Manga Monday #20: “Haikyuu!!” by Haruichi Furudate

I don’t usually read sports manga but Haikyuu‘s notable characters made the story worthwhile. Haikyuu was one of those manga series I was  hesitant to read at first. I expected to read the first volume then abandon it. This happened before with a previous sports manga (more details later).  Thank goodness, Haikyuu is livelier than I expected!

Shoyo Hinata (the orange haired kid) is the best. I absolutely adore him! He’s a super energetic character who doesn’t let his short height stop him from becoming a star volleyball player. Shoyo dreams of playing for the national Japanese team like his favorite player “Little Giant”. He gathered a small volleyball team in middle school only to be destroyed shortly by Tobio Kageyama’s team. Since his defeat, Shoyo vowed to train harder and defeat Tobio.

Shoyo meets Tobio again in Karasano high school. This time, he has to work with him. Their relationship didn’t start off great but they had to get along in order to join the Karasano volleyball club.

Image result for haikyuu gif

Tobio Kageyama appears to be a total jerk in the beginning of the series. People call Tobio “The King of the Court” for his outstanding volleyball skills as a setter.  However, the nickname came with a bad reputation due to his bossy attitude and short-temper. It came to a point his former teammates stopped playing with him because they couldn’t deal with his nonsense any longer.

Tobio promises to become a better team player. I appreciate his character development.  I didn’t like him until I delve more into his backstory (you have to read for more info). There’s always a reason why a character has become an irritable pain in the butt!

Before Haikyuu,  I read The Prince of Tennis. I couldn’t get into the story  after the second volume and abandoned it.  I felt there was a missing element to keep me hooked to the plot. Even though I liked the main character, it wasn’t enough for me as a reader to follow his journey throughout the series. I’m glad I didn’t encounter the same disappointment with Haikyuu. My perspective on sports manga have certainly changed.

Haikyuu has become my cornerstone sports manga! The story makes volleyball more fun than I remember. When I played volleyball in middle school (for gym class), my best volleyball technique was falling flat on my stomach.

I prefer badminton. Hopefully, Japan will come out with a badminton manga series!

Have you read Haikyuu?

Any other sports manga recommendation? Feel free to comment below!


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