Manga Monday #12: “A Certain Magical Index” by Kazuma Kamachi

A Certain Magical Index by Kazuma Kamachi (Amazon – UK)

A Certain Magical Index takes place in an advanced technological world where magic is taboo. Located in the Tokyo area, Academy City is a hotspot for learning and gaining supernatural powers via science (yeah, weird lol). Magicians are rare and information for gaining powers via “magic” is scarce.

Academy City student Toma finds an unconscious nun on his balcony. The nun’s name is Index and she just “happens” to have 103,000 forbidden magical manuscripts imprinted in her mind. Powerful figures from both the magical and scientific communities are after the nun’s vast knowledge. Toma is caught in the conflict as he wards off those who try to harm Index with his unique ability to reverse anybody’s powers. The closer he is to Index, the more he learns about his own power.

Yes, yes, yes! A Certain Magical Index has a plot I like to follow! I want to know why Index was burdened with hidden knowledge. Is it truly dangerous? Are the manuscripts a threat to Academy City’s scientific community? WHAT IS GOING ON!? I love a story that can evoke so many questions out of me.

Have you read this manga?

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