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BOOK REVIEW: “Solomon’s Angels”

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New age writer Doreen Virtue creates a decent story about King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba in Solomon’s Angels.  The book has interesting new age insights but the romance is questionable.

Makeda’s Journey

 journey GIF

The book follows Makeda’s trip to Israel to meet King Solomon. She repeatedly dreams about a mysterious man only for her deceased mother’s spirit to interrupt it.  Makeda later understands her mother’s intentions; she is only meant to be with King Solomon.

However, Makeda instantly falls in love with Hiram, Solomon’s top architect. Now she must decide whether she follows fate or create her own.

Meanwhile, the Queen of Sheba learns more of magical origins and gains esoteric wisdom from Solomon’s angelic advisors.

Where’s the Love?

The Academy Awards oscars academy awards looking searching GIF

Solomon’s Angels does a better job as a general new age fiction than it does as a romance.

I didn’t feel the love between Makeda and Solomon. The relationship felt forced and one-sided.  Makeda was too busy eyeing Hiram while Solomon was all over her like a lovesick puppy.

I get it, Makeda’s only seventeen. She’s keeping her options open.

Seriously, I wished this novel was longer. I’d rather see the couple endure more obstacles and share more tender moments together.


After all, Solomon’s Angels was my first dive into new age fiction.

For those who absolutely love esoteric knowledge,  vibrations and sacred geometry are discussed in this book.

Despite the lackluster romance, I enjoyed learning the biblical trivia. For instance, Solomon was the son of Bathsheba and David, defender of Goliath.  David sent Bathsheba’s husband to be killed in a battle after laying eyes on her.

You wouldn’t find that in the kids-friendly bible!

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Comment below if you’ve read this book or other Doreen Virtue books!


BOOK REVIEW: “Crop Circles”

Image result for crop circles steve alexander book

  • Title: Crop Circles – Signs, Wonders, and Mysteries (Goodreads) (Amazon)
  • Author: Steve and Karen Alexander
  • Publication: Chartwell Books (October 5, 2009)
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, General
  • Pages: 192
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Source: Library
  • Rating: 3/5

Reading Crop Circles brings me back to the 90s when people were absolutely nuts over aliens. Aliens were in movies, TV, the news, and discussed constantly on radio stations.

Back then, I remember catching news reports about crop circles. People argued aliens truly created the circles while others believed it was only human pranksters. One duo did confess they’ve made crop circles using planks and ropes: Doug Bower and Dave Chorley.


However, the “non-human” made crop circle explanations are still left untold.

The Book

Photographer Steve Alexander and writer Karen Alexander created a great book filled with crop circles sightings all over the United Kingdom. They took the time to explain the possible numerology and sacred geometry meanings behind the circles.

For example, the Milk Hill Galaxy crop circle has thirteen circles on each arm. The number thirteen symbolizes transformation The Alexanders contemplated this circle might’ve had a connection to certain tragic US event:


“Eerily, just weeks later, the world was transformed by the 11 September attacks in New York. It’s extremely doubtful that the crop circles predicted this event, but perhaps there were just a flicker of something looming in the global consciousness, which was given expression by the appearance of this design.” -Steve & Karen Alexander, Crop Circles

We’ll possibly never know if our intergalactic neighbors were trying to send us a warning.

Strange Circles

Additionally, there are crop circles beyond numerology and sacred geometry interpretations: The Sparsholt alien and the Chilbolton face.

The Sparsholt crop circle has an alien face with a disc inscribed with binary code. The translation:


“Beware the bearer of false gifts

And their broken promises

Much pain

But still time


There is good out there

We oppose deception”

-Sparsholt Binary Code Message

How nice for the aliens to warn us, but from whom?

Next, the Chilbolton face in Hampshire, England. This crop selfie has appeared along with another binary code message describing beings from a different star system.

The Code (left) and The Face (Right)

Looks like we’re not the only ones after all.


Altogether, Crop Circles is a great visual companion for crop circle hunters. It’s nice to know the meanings behind the circles. I’m surprised the people who made crop circles weren’t mentioned in this book at all. Even if you’re a strong alien believer, this book gives the impression that all the crop circles mentioned were all alien-made.

It would be nice to know the difference between alien and human-made crop circles.

Check out these sites to learn more about crop circles and the latest ones reported around the world:

Books Reviewed like Crop Circles

(Pic Sources: NewEarthCrop Circle ConnectorLatest UFO Sighting)

What’s your take on crop circles? 





