Manga Monday #14: “Black Clover” by Yuki Tabata

Image result for the black clover
Asta joins the Black Bull knights (via Black Clover wiki)

Teenage orphan Asta dreams of being the next Wizard King, the most powerful magician in the Clover kingdom. However, Asta is born without of drop of magic in his blood. That all changes when a mysterious, five-leafed clover grimoire chooses him as his owner. Grimoires only approach magical people. Asta’s newly-discovered ability: anti-magic. He has the power to cancel out any magic thrown against him.

Meanwhile, Asta’s foster brother Yuno is a magical genius. He possesses wind magic and can summon spirits. He plans to be the next Wizard King too.

Together, these brothers sharpen their skills as magical knights. The more they battle, the more they discover their mystical abilities. The most difficult battle yet to come for the two is the seat of the Wizard King. There can be only one.

I’ve noticed The Black Clover is basically Naruto in  a different dimension. Asta is Naruto. They’re both social outcasts with dreams of being powerful, respected leaders. Yuno is Sasuke because they’re both ultra talented dudes society favors over the outcasts.

If you enjoy fantasy manga and the thematic element of competitive brothers/best friends, read The Black Clover. The first volume launched me into a fun-filled adventure! I only hope it doesn’t become too much like Naruto. I freaking loved that series! The story can’t be replicated.

Or can it?


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