Manga Monday #11: “Magi” by Shinobu Ohtaka


Cover from Amazon


Ten-year old Aladdin ventures the lands with his companion Ugo, a Djinn (magic genie). While most people would desire money or power from the Djinn, Aladdin only wished for Ugo to be his friend (awww). He meets Alibaba who dreams  of collecting treasure from legendary dungeons where Djinn reside. Aladdin sense a strong connection to Ali. Ugo knows the truth but  he has to let Aladdin figure it out for himself. Together, Aladdin, Alibaba, and Ugo take on grand adventures gaining new friends (and enemies),exploring dungeons, and meeting other Djinn. The deeper into their quest, the more Aladdin discovers his true identity and power.

I almost left Magi on the shelves thinking it would be a “kiddie” manga despite the teen rating. I was instantly hooked! The manga pleased me with its surprises, action, adventures, and, of course, magic. And kudos to Ohtaka for her strong female characters!

Morgiana, one of the awesome females of Magi.  (via fanpop)

I have to remind myself not to be fooled by the cover.

Magi is a splendid series!

Have you read this manga or watched the anime?




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