BOOK REVIEW: “Your Internet Cash Machine”

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Imagine yourself working a few hours a day on your laptop making thousands of dollars a week. Sounds freaking awesome, doesn’t it?

Your Internet Cash Machine introduces readers to the affiliate marketing business. You’ll learn valuable tips from niche research to creating amazing blog post headlines.

This book throws away the old belief you must work for somebody outside of your home to make a decent living.

Most people wished they worked from home, others made it into a reality doing affiliate marketing. You don’t need to commute for an hour for this position.

Being an affiliate marketer means you sell products from a major company and receive a commission if you’ve made a profit. Amazon Associates, Commission Junction (now known as CJ Affiliate), and Clickbank are a few on the list of well-known affiliate marketing programs.

What do you think is the hottest product to sell online? Tech gadgets? Clothes?

Information is the #1 selling product.  People will do anything to get their hands on life-improving information. This very book is a fine example of an information product. Readers purchase this book to improve their work life and finances.

However, Your Internet Cash Machine was written in 2008 and it has plenty of outdated information. It repeatedly refers Myspace as the top social media site to attracting new followers. Plus, there are several websites listed in this book that are now broken.


For the most part, Your Internet Cash Machine is filled with great tips to get you started making money online despite the outdated info. This book doesn’t go into the technical aspects of setting up a profitable website, but it offers great info on attracting new customers.

Personally, I’d say it’s a book worthy of being on the bookshelf, but not one you can solely depend on when it comes to online businesses.

Books like Your Internet Cash Machine:

My September 2017 Book Haul

My September 2017 book haul was quite a combination. It included a valuable book on article writing, a children’s book with aliens teaching energy science, and a hot love story between an Unfallen angel and a jewel elf.

Here’s the list below:

Adult Fiction

Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben (3/5 stars) (review)

Image result for fool me once by harlan coben

Maya Burkett has witnessed her husband’s brutal murder. Now she sees him apparently alive and well playing with their kid.

Find out what the heck is going on in Harlan Coben’s thrilling story. This book is filled with dark secrets and betrayals.

Recommended for Readers Into: Female lead characters in mystery novels, modern day thrillers, and suspense.

Razr by Larissa Ione (4/5 stars)

Image result for razr by larissa ione

Razr is an Unfallen one, an angel who has been kicked out of heaven, but not condemned to the underworld for all eternity (yet). He can return to his rightful place if he retrieves his gem of power. The gem’s new owner is a beautiful jewel elf.

The gem Jedda has gathered long ago has become a vital part of her body. She dies if she loses it. Things become complicated when she meets a handsome angel looking for the very jewel her life depends on.

How is this going to turn out?

Books I’ve Read from this Series: Azagoth, Hades, and Z.

Recommended for Readers Into: Angels and demons in romance novels, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy.

Adult Non-Fiction

The Books of Enoch by Joseph B. Lumpkin (3/5 stars)

Image result for the books of enoch joseph b lumpkin

Do you remember a man named Enoch? He was briefly mentioned in the Bible for like, two seconds. He has his own book.

The books reveal the story of God punishing angels who slept with human women and Enoch’s ascension to heaven.

Recommended for Readers Into: Christianity, Jewish mysticism, and non-canon biblical stories.

Get Your Articles Published by Lesley Brown (4/5 stars)

Image result for get your articles published book

This book is a must for those dreaming of living a freelance writer’s lifestyle. You will learn article writing basics and how to beef up your writing portfolio.

Recommended for Readers Into: Blogging, freelance writing, and general writing.

The Hidden Geometry of Life by Karen L. French (3/5 stars)

Image result for the hidden geometry of life

The author literally pulls everything from her mind about shapes, sounds, and nature into this book.  It’s a math nerd’s treasure trove.

Recommended for Readers into: Nature, sacred geometry, and science.


Children’s Non-Fiction

Aliens and Energy by Agnieszka Biskup (4/5 stars)

Image result for aliens and energy

Making science exciting for kids can be quite a challenge. Aliens and Energy is a humorous solution presenting science lessons with funny aliens exploring Earth (and escaping the Men in Black).

Recommended for Readers into: Aliens, graphic novels, and children’s science books.

Graphic Novels

Heroes (Volume 1) by Tim Sale and other Various Authors (3/5 stars)

Image result for heroes volume 1

Remember the TV show Heroes? Relive the adventure with the graphic novel!

