31 Quotes From “Unscripted” by MJ DeMarco


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MJ DeMarco wanted something in his life, and he took it. At first, he followed the SCRIPT. This dreaded path entails going to school, getting a job, working for 50 years, retire, and spend whatever free time you have before you croak.

Sounds fun, right? Hell no, you know it doesn’t!

DeMarco worked as a limousine chauffeur after college. He got to the point where he was like “F*ck this!” and headed out west to start anew. Eventually, he grew his own business and lives the incredible Unscripted filled with luxury cars, vacation, and all the free time he earned through his years of hard work (including writing Unscripted).

If you haven’t read Unscripted, perhaps these quotes from the book will change your mind.

Unscripted Quotes

  1. “Your defense is knowledge. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of entrepreneurship is the offense.”
  2. “You’re taught that ‘work’ or ‘things I’d rather not do’ starts Monday and end Friday, while ‘play’ is reserved for the weekend.”
  3. “College is a leather-line conveyor belt straight into the SCRIPTED slaughterhouse.”
  4. “Make life your game: you acquire experience points, gold, money, cars, assets, liabilities; you weigh decisions, and overall, manage yourself as a player. And yet, instead of seeing life as a game to be won, the SCRIPT has confiscated your player avatar and made you the one to be gamed.”
  5. “Each one of us is gifted with twenty-four or 86,400 seconds per day. No one gets more, not gets less. How you honor (or dishonor) these life rations make the difference between further entrenched into the SCRIPT dogma or not.”
  6. “Folks, if anyone says you need four or five decades to *earn* your freedom, close the browser, unsubscribe, or ask for a refund.”
  7. “Unfortunately, distraction’s objective is not to keep you entertained. It’s to grind life into mediocrity.”
  8. “If you don’t identify where you want to go, the road to get there stays hidden.”
  9. “The hardest part of the process-principle is repetition; greatness is a lot of small things done daily.”
  10. “You’re either a consumer or a producer.”
  11. “Production steamrolls consumption.”
  12. “If you want to live well, produce well.”
  13. “First, expect your entrepreneurial efforts to produce far beyond your consumption.”
  14. “You lead the herd, not follow it.”
  15. “Producerism is being a lifelong student of production.”
  16. “To consume richly-nice homes, luxury cars, world travel- you (and your business system) will need to equally, produce as richly, if not more.”
  17. “As a producer, start thinking of money as a value voucher.”
  18. “If you want to make millions, impact millions.”
  19. “Get rich quick might indeed exist, but don’t mistake that for get rich easy. Years of discipline, focused work channeled into the right business system can make it happen.”
  20. “Stop trying to write your story with someone else’s pen and, instead, start using your own.”
  21. “If you’re taking risks and spending precious time to build a business, for the love of God, make sure your investment goes toward your brand and not someone else’s. If you’re selling Avon, Herbalife, Amway, or some other branded products not invented by you, you are violating control.”
  22. “Remember, before you can do what you love, you have to do what you hate.”
  23. “If you can’t say NO to what you want today-an easy unlearned ride-you won’t be saying YES to what you want tomorrow.”
  24. “An UNSCRIPTED lifestyle should be challenged regularly. Whenever life gets routine or mundane, it potentially signals it’s time for a new pursuit.”
  25. “As producers, we are in the business of serving consumers-not few, but many.”
  26. “Build a business that makes a difference in your customer’s lives but, more importantly, yours.”
  27. “You can’t make millions if you don’t learn how to make hundreds.”
  28. “The ultimate judge and jury of your ideas isn’t your mom, friends, or colleagues-it’s the marketmind that reacts to them.”
  29. “If SCRIPTED peers are holding back and trolling your dreams, find new peers.”
  30. “If you have talent and the desire, approval is no longer needed. Permission not required. The keys to the dream palace await in open pastures: Youtube, Instagram, Amazon, and any other medium with an audience.”
  31. “If you’re in jail a KEY represents your freedom. If you’re imprisoned by SCRIPTED dogma, careful stewardship of MONEY is your key to freedom.”

Need more motivating quotes in your life? Here you go:

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