Book Haul: October 2016

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*sighs* New Age books give me life! Give me a subject under this genre and I could go on forever about it!

This month, I’ll be exploring topics on spiritual vibrations, parallel universes, and ayahuasca.

365 Ways To Raise Your Frequency by Melissa Alvarez

Remember when the Secret came out and everybody was talking about achieving their desires through the Law of Attraction? This book flows within this realm with the author listing numerous ways to wrap yourself with good vibes.

Psychedelic Marine by Alex Seymour

Weary marine Alex Seymour changes his life with ayahuasca. Illegal in the United States and the UK, Amazon shamans use this questionable stimulant to help those in need of spiritual recoveries. Alex reveals his journey from touring in Afghanistan to his spiritual awakening in the Amazon jungle.

The Convoluted Universe (Book 1) by Dolores Cannon

I’ll never forget diving into the mystical mind of Dolores Cannon after reading The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge. It shouldn’t have taken me so long to grab another book from this wonderful woman but I’m an easily distracted bibliophile. In The Convoluted Universe, Cannon explains what she has discovered about parallel universes, Atlantis, and sacred sites all over the world through her patients as a past life hypnotherapist.

TELOS: Revelations of New Lemuria by Aurelia Louise Jones

Author Aurelia Louise Jones executes messages from the mythical Lemurians as a channeler. Telos is the Lemurians’ underground higher dimensional city located underneath Mount Shasta in northern California.The first volume of Telos explains the Lemurians’ past, present, and future including contact with us.

Thousands of years ago, the surviving Lemurians came to the mountain after their homeland of Mu had fallen into the Pacific ocean. Nowadays, Mt. Shasta is reportedly know for UFO sightings, strange lights, and other supernatural phenomena.  Sounds like this place would make an interesting road trip.

California, here I come!

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Have you read any of these books? Recognize the authors?

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