Recommended for Readers Into: Graphic novels, Heroes, and superheroes.

SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki (5/5 stars)

Image result for supermutant magic academy

SuperMutant Magic Academy is X-Men Academy and the Harry Potter universe with a splash of quirkiness. The school is filled with unique students going through common and sometimes extraordinary high school issues.

Recommended for Readers into: Graphic novels, magical teens, and mutants.

Wonder Woman (Volume 3): “The Truth by Greg Rucka (3/5 stars)

Image result for wonder woman the truth goodreads

Wonder Woman returns to Themyscira with help from her friends including her love interest Steve Trevor and frenemy Cheetah. She finds out who has blocked her from entering her homeland and helps a troubled god in the process.

I’ve also read: Wonder Woman (Volume 1): “The Lies” Wonder Woman (Volume 2): “Year One”

Recommended for Readers into: DC comics, superheroes, and Wonder Woman


September was an interesting month.

I have achieved my promise reading less graphic novels compared to last month. Out of the three I’ve read, I strongly recommend Supermutant Magic Academy. I loved reading it so much I envisioned myself creating the script as a live action Youtube webseries.

Looking forward to reading my October haul.

Missed my last book hauls? Here you go:

Share your September book haul in the comments below. Feel free to share your October haul too! 😉

Manga Monday #24: “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”

Image result for puella magi madoka magica volume 1 goodreads

If you think Puella Magi Madoka Magica is anything like Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura, you are gravely mistaken.

Don’t let the cutesy pretty manga cover fool you! This manga series is seriously dark.

To Be or Not To Be Magical

 lgbt puella magi madoka magica pmmm tw flashing madoka kaname GIF

Madoka Kaname starts another regular day at school until she meets new student Homura Akemi. She has seen her before.

In Madoka’s dreams, Homura repeatedly saves her from a creature with an incredible offer. These events begin to manifest in real life.

Homura is on an important mission: destroy Kyubey. This little creature appears to Madoka offering her magical powers in exchange for a wish. Unknowingly to Madoka, this wish will cost her cherished life.

Madoka is an incredibly kind girl with low self-esteem. With her strong desire to help people, being a magical girl would make her dreams come true. Either she remains a normal middle schooler with an average life or become a powerful fighter burdened with a tragic fate.

Madoka’s friends Nami, Sayaka, and Kyoka have made their wishes and became magical girls. Sure, their wishes came true, but with nasty consequences. They serve Kyubey under an unbreakable contract fighting countless battles until their deaths.

Sounds fun? I think not.

Overall, be careful what you wish for.

Worth Reading?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica takes a heart-wrenching twist to the popular sugary mahou shoujo (magical girl) story. Most manga under this genre makes you feel good in the inside, but Madoka Magica punches you right in the stomach!

Personally, I recommend this series if you’re searching for a new take on magical girl manga.

Don’t read if you’re not interested in crying yourself to sleep.

Image result for crying in bed gif

Past Manga Mondays:

 Which manga girl manga have you read? Feel free to comment below! 😉

Manga Monday #23: “Dragon Ball” by Akira Toriyama


Image result for dragon ball volume 1

Should I catch up with the latest episodes or not?

That was the first question I had in mind when I heard the latest Dragon Ball series was on air (with a female Saiyan too). I haven’t watched the shows since Dragon Ball Z aired on Toonami over twenty years ago.

I finally decided to start all over by reading the original 1984 Dragon Ball series.

While reading, I’ve discovered some interesting facts:

  1. The seven dragon balls have names.
  2. Oolong was a villain.
  3. Yamcha and Bulma dated.
  4. Goku has no clue about females.

The Dragon Balls’ Names

Image result for dragon balls gif

The names goes as followed in order of the number of the stars on the balls:

  1. (unknown)
  2. Arushinchu
  3. Sanshinkyu
  4. Suishinchin
  5. Oschinchu
  6. Liushinkyu
  7. Chiishinchu

The collected dragon balls summon the great dragon Shenron to grant one wish. The balls turn to stone and scatter all over the world after the wish is complete. They can only be used once a year after Shenron’s summoning.

In the first Dragon Ball volume, Goku mentions his grandfather gave him Suishinchin. Bulma reveals to Goku she has already gathered Oshinchu and Arushinchu.

While Goku only seeks adventure during the dragon ball quest, Bulma plans to use the balls to wish for a boyfriend.

Funny to say, Bulma doesn’t need a wish once she meets the desert bandit Yamcha.

