Manga Monday #19: “My Hero Academia” by Kohei Horikoshi

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My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi (Amazon) (Goodreads)

My Hero Academia is an unexpected, action-packed adventure! This manga series is filled with memorable scenes and awesome characters.

Izuku  Midoriya is a middle schooler with a dream of being a superhero. In a world where the majority of the world population has some form of a superpower, Izuku was born with none. These powers are called “quirks”.  At school, Izuku is taunted for being “Quirkless” and given the name “Deku” meaning he can’t do anything.

However, being quirkless didn’t stop Izuku from catching the eye of the most popular superhero in town: All-Might! All-Might takes Midoriya under his wing, trains him, and offers him his “One for All” quirk. This quirk gives a host superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Izuku promises All-Might he can’t tell anyone he was given this quirk.

Eventually, Izuku begins his hero training at U.A High. Everyday, Izuku’s abilities are tested. Not only he has to focus on mastering his skills, he has to face Katsuki Bakugou,  his ol’ school bully (and former friend). Plus, villains keep popping up at Izuku’s school! Izuku can’t take a darn break.

Here’s a couple of the characters and their quirks you’ll find in this series:

1. Katsuki Bakugou- “Explosion”

Izuku’s rival/friend. Katsuki has the ability to cause explosions using his sweat which produces a nitroglycerin-like substance. His quirk works great during the summer but sucks during the winter.

2. Shouto Todoroki – “Half-Hot/Half-Cold”

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Shouto inherited the fire quirk from his father and ice from his mother. He can get frostbite if he uses his ice quirk too much so his fire quirk comes in handy to keep himself balanced.

3. Ochako Uraraka – “Zero Gravity”

Image result for ochako uraraka gravity gif

Ochako is the first girl Izuku has “talked” to. Ochako can make anything weightless with her fingertips. Constant usage of her quirk can lead to dizziness. Even making herself weightless for too long can lead to nausea.

3. Tsuyu Asui – “Frog”

Image result for tsuyu asui gif

Tsuyu’s bascially a frog. She makes it cool though and I find her adorable. ^_^

4. Mina Ashido – “Acid”

Image result for mina ashido gif

This chick secretes acid! Mina’s super cute despite her dangerous ability. Best to think twice before giving her a handshake or a hug.

5. Tenya Iida – “Engine”

Image result for tenya iida gif

Tenya is the class president of U.A. High. He gains tremendous speed by transforming his calves into engines. Drinking sugary drinks can cause his engines to stall but orange juice works just fine.

If I lived in the My Hero Academia universe, my quirk would either be telekinesis, healing, talking to animals, super speed, or super strength.

Read this series if you love super hero manga! I remember seeing the first volume a few years ago and thought it was only a series targeted towards middle school boys. I finally gave it a try after hearing the hype from my friends who were waiting for the anime’s season two coming out this April:



I better start watching the first season! I’ve already finished reading the seventh volume of My Hero Academia and the next one doesn’t come out until May.


Image result for izuku midoriya gif
Me waiting for new My Hero Academia manga



Images From: Amino Apps, Tumblr


Have you read My Hero Academia?

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