Manga Update! *January 2019 edition*

When was the last time I did these updates? My word, 2017!?

No worries, I’ve been reading manga this whole time. I present to you the Manga Update: January 2019 Edition!


  1. Astra: Lost in Space by Kenta Shinohara (3 volumes)
  2. Dance in the Vampire Bund: Scarlet Order by Nozomu Tamaki (4 volumes) *completed series*
  3. He is My Master by Mattsuu (1 volume)
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess by Akira Himekawa (2 volumes)
  5. Manga Classics: Les Misérables adapted by Stacy King
  6. Manga Classics: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn adapted by Stacy King
  7. Manga Classics: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer adapted by Stacy King
  8. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes by Furuhashi Hideyuki (1 volume)
  9. Splatoon by Sankichi Hinodeya (4 volumes)
  10. Star Trek: The Next Generation by David Gerrold (1 volume)
  11. Vinland Saga by Makoto Yukimura (2 volumes)


  1. Ajin: Demi-Human by Gamon Sakurai (12 volumes)
  2. Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama (24 volumes)
  3. Boruto: The Next Generation (3 volumes)
  4. Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima (62 volumes)
  5. High School of the Dead by Daisuke Sato (7 volumes)
  6. Magi by Shinobu Ohtaka (33 volumes)
  7. Maid-sama! By Hiro Fujiwara (17 volumes) *completed series*
  8. Merman in My Tub by Itokichi (7 volumes)
  9. My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi (16 volumes)
  10. My Love Story by Kazune Kawahara (13 volumes) *completed series*
  11. Negima: Magister Negi Magi by Ken Akamatsu (24 volumes)
  12. One Piece by Eiichiro Oda (88 volumes)
  13. One Punch Man by ONE (14 volumes)
  14. Princess Jellyfish by Akiko Higashimura (8 volumes)
  15. Zatch Bell by Makoto Raiku (3 volumes)

Check out the full manga list here.

Which manga series have you been reading lately? 

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BOOK REVIEW: “The Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy

Image result for the psychology of selling

I like Brian Tracy.  I always end up watching him on some ultra-motivational Youtube video.

The Psychology of Selling is the first book I’ve read from him. It’s not one of those fluffy business books encouraging you with hundreds of generic “You can do it!” and “You have to believe!” quotes. Tracy goes beyond that usual drivel.

If you’re into starting your own business, Tracy tells you exactly what you need to do to attract customers. But first, you must understand the art of selling is a game of endurance. You’re going to face a long line of rejections before reaching the pot of gold (aka profits).


Tracy covers many business and productivity topics in this book. It’ll teach you:

  • Why you should sell benefits to customers, not just the product
  • Be more of a friend than a salesperson
  • Thoughtful communication
  • Writing down your goals
  • The right mindset means everything when it comes to your business
  • Mimicking habits of successful people


Appearance means everything to Tracy.

I’m sure he decided to appear as a sharp dresser on the book cover because it will lead to more sales. He wouldn’t get the same amount of attention if he were dressed like he was on a midnight run to Wal-Mart.

Tracy used an example of a long-haired man who complained he wasn’t getting many sales due to his appearance. He wanted to stay true to his own self. Tracy suggested the man should cut his hair and change his overall appearance.

The long-haired man hesitated at first, but he did what he was told, and his sales skyrocketed.

Do we really have to transform into corporate clones to get business? Sure, it’s an important factor in most high professional settings.

People nowadays make good money with their exposed tattoos and rainbow-dyed hair. I supposed it all depends on the business environment.

This was my only “meh” portion of the book.


The Psychology of Selling is a valuable book for business people. It’s easy to follow, nothing complex.

I’m not saying all of this because I like Tracy. He acknowledges selling isn’t easy. It’s no simple stroll through the park.

Many people tend to dive into entrepreneurship because they see successful people’s results, not the hard work they’ve done behind closed doors.

How many times you’ve seen the guy on Youtube with his Lambo talking about how he makes thousands a month with his dropshipping business? He didn’t get there the first try. He has been through years of trial and error.

Brian Tracy has done the same.

I’d read The Psychology of Selling again. The pages would bleed of highlighter markings!

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BOOK REVIEW: “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz

Image result for profit first

How in the world are you supposed to have a profitable business if you keep pocketing the money and ignoring the expenses? Your company would collapse, right?

Author and entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz agree this is how you’re supposed to do it (not the collapsing part).

