BOOK REVIEW: “Bashar: Blueprint For Change”by Darryl Anka

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Bashar: Blueprint for Change – A Message from Our Future by Darryl Anka (Goodreads)
  • Title: Bashar: Blueprint for Change – A Message from Our Future
  • Author: Darryl Anka
  • Publication: New Solutions Publishing (Dec 1, 1990)
  • Genre: New Age/Metaphysical
  • Pages: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • Source: Purchased
  • Ratings: 5/5

Okay, Bashar: Blueprint for Change was awesome but not $159 awesome!

I had quite a challenge getting this book. My library didn’t have it so I’ve requested it through a special inter-library loan. They couldn’t find another library that owned a copy. So, my last option was to buy it online. It was $40 when I got it last month (Jan. 2017). I don’t know why it skyrocketed to $159 now. Marked on the book cover, it’s a $14 book (but my silly self bought it for higher)! You’ll notice I haven’t placed a link to the Amazon page under the book cover picture above. The sellers are on crack or I have an extremely rare, precious book in my hands.

The story behind Bashar’s profile sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. He’s an alien/human hybrid speaking from the future through a human being living in this present time.

Image result for essassani
Illustration revealing the Essassani are a hybrid race of humans and the Zeta aka the “Greys” (via Consciousness Energy Path 111)

You got that? I’m sure you did.

Bashar is part of a multi-dimensional race called the Essassani. According to Darryl Anka, he and Bashar made a deal in a past life. In this life, Bashar would use Anka’s body as a vessel to speak to anyone willing to hear his message about the future (at least what it is leading to at this very moment).

I know, it all sounds like pure clusterfudge. I gave this book five stars for its insightful messages about following your excitement, reality creation, multi-dimensions, and consciousness.

Bashar’s book is one you have to read with a completely open mind to fully understand its concepts. At first, reading Bashar’s messages written through Anka appear to be quite wacko but it shapes up as you dive deeper into the book. Blueprint for Change is best for those who are into extraterrestrials, channeling, and consciousness ascension. I would like to read another book from Bashar/Anka but not from Amazon with their crazytown prices! More than likely I’ll find another Bashar book in some random indie or new age bookstore (heck yeah).

For now, I’ll just watch his Youtube videos. Here are a few:


Image result for bashar same message many messengers
Darryl Anka speaking to Lilou Mace (via Youtube)

Have you read Bashar: Blueprint for Change?

Do you think channeling is real or a complete hoax?



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