I Lived in Haunted Savannah

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USA Today list Savannah as one of the most haunted cities in America. The city is literally built upon massive grave sites and countless bad juju.

I lived in Savannah for two years as a grad student. Studying in a city with such dark history was exciting. I love haunted places!

A few weeks ago, I found a copy of James Gasky’s Haunted Savannah in my garage. It highlights Savannah’s spookiest spots including a couple I’ve personally toured:

  • The Olde Pink House
  • The Pirates House
  • Colonial Park Cemetery
  • The House on 432 Abercorn Street

The Olde Pink House

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Location: 23 Abercorn Street

Eyewitness report ghosts of a 19th century servant girl and a little African boy. The primary owner James Habersham Jr. has been seen around the restaurant. It was originally a private home. James’ probably making sure the current owners are taking good care of his place.

I dined at this place. Did I see any ghosts? Nope. Nada.

At least, they had good food.

The Pirates’ House

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Location: 20 E Broad Street

This restaurant used to be an ol’ sailor’s tavern where pirates made merry and fought in deadly brawls.

There’s a room where you can peer down into a hole leading to a former underground tunnel. Pirates used to smuggle illegal goods and kidnap unfortunate drunks there.

The pirates never left the restaurant. A cook who used to work there claims he has seen a man walk through a wall. After that incident, he never worked in the kitchen alone and always had a cross with him.

A tour guide warned me about the second floor. It used to be a pirate’s inn and a jazz club. Now, it’s simply a storage room. Staff reportedly heard laughter coming from the room when no one’s there.

This restaurant has awesome Southern style food like the Olde Pink House. You must try their buffet!


Colonial Park Cemetery

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Location: 200 Abercorn Street

Colonial Park Cemetery was a great place to do homework on sunny days. The park opens at 8am and closes strictly at dusk with good reasons.

Apparently, this cemetery was an excellent place to perform animal sacrifices. A dead dog and a dead goat with its heart wrapped in foil was found here.

An old dueling ground lays nearby the graveyard. Button Gwinnett, who took part in signing the Declaration of Independence, died dueling at the spot.

I was with a tour group viewing the site. We rushed back to the bus minutes later.

A lady freaked out because her camera’s batteries flew out. She was trying to snap a picture of the dueling ground. I was looking elsewhere, but I remember her scream.

One night, I visited the dueling grounds alone.

You know that weird feeling you get in your stomach when you go down a roller coaster? I felt that when I was standing on the grounds by myself.

Everything was eerily silent too. I didn’t even hear a cricket. The normal sounds of the city finally came back to life as soon as I left the premises.

The House on 432 Abercorn Street

Can you see the face and hand in the window?

 I always had a bad feeling about this house. It was built near a unmarked slaves’ cemetery. Not a good place to settle for starters.

Rumor goes three girls were ritually massacred here, a college student mysteriously disappeared, and a Civil War general left his daughter to die tied up to a chair. I used to believe these stories were true until I found a source stating otherwise.

432 Abercorn Street is privately owned so no snooping around the property!

Something else about this place creeps the crap out of me.

Maybe I’m just jittery.

Would I Go Back?

I’m returning to Savannah someday. There are more haunted places waiting to be explored.

Savannah overall is a freaking fun town!

Are you interested in any Savannah ghost tours? I recommend the following:

  1. Blue Orb Tours
  2. Cobblestone Tours
  3. Ghosts and Gravestones

Other haunted cities I plan to visit soon (and read about):

  1. Charleston, South Carolina
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana
  3. Salem, Massachusetts *Note: I read a book about this one*

(Pic Sources: Giphy The Planter’s Inn, Savannah International Airport.com, Visit Historic Savannah, Savannah Secrets

Have you visited any haunted cities? Read about any?


BOOK REVIEW: “Get Your Articles Published”

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Writing can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Writing articles for a big-time magazine can be intimidating. Fortunately, Get Your Articles Published makes it an inviting craft. Lesley Bown has written a decent guide for newbie freelance writers.

