Books Seen In Dreams

No lie, I had books appear before me in dreams. They’re often books I glimpsed somewhere in real life or online but never gave them a second glance. I suppose they’ve shown up in my dreams as a friendly reminder to read them!

Here are the books:

Be Here Now by Ram Dass (Amazon)(Goodreads)

In this dream, I met a man with a white beard with a purple book in his hands. I couldn’t see what it was because he was sitting on a top of a tall, green hill. I literally flew up (hey, it’s the dream world)  the hill to discover he was holding “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass.  I woke up not knowing who the white-bearded man was.

I finally solved the mystery minutes after looking up the book online: the man was Ram Dass himself. *insert dramatic music*

Toothiana-Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies by William Joyce (Amazon) (Goodreads)

I haven’t seen the Rise of the Guardians movie since it came out. I love William Joyce’s idea of well-known imaginary figures coming together to save the world from eternal darkness. This man has an awesome mind! However,  I didn’t expect to have a dream about any of his books especially this one. The Tooth Fairy wasn’t even my top favorite guardian; it was the Santa Claus with the Russian accent!

Chasing Ghosts: Texas Style by Brad & Barry Klinge (Amazon) (Goodreads)

Now, I completely understand why this book was in my dreams. I was supposed to read this a while ago as I mentioned it in one of my previous library book haul posts. Out of all of the ghost-related books I’ve picked up, why dream about this one? Perhaps I want to read about Texan ghost-hunters more than I thought.

I really like these books dreams. I’ll definitely make more posts about them whenever they popped up.

Have you ever dreamed about books before? Which ones? 

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