I didn’t understand Michalowicz’s Profit First mindset at first. I kept shaking my head trying to comprehend what I was reading. You might be too.

I had to continue reading why keeping the profit was the right choice.


If you keep reinvesting the money made after a great sale, apparently you’re doing it wrong. Michalowicz is a seasoned businessman. The old ways of making a business profit weren’t working for him. The old formula: Sales – Expense = Profit

He switched the formula around, and it changed his businesses forever. The new method: Sales-Profits = Expenses.

Still, this formula doesn’t mean you keep all of the profits and go wild with it. What you do with the profits is what counts.


If you made a tremendous profit, Michalowicz recommends a smart method of placing the money into five named bank accounts:

  • Income
  • Profit
  • Tax
  • Owner’s Comp
  • OPEX (account for bills)

Plus, he wants you to go to a completely different bank and open two more: tax holds and profit holds. The hold accounts are reserved for the money you put away and never see again.

Having these accounts open and running will assure you peace of mind, especially during tax season.

Owe $10,000 to the government? You have $50,000 in your tax account; You’ll be fine! All you have to do is celebrate during tax season with some major shopping or a European backpacking trip with the money leftover in your profits account.


“Wealth is a game of emotion. Business success is a game of emotion. Profit First is a game of emotion.” – Mike Michalowicz

If I opened a business without knowing Profit First existed, I would’ve been working excessively harder to make a good buck. Businesses are supposed to work for you, not you toiling for it.

Michalowicz started out his businesses with the old profit formula. Even though he covered his expenses, he exchanged the profit leftovers for luxurious cars, country club memberships, and extravagant Hawaiian vacations.

Bills were piling up, taxes were due, hell was brewing. Michalowicz’s finances came tumbling down to the point where he couldn’t afford his family a simple Valentine’s day outing.  His little girl attempted to relieve Daddy’s issues with her piggy bank. This little bank sparked an idea for Michalowicz and Profit First was born.

Profit First might save your business before you even start. This book helps how you to control your money better. You own it, money doesn’t own you.

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My Only 2019 Reading Resolution & 2018 Review


“It’s fun making resolutions, but it’s a challenge keeping them. If you’re not a laser-focused person, your resolutions are only wishes” -from my 2017 review

Since I’ve started doing Goodreads challenges, 2018 is the first year I haven’t reached my goal. *gasps* It’s okay, I’m not distraught.

Overall, it’s been another great year of books. Let’s go over the 2018 goals I’ve set up and reveal my only 2019 resolution:

1. Write 30 Book Reviews? (36!)

You can find them all here:

  1. 2,000 to 10,000 by Rachel Aaron (writing)
  2. Ancient Future by Wayne B. Chandler (new age)
  3. Atlantis Rising by Patricia Cori (new age)
  4. Blog Writing: The Content Creation Blueprint by Anthony James (writing)
  5. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (comics)
  6. Creating Money by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer (new age)
  7. Creativity for Sale by Jason Surfrapp (business)
  8. Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy (productivity)
  9. Everybody Writes by Ann Handley (writing)
  10. Exquisite Corpse by Penelope Bagieu (comics)
  11. Hermetica translated by Brian P. Copenhaver
  12. How to Write and Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit by Robert W. Bly (writing)
  13. Leap of Perception by Penney Peirce (new age)
  14. Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel (new age/self-help)
  15. Occult America by Mitch Horowitz (new age)
  16. Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon (productivity/self-help)
  17. Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau (business)
  18. Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg (productivity/self-help)
  19. So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport (productivity)
  20. Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon (creativity/self-help)
  21. The 10 Pillars of Wealth by Alex Becker (business/finances)
  22. The Art of Doing by Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield (productivity)
  23. The Fluff-Free Freelance Writing Master Course Workbook by Alina Bradford (writing)
  24. The Great Pyramid Hoax by Scott Creighton
  25. The Hermetica by Tim Freke & Peter Gandy (new age)
  26. The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle (self-help)
  27. The Lost Continent of Mu by James Churchward (new age)
  28. The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel (self-help/new age)
  29. The Metaphysical World of Isaac Newton by John Chambers (new age)
  30. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod (self-help)
  31. The Power of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont (self-help)
  32. The Sariel Crystals by Frederick A. Elder (new age)
  33. The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall (new age)
  34. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware (adult fiction)
  35. The Writing Warrior by Larraine Herring (writing)
  36. Writing Feature Stories by Matthew Ricketson & Caroline Graham (writing)

