Manga Monday #13: “Assassination Classroom” by Yusei Matsui

Killing him won’t be that easy (via Pinterest)

A failing high school class must kill their alien teacher before graduation or he’ll destroy Earth. Yeah, that’s kind of a struggle. And get this, their assassination plan must remain classified so the rest of the world won’t freak out! Now, the students have to worry about raising their grades and learn how to be master assassins! How will this story end?

As soon as I finished the first volume, I added Assassination Classroom as one of  my top favorite manga series of 2016.  Yusei Matsui has created an original story full of comical mayhem. I love every single minute of it! If you’re an avid manga reader who’s bored with the same ol’ high school stories, perhaps this twist in the genre will come to your satisfaction.

Have you read Assassination Classroom? 


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