life.

 Nine Takeaways from Mental Chemistry

  1. Those who acknowledge their thoughts are infinite have great power.

 Think about those who are always making something new: Elon Musk, the fellas behind Apple, Nintendo, and more.

Oprah Winfrey is a great example of an unlimited creator. She is an actress, philanthropist, and a former TV show host with dozens of books and magazines under her name. All Oprah has put out in the world represents the countless treasures from her mind.

  1. Thought is more valuable than all the gold in the world

If you repeatedly work on manifesting your ideas, money will follow. What’s stopping you?

  1. Every thought becomes a physical thought

Without thought, where would we be? Depending on external circumstances to give you your desire is only a disservice to yourself. Put action into your thoughts, and your desire will appear.

  1. Mental currents are real

Your thoughts are like radio signals. You get whatever you’re turned to. Whether you think of positive or negative thoughts, the people and the events will come to you.

  1. Thoughts + Action = Harmony

Manifestations come to life when your actions mirror your thoughts. For example, you must exercise and eat clean daily to lose weight. You won’t get your dream body by simply thinking about it.  You must pick up the healthy habits for your dream body to manifest.

  1. Abundance is the natural law of the universe

Abundance is everywhere. Think of all the stars in the sky, the published books, and the ideas discussed in this world. Take note you too can create your own abundant universe.

  1. What you think creates happiness

This may sound cheesy, but happiness truly comes from within, not from the Rolls-Royce or the $50 million home. Happiness comes from knowing you have an infinite mind. Therefore, you can be creating everything you want from nothing.

  1. Be creative, and you’ll be successful

Whoever claims writers, painters, and other creative people will never make money have no clue of their real power. Everybody is born with unlimited creativity. How much you tap into it determines your success.

  1. The three keys of creativity: imagination, visualization, and concentration.

Use these three traits daily, and you’ll find yourself in some wonderful places. J.K. Rowling made sure she got her little story about a young wizard was finished. Look where her imagination has taken her.


Mental Chemistry reminds readers to take control of the power that lies within their minds. Haanel wants you to realize how powerful you are. Your mind is your superpower.

Have you read Mental Chemistry or any other book from Charles F. Haanel?

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BOOK REVIEW: “Do Less, Get More” by Shaa Wasmund


Image result for do less get more
Do Less, Get More by Shaa Wasmund (Amazon) (Goodreads)

Do Less, Get More is a great match for overwhelmed, busybody readers. You’ll learn how to make room for what’s truly important in your life and map out your goals. Sometimes I feel like twenty-four hours isn’t enough time in a day to accomplish my personal projects. I’ve read Do Less, Get More to expand my limited beliefs. I can’t stand staring at the ceiling at night when I should be sleeping thinking about all the things I wish I’ve done.

First of all, priority is important. What matters the most to you should be first on your to-do list. Shaa Wasmund points out that people tend to mix the important tasks with the trivial. Think watching the latest recorded season of Scandal in the morning is more important than that 5k training? You’ll thank yourself if you start running first.

Your goals should always be your highest priorities. Maintaining focus is key to making your goals come true. Let’s say you want to read more books in a monthly basis. Cut out all the distractions and set your reading goals on paper immediately!

Mind maps come in handy for setting goals. These maps are used to plan step-by-step action towards your goals. Here’s an example of a mind map:

Image result for mind mapping strategies for taking action
via Mind Map Art

and other one on time management:

via Mind Map Art

There’s an entire site full of these visual planners on where you can create your own mind map and gain inspiration from others (with a 30-day free trial).

Without having to pay fancy mindmap software, I’ve created my own with basic Microsoft paint. The topic: “Writing More”.

Mind Map

Here’s how it’s broken down:

Mind Map: “Writing More!”

  • Blogging
    • WordPress
      • 500+ word content: I noticed I’ve been writing blog posts ranging around 250-300 words so I’m changing the habit to writing content at least 500 words. Sure, short content is good but bigger content with more quality is better.
      • Post schedule: Creating a post schedule can be a great for any consistent blogger posting content on time. This habit helps keep me on track of my posts I’ve created like the “Manga Mondays”.
      • Write new content ninety minutes a day: Creating post drafts non-stop for ninety minutes without any distractions has certainly taken me farther than before as a blogger.
  • Scripts
    • Plays
    • TV
    • Movies
    • “Fan-Based”:  Fanfiction in screenwriting form.
  • Time
    • Mornings: As soon as I wake up!
    • Weekends
    • Free time before & after work
  • Journal Time
    • Carry everywhere: To make sure I have done some form of writing, I take my journal with me everywhere just in case I haven’t done so at home.
    • Dream journaling: So far, I’ve written over a thousand dream entries figuring out the dream symbolisms I’ve encountered in my dreamworld.
    • Pour out feels:  Whenever I’m feeling ecstatic or upset about something, pouring these feelings out on paper is best.

Overall, the lesson I’ve picked up from Wassmund’s book is keeping my eyes on the prize. Focus equals tremendous progress! Since reading this book, I’ve made a week trial starting the day with my top three priorities: exercise, writing, and reading. I always do these first before going on Tumblr or checking my e-mail. My habits have changed since I’ve switched my routine.

Thanks, Wasmund!


Have you read this book?

Which productivity books have changed your daily routine?