2. Read three YA Books? Yep!

  1. Hurricane Kiss by Debbie Blumenthal (romance)
  2. Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World by Pénlope Bagieu (comics)
  3. Career for Tech Girls in Video Game Development by Laura La Bella (teen non-fiction)

3. Catch up with the Vampire Chronicles? No…

Only made it through the first book: Interview with A Vampire. :-p

4. Read 333 Books? Only 210.

What I’ve Learned from 2018 and my 2019 resolution

Stick to one goal before creating another. I should’ve stuck with my 333 reading before trying another one. For 2019, I’m going to start over with reaching that goal this year! I’ll tell you more reading goals I’ve accomplished afterward.

One Last Thing: 2018 was The Year of Lists!

  1. 4 Sweet Bookworm Benefits of Kindle Unlimited
  2. 5 Festive Books About Yule
  3. 6 Louisiana Books to Catch Those Bayou State Vibes
  4. 16 Inspiring Quotes from Sanaya Roman’s “Creating Money”
  5. 17 Sasquatch Books to Read this September
  6. 18 Books to Read on National Occult Day
  7. 18 Books I’m Ready to Read Coming Out in Fall 2018
  8. 28 Book Ideas for Black History Month
  9. 43 Quotes from “The Power of Concentration”
  10. 55 Books for Atlantis and Lemuria Nerds
  11. 150 Manga Series for Newbies
  12. My Christmas Wish List 2018

Have a fantastic 2019! What are you reading goals?

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The 5-Star Book Club of 2018

I’ve reviewed all the book reviews I’ve posted the past year for all the 5-star rated books.

My top books of 2018? Surprisingly, I didn’t have many.

Most of the highest rated books are chilling in my bookshelf right now.  I often find myself reading my highlighted pages repeatedly.

I keep Theron Q. Dumont’s The Power of Concentration by my bed. I read my favorite quotes before bedtime and right when I wake up.  Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog! encouraged me to take out my biggest tasks. Writing is number one on my daily agenda. I accomplish my writing goals and the rest of the day flies by smoothly.

Where I would be if I haven’t read these books?

Cheers to the 5-Star Book Club of 2018!

5-Star Book Club

Image result for the power of concentrationImage result for chilling adventures of sabrina comicImage result for the secret teachings of all ages amazon

  1. 10 Pillars of Wealth by Alex Becker (business/money)
  2. 2,000 to 10,000 by Rachel Aaron (writing)
  3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (comics)
  4. Creating Money by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer (New Age/money)
  5. Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy (productivity)
  6. How to Write and Sell Information for Fun and Profit by Robert W. Bly (writing)
  7. Mental Chemistry by Charles F. Haanel (self-help/New Age)
  8. Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon (self-help)
  9. So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport (productivity)
  10. The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle (self-help)
  11. The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel (self-help)
  12. The Power of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont (self-help/productivity)
  13. The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall (New Age)

Runner-Ups (4.5 stars)

  1. Blog Writing: The Content Creation Blueprint by Anthony James (writing)
  2. The Fluff-Free Freelance Writing Master Course Workbook by Alina Bradford (writing)

What are your 5-star books? Are any of them in the list above?

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December 2018 Book Haul


Boo, I didn’t smash my Goodreads goal this year! However, I still managed to make time to read more than I did in the previous months. Progress is better than none!


I’ve decided to read about three books a day: 60 pages from a regular-sized book, 45 from the next, and 30 from the last. Some days, I added comics to the mix. I would read one adult non-fiction book then read five manga volumes.

I made sure reading happened daily. The following quote inspired me to change my reading habits:

“Never reduce a target. Instead, increase action. When you start rethinking your targets, making excuses, letting yourself off the hook, you are giving up on your dreams!” -Grant Cardone

Reading one book a day wasn’t working, three was the way to go. I’m going to own my 2019 Goodreads goal for sure!


(NOTE: Titles with asterisks are books I’ve read and reviewed through the Lean Stone Book Club. Ratings are 100% honest.)