I’ve learned conversational writing is acceptable and articles are made for solutions.

What’s Your Problem?

More than likely, you’ve seen an article headline like  “30 Tummy-Toning Yoga Poses You Can Do Today”. This headline attracts readers because it offers answers. Someone out there wants a flat tummy before bikini season.

Articles state problems and presents solutions. Before writing your own article, ask yourself what problem is your focus.

Conversational Writing

Back in school, I had a frenemy relationship with class papers. I enjoyed writing essays with interesting assigned topics. Sometimes, I received poor grades for the work. The problem: I wrote like I talked instead an elite academic scholar.

I understand there are times you must write like a professional. But in the long run, who’s going to punish you for saying “I love cats” instead of “I commend the grimalkin species”.

Seriously? No.

Thanks to Bown’s book, I don’t have to attempt to write like an overexcited intellectual all the time. It’s all about conversational writing nowadays. I’m more aware of conversational-style writing in many popular magazines and high-trafficking websites.

There’s More!

Get Your Articles Published offers writing tips on reviews, prose, and travel writing. Quite handy for writers who fit in more than one category.

Beware: the book has outdated resource links. The recommended travel article site Itchy Feet hasn’t updated since 2015.   Furthermore, its latest tweet was in 2016.

Always double-check for active resource links.


Interested in freelance writing full-time? Read more writing books with the latest resources.

I appreciate Get Your Articles Published for its handy article writing tips. Overall, I’d recommend it!

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 Which writing books have you read recently?

BOOK REVIEW: “Lifelong Writing Habit”

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You can’t be a successful writer if you don’t write every day. Well, that’s what only half of the writing population believes. Some writers say you must while others believe you only need to write “often”.

If you’re planning to be a daily writer, read Chris Fox’s Lifelong Writing Habit: The Secret to Writing Every Day. I’ve read this book as soon as I finished his last one, 5,000 Words Per Hour.

In Lifelong Writing Habit, Fox offers valuable writing tips to develop your writing routine. There are excellent ways signaling your subconscious to go into active writer mode.

My top three writing habit takeaways:

  1. Setting up a writing log
  2. Tying a writing routine to a reward
  3. Creating a writing list

Your Writing Log

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Make sure you record your writing activity, whether you’ve written for 30 minutes or three hours.

I’m currently on a 90-day writing challenge writing 30 minutes a day. Sometimes, I write up to 90 minutes. These longer times include plotting and editing. According to Fox, they count as writing. Draft work isn’t the only important part.

If 90 minutes sounds too long, you can break it down into small time blocks in three ways:

  • 30-30-30
  • 30-60
  • 45-45

Make sure you record your writing sessions in a notebook, spreadsheet, or a calendar.

The Reward on the Stick

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Is there a temptation distracting you from your work? Minecraft, a Stranger Things marathon, or listening to K-Pop for thousands of years? Use it as your reward!

To set up a consistent work/reward routine, find your trigger. A trigger is anything that initiates a routine. Take these steps as an example:

  1. Write down tomorrow’s writing plans before going to bed. Stick this reminder somewhere you’ll see it first thing in the morning.
  2. Set up your writing tools on your desk (if you have one).
  3. Go to bed.
  4. Wake up.
  5. Find your writing plan and get to work!
  6. Smash your writing session!
  7. Enjoy your reward. 🙂

If you didn’t set up the writing reminder as your trigger, you probably wouldn’t have written anything that day.

Endless Ideas

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Have you ever had the greatest ideas in the shower only for them to disappear seconds later?

Creating an idea list will help you tremendously with your upcoming writing projects. It’s a great resource whenever you have writer’s block.

For the book bloggers reading this, I have written a list of potential ideas you can use for your own blog.


Lifelong Writing Habit is a writers’ “must read” book. This short book is a writing tip gold mine!

Consistency and focus are the keys to long-term writing success. The more you write, your life changes for the better.