Bulma & Yamcha

 love dragon ball bulma yamucha GIF

Before Bulma was in a relationship with Vegeta, she briefly dated Yamcha.

Yamcha desires marriage, but he’s afraid of girls. The further along the dragon ball quest, he and Bulma gain an intimate relationship.

I wonder why they didn’t remain a couple. If they did, then Trunks wouldn’t have existed and the entire Dragon ball universe would’ve taken a different turn.

Oolong Was a Terrorist?

 thundercats GIFNever in the world I would see this little piggy as a villain. Goku and Bulma meet the shape-shifting Oolong terrorizing a small village.

However, Oolong was not entirely bad. All he did was pose as a scary demon and kidnap the village girls to take care of his house. He can be a bit pervert, especially with Bulma, but she always evades his advances.

What’s a Girl?

Image result for bulma shows panties to goku gif

Goku’s reactions towards girls are hilarious! He thinks girls have tails and boobs were butts on their chests. Goku’s biggest surprise:  they don’t have balls.

Sure, Goku’s only a little boy, but you would think he would’ve known a little more about females before meeting Bulma.

Worth Reading?

Overall, Dragon Ball is a great shonen series filled with memorable adventures and characters. Please do read the original series first if you’re familiar with the Dragon Ball universe. How everything started will surprise you.

Author Akira Toriyama has written sixteen volumes of Dragon Ball before hitting off with Dragon Ball Z.

So far, I’ve read five volumes. It’s time to read the rest!

Past Manga Mondays Posts:

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Feel free to comment below if you’ve read this manga series or you have any recommendations. 

Thank you!

BOOK REVIEW: “Fool Me Once” by Harlan Coben

Image result for harlan coben fool me once

A woman witnesses her husband shot and killed.  Now she sees her dead husband playing with their toddler.

Creepy, right?

Harlan Coben’s suspenseful tale Fool Me Once takes the reader through countless surprises. Former special ops pilot Maya Burkett faces many challenges: her husband Joe’s brutal murder, a military scandal, and PTSD.

Maya’s top priority right now is protecting her precious two-year old daughter Lily.

Unfortunately, a new problem emerges. A close friend gives Maya a nanny cam posed as a regular digital picture frame. Maya takes advantage of the camera and uncovers an eerie sight: Joe in the living room with Lily.

After the discovery, Maya interrogates her nanny Isabella on Joe’s whereabouts. Isabella’s response: pepper-spray to the face!

Maya recovers from the incident and finds the nanny cam’s SD card missing.

The deeper Maya searches for answers about her “late” husband, the more she thinks twice about the friends and family she thought she could trust. Even worse, police have revealed to Maya the bullet that killed Joe comes from the same gun that killed her sister Claire years earlier.

Now, Maya must solve how her loved ones’ deaths are connected.

What else could go wrong?

Frustratingly Good Obstacles

 This book can be upsetting in a good way. Every time Maya gets close to retrieving a valuable tip, an irritable character blocks her path.

I literally gritted my teeth when Isabella had the nerve to lie to Maya about Joe. She knew something was up! Maya saw her on camera the same time as Joe appeared. Maya wasn’t delusional.

Secondly, family repeatedly remind Maya of her PTSD. A psychiatrist or two keep showing up as help when they’re only hindering Maya’s progress solving Joe’s whereabouts.

I feel for Maya’s annoyance at the issue. If only Isabella didn’t steal the SD card, people would’ve understand Maya better.

War sucks.

Maya’s horrid past in the battlefield haunts her over the course of this novel. Receiving news of Claire’s death while overseas was more salt added to Maya’s mental wounds. She has recovered much from the past, but occasionally suffers minor stress-related episodes.

Lastly, there’s Detective Kierce assigned to Joe’s murder case. Supposedly helping Maya, he always shows up whenever she takes one misstep on her own mission. Maya doesn’t trust him or his suspicious interrogations. The last thing she wants is to land in the criminal’s hot seat.

The infuriating characters in this book are part of what makes this story great. The best stories are the ones with consistently conflicted characters and forever offending antagonists.


It’s been a while since I’ve read any suspense novels. Fool Me Once was a fresh morning coffee of thrills. It’s not the greatest cup in the world, but it kept me going. The book lacks the action I’ve expected from a suspense novel, but the last-minute twists made up for it.

Books I’ve Read Similar to Fool Me Once

Feel free to comment below if you’ve read this book or have any recommendations! ^_^