Adult Non-Fiction

Image result for leap of perceptionImage result for blog writing: the content creation blueprintImage result for profit first

  1. Blog Writing: Advanced Strategies to Monetize Your Blog by Anthony James (4/5 stars)
  2. Blog Writing: The Content Creation Blueprint by Anthony James (4/5 stars) (review)
  3. Blog Writing: Traffic Generation Secrets, Hints and Tips by Anthony James (4.5/5 stars)
  4. *Chakras for Beginners by Tabitha Zalot (4/5 stars)
  5. Leap of Perception by Penney Pierce (4/5 stars) (review)
  6. *Palm Reading for Readers by Tabitha Zalot (3/5 stars)
  7. *Prayers by Rees Behan (3/5 stars)
  8. Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
  9. *Reiki Healing by Tabitha Zalot (3/5 stars)
  10. *Russia by Ian Maslow (3/5 stars)
  11. *The History of Money by Mike Thornton (3/5 stars)
  12. *Zen by Tabitha Zalot (3/5 stars)

Graphic Novels/Manga

Image result for jonesy 1Image result for astra lost in spaceImage result for quest for the golden apple

  1. Ajin: Demi-Human by Gamon Sakurai 11-12 (3-4/5 stars)
  2. Astra: Lost in Space by Kenta Shinohara 1-3 (4/5 stars)
  3. Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima v. 62 (3/5 stars)
  4. Jonesy by Sam Humphries v.1-3 (3/5 stars)
  5. Magi by Shinbou Ohtaka v.26-31 (3/5 stars)
  6. Maid-Sama by Hiro Fujiwara 11-14 (3/5 stars) *omnibus editions*
  7. Manga Classics: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn adapted by Crystal S. Chan (3/5 stars)
  8. Manga Classics: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer adapted by Crystal S. Chan (4/5 stars)
  9. Merman in My Tub by Itokichi 6-7 (3/5 stars)
  10. My Boyfriend is a Monster: Under His Spell by Marie P. Croall v.4 (2/5 stars)
  11. My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi 16 (3/5 stars)
  12. My Love Story by Kazune Kawahara v. 13 (3/5 stars)
  13. One Piece by Eiichiro Oda v.82-88 (3-4/5stars)
  14. Quest for the Golden Apple by Megan Miller (4/5 stars)

Which books did you read this month? 

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BOOK REVIEW: “Leap of Perception” by Penny Peirce


Image result for leap of perception

Your reality is your focus. Is it filled with happiness or negativity?

Penney Peirce pulls readers into a new level of awareness with Leap of Perception. Many people go through their whole lives not knowing they have the power to shift their reality with attention.

Take a cancer patient for example. Instead of wallowing in grief about the pesky tumor bringing impending doom to their lives, they focus on what’s left remaining.

They continue their plans to travel the world, publish motivational books, and run dozens of marathons. Sometimes, they focus so much on the right side of life, the cancer reality ends up fading away. Next thing they know, their doctors reveal their tumor is gone.

While this is not always the case, but it’s an example of how we are the creators of our reality, not the external forces.

Our physical reality is not the only one at play. Peirce points out we are multi-dimensional beings. You can’t change the physical realm, it starts with your inner world.


Image result for time is an illusion gif

You’re not too far away from your goal. The distance between you and your goals are, in fact, an illusion.

According to Peirce, you have already achieved your goals in your inner world.

Things made more sense when I came upon this message. My desires to achieve something have already been made in my inner world.

I want to travel to a new state next year? Done.

I want to write more than last year? Done.

Lose x amount of weight by next summer? Done.

As soon as say “I want,” I’ve already achieved it in my inner reality. The physical realm is only a mirror of your inner world. This concept taps into the Kybalion’s Law of Mentalism: everything is mental. Everything manifested in this physical world originates from the mental world.


Peirce executes a solution only a few people do: focusing on their desires. We tend to focus on what we don’t want.

Someone who hates The Kardashians is more than likely to surround themselves with Kardashian gossip.

Someone who hates their job will remain in their job. Why? They’re not focusing on a getting a new one.

Life is easier when you focus on what you desire. Once you build a new reality, the old one fades away.


I love how Peirce’s brain works. Higher consciousness and law of attraction fans will connect to Peirce’s ideas.

I’d recommend reading Peirce’s Frequency first. It’s easier to read. Leap of Perception can go deep. Plus, the exercises you’re supposed to do will make you question WTF are you supposed to be doing.

At last, here are some memorable quotes I’ve gathered from this book:

  • “Practice experiencing your transformed self in the imagined realm until it becomes second nature and draws into your physical reality.”
  • “All possible worlds and creation already exist in the unified field, waiting to be called forth.”
  • “If you want to move or change your job, change its inner blueprint in your imagination and the external shift will happen faster and more smoothly.”

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