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What is your daily writing routine? Do you write every day or every now and then?

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Manga Monday #25: “A Silent Voice”


Bullying sucks balls. Seriously, all you want to do is have a great time at school, but some doofus with issues wants to make your life miserable.

Movies, TV, and books emphasize how serious bullying is in schools and its effects on its victims. Even manga is taking a part in it.

A Silent Voice takes on a realistic look on bullying, the consequences, and forgiveness.

Shoya Meets Shoko

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 New student Shoko Nishiyama comes to Shoya’s class. Shoya Ishida realizes she’s deaf and takes advantage of it. He constantly teases her and throws her hearing aids out of the window. Shoya’s friends don’t mind, they think it’s hilarious.

All this time after enduring Shoya’s bullying, Shoko still wants to be his friend.

It’s torture reading through the bullying scenes. I was waiting for Shoko to stand up for herself and slap the crap out of Shoya!

No worries, karma catches up with him in the end.

One day, Shoya’s bullying hits its limit and Shoko transfers out of his school. Shoya’s friends turn their backs on him. Shoya doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong until he discovers his mom must pay a hefty price for Shoko’s new hearing aids.

Finally, the guilt settles in.

Six years later, Shoya sees Shoko again and decides to make things right. However, he fears Shoko will never forgive him for what he has done to her in the past.

Would You Forgive?

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I would’ve never hung out with Shoya again. I’d forgive him, but I’d have moved on with new friends.

Would you forgive Shoya if you were in Shoko’s shoes?

Shoko and Shoya eventually patch things up and become good friends. I praise Shoko’s strength to forgive and Shoya for finally taking full responsibility for his actions.

A Silent Voice is a wonderful original story touching on serious social issues.

Bullying sucks. Don’t be a bully or karma will haunt you.

A Silent Voice Movie

A Silent Voice has made its movie debut in Japan in 2016.  Check out the trailer:

The movie will come to America as a limited release on October 20, 2017.

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Comment below if you’ve read the manga or have any related manga recommendations. 


BOOK REVIEW: “Solomon’s Angels”

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New age writer Doreen Virtue creates a decent story about King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba in Solomon’s Angels.  The book has interesting new age insights but the romance is questionable.

Makeda’s Journey

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The book follows Makeda’s trip to Israel to meet King Solomon. She repeatedly dreams about a mysterious man only for her deceased mother’s spirit to interrupt it.  Makeda later understands her mother’s intentions; she is only meant to be with King Solomon.

However, Makeda instantly falls in love with Hiram, Solomon’s top architect. Now she must decide whether she follows fate or create her own.

Meanwhile, the Queen of Sheba learns more of magical origins and gains esoteric wisdom from Solomon’s angelic advisors.

Where’s the Love?

The Academy Awards oscars academy awards looking searching GIF

Solomon’s Angels does a better job as a general new age fiction than it does as a romance.

I didn’t feel the love between Makeda and Solomon. The relationship felt forced and one-sided.  Makeda was too busy eyeing Hiram while Solomon was all over her like a lovesick puppy.

I get it, Makeda’s only seventeen. She’s keeping her options open.

Seriously, I wished this novel was longer. I’d rather see the couple endure more obstacles and share more tender moments together.


After all, Solomon’s Angels was my first dive into new age fiction.

For those who absolutely love esoteric knowledge,  vibrations and sacred geometry are discussed in this book.

Despite the lackluster romance, I enjoyed learning the biblical trivia. For instance, Solomon was the son of Bathsheba and David, defender of Goliath.  David sent Bathsheba’s husband to be killed in a battle after laying eyes on her.

You wouldn’t find that in the kids-friendly bible!

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(Pic Sources: Giphy)

Comment below if you’ve read this book or other Doreen Virtue books!


