BOOK REVIEW: “The Lost Code” by Kevin Emerson

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Can you imagine trying to enjoy normal summer camp life then everything gets crazy super quick?

First, you drown. Boo.

Then you wake up with gills. WTF?

Next, you discover your camp counselors are up to some shady business experimenting on your fellow campers. Plus, they’re attempting to locate a lost temple hidden somewhere in the campgrounds.

Depending on your personality, this sounds like the best camp story worth sharing or the worst. It’s quite a surprise for Owen Parker.

The Lost Code: Climate Change Ruins Everything

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Kevin Emerson’s The Lost Code carries out a compelling dystopian teen adventure set over fifty years in the future.

Climate change has seriously screwed Earth over. Sea levels have risen so much America has invaded Canada. Much of Virginia has become the new Everglades.

Domes contain habitable areas as protection from the deadly sun.

Owen’s summer camp is in a dome. Inside, man controls the weather. Robot butterflies reenact the real ones that existed before climate change reached dangerous heights.

Most of Owen’s fellow campers are orphans called Cryos. Parents cryogenically froze their kids to be brought back to life when the climate change calmed down. These kids come out of their frozen cells only to discover their parents are long gone.

Luckily, Owen doesn’t have the same life as the Cryos. His dad is still alive. Owen sends him letters whenever he has a chance.

Owen’s world takes a massive twist after he grows gills and discovers he’s an Atlantean descendant. The camp wants to take advantage of his bloodline as soon as they learn of his origins.

So Slooooowwwww

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You read so much about Owen’s camp you’d think you’re reading his camp memoir.

The story finally picks up when Owen grows gills but falls flat again until he discovers the hidden temple a hundred pages later.

Patience is vital reading this book. The Lost Code begins painfully slow then explodes with action when you’re about to chuck the book aside.

Read More? Maybe.

In the end, I liked The Lost Code, but I’m not sure if I want to finish the trilogy.

Oh yeah, there’s more:

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Image result for the far dawn kevin emerson

Don’t read The Lost Code unless you’re a patient grasshopper. Quick is not an adjective to describe this book. Seek other books if you love fast-paced action stories.

Which YA books you’ve read recently?

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