BOOK REVIEW: “How to Commit to Your Goals 1000% by Ryan Biddulph


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Note to Self: 1000%, Not 100%

Stick to your goals, and you might end up living a fantastic island-hopping lifestyle like Ryan Biddulph. Reading How to Commit to Your Goals 1000% will teach you how to go beyond your limits. It requires focus and sacrifice.

I like how Biddulph has written 1000% instead of 100%. 100% means you have met your goals, 1000% means you’re beyond them.

You want to be 1000%? Extraordinary results come from extraordinary action.


What I loved about Biddulph’s motivational book was his honesty. You have to start off small before you go big. Take baby steps towards your goals. Biddulph wrote 300-word posts before nailing 7,000-word posts.

Now, he’s capable of writing 10 eBooks in four months. He’s working on writing an eBook a week. Such a valuable skill!


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Another lesson I’ve learned about the 1000% commitment: sacrifice. You have to cut out the activities not serving your long-term goals. These activities may include watching TV, playing video games, and attending weekend parties. Biddulph calls this sacrifice “trimming the activity fact.”

Here’s a Biddulph tip: write everything you do on a daily basis. Observe the “filler” activities and cut them out for the next day and beyond. See what happens, and you’ll never want to go back to your old ways again.


The last important lesson I’ve gained from this book is the emphasis on freedom. Biddulph wrote so much to live life on his own terms. Tie your 1000% commitment to freedom!

You may be uncomfortable for a while. It’s all worth your long-deserved freedom.

I see it all the time. Writers and bloggers go beyond their limits for the sake of their freedom. Now, they’re able to travel everywhere, work anywhere, and make as much money as they want.

If Biddulph weren’t committed, he would’ve been stuck in a boring “time for money” job.


Are you ready to be 1000%? Read How to Commit to Your Goals 1000% now! This book has me so pumped! I’m ready to step beyond my limits!


  1. “Once you know you’re why you’re setting goals, and you tie that reason to being free, you’ll naturally be all in. 1000%”
  2. “I am 1000% in all of the time because I don’t permit circumstances to permit my results. My commitment overpowers my circumstances, meaning, I get my work done no matter what.”
  3. “Goals are outside of you. Intents come from within.”

What is your 1000% commitment?

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