BOOK REVIEW: “Crop Circles”

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  • Title: Crop Circles – Signs, Wonders, and Mysteries (Goodreads) (Amazon)
  • Author: Steve and Karen Alexander
  • Publication: Chartwell Books (October 5, 2009)
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, General
  • Pages: 192
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Source: Library
  • Rating: 3/5

Reading Crop Circles brings me back to the 90s when people were absolutely nuts over aliens. Aliens were in movies, TV, the news, and discussed constantly on radio stations.

Back then, I remember catching news reports about crop circles. People argued aliens truly created the circles while others believed it was only human pranksters. One duo did confess they’ve made crop circles using planks and ropes: Doug Bower and Dave Chorley.


However, the “non-human” made crop circle explanations are still left untold.

The Book

Photographer Steve Alexander and writer Karen Alexander created a great book filled with crop circles sightings all over the United Kingdom. They took the time to explain the possible numerology and sacred geometry meanings behind the circles.

For example, the Milk Hill Galaxy crop circle has thirteen circles on each arm. The number thirteen symbolizes transformation The Alexanders contemplated this circle might’ve had a connection to certain tragic US event:


“Eerily, just weeks later, the world was transformed by the 11 September attacks in New York. It’s extremely doubtful that the crop circles predicted this event, but perhaps there were just a flicker of something looming in the global consciousness, which was given expression by the appearance of this design.” -Steve & Karen Alexander, Crop Circles

We’ll possibly never know if our intergalactic neighbors were trying to send us a warning.

Strange Circles

Additionally, there are crop circles beyond numerology and sacred geometry interpretations: The Sparsholt alien and the Chilbolton face.

The Sparsholt crop circle has an alien face with a disc inscribed with binary code. The translation:


“Beware the bearer of false gifts

And their broken promises

Much pain

But still time


There is good out there

We oppose deception”

-Sparsholt Binary Code Message

How nice for the aliens to warn us, but from whom?

Next, the Chilbolton face in Hampshire, England. This crop selfie has appeared along with another binary code message describing beings from a different star system.

The Code (left) and The Face (Right)

Looks like we’re not the only ones after all.


Altogether, Crop Circles is a great visual companion for crop circle hunters. It’s nice to know the meanings behind the circles. I’m surprised the people who made crop circles weren’t mentioned in this book at all. Even if you’re a strong alien believer, this book gives the impression that all the crop circles mentioned were all alien-made.

It would be nice to know the difference between alien and human-made crop circles.

Check out these sites to learn more about crop circles and the latest ones reported around the world:

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(Pic Sources: NewEarthCrop Circle ConnectorLatest UFO Sighting)

What’s your take on crop circles? 





BOOK REVIEW: “Your Internet Cash Machine”

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Imagine yourself working a few hours a day on your laptop making thousands of dollars a week. Sounds freaking awesome, doesn’t it?

Your Internet Cash Machine introduces readers to the affiliate marketing business. You’ll learn valuable tips from niche research to creating amazing blog post headlines.

This book throws away the old belief you must work for somebody outside of your home to make a decent living.

Most people wished they worked from home, others made it into a reality doing affiliate marketing. You don’t need to commute for an hour for this position.

Being an affiliate marketer means you sell products from a major company and receive a commission if you’ve made a profit. Amazon Associates, Commission Junction (now known as CJ Affiliate), and Clickbank are a few on the list of well-known affiliate marketing programs.

What do you think is the hottest product to sell online? Tech gadgets? Clothes?

Information is the #1 selling product.  People will do anything to get their hands on life-improving information. This very book is a fine example of an information product. Readers purchase this book to improve their work life and finances.

However, Your Internet Cash Machine was written in 2008 and it has plenty of outdated information. It repeatedly refers Myspace as the top social media site to attracting new followers. Plus, there are several websites listed in this book that are now broken.


For the most part, Your Internet Cash Machine is filled with great tips to get you started making money online despite the outdated info. This book doesn’t go into the technical aspects of setting up a profitable website, but it offers great info on attracting new customers.

Personally, I’d say it’s a book worthy of being on the bookshelf, but not one you can solely depend on when it comes to online businesses.

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