Review Policy

I am currently closed for book review requests. 

For right now, please look through my review policy before submitting a book review request.

Review  Policy

Books I’ll Review From Requests :

  • Ancient Alien Theories
  • New Age Spirituality/Metaphysical

*SPECIAL NOTE: The genres may change. Always keep a lookout for updates. I will also create blog posts announcing any changes.

Do I accept unsolicited review copies? Yes.

Review copies I accept: Hard copies.

Do I do review dates? I prefer to read at my own pace.

Do I take e-books? Not at the moment.

Copyright:  Be kind and please refrain from copying my reviews.

Disclosure:  My book reviews are written out of 100% honesty. In each review, I will mention the book I’m reviewing as a “purchased copy”, “freebie” (free copy from publisher),  or  a “library book”.

Contact: Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, and book review requests at

In your e-mail requesting a book review, please enter the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Book Title
  • Book Cover Image Link
  • Genre (s)
  • Book Premise
  • Your Website/Blog

Thank you.