BOOK REVIEW: “Saint Germain on Alchemy”

Saint Germain on Alchemy by St. Germain, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Amazon) (Goodreads)
  • Title: Saint Germain on Alchemy: For the Adept in the Aquarian Age
  • Authors: St. Germain, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  • Publication: Summit University Press (Jan. 1, 1985)
  • Genre: New Age/Metaphysical
  • Format: Paperback
  • Source: Library
  • Rating: 4/5 stars

Saint Germain’s alchemy book is about achieving ultimate spiritual wealth through self-transformation. If you were expecting this book to tell how you can conjure gold out of thin air with special mind powers, you got the wrong book! Here, alchemy is uplifting your entire being into higher consciousness. The information in this book is supposed to be from the legendary Comte de Saint Germain recorded by “ascended masters” messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

The Prophets were part of the New Age “I AM” movement claiming close contact with the ascended masters. These “masters” have gained immortality by mastering esoteric wisdom and paying back karma. After immortality has been achieved, they no longer have to go through reincarnation’s repeatable cycle. A few ascended masters mentioned in this book (besides St. Germain): Jesus, Quan Yin, Gautama Buddha, Serapis Bey, and El Morya. Guiding humanity is their main task.

The ascended master St. Germain reportedly lived past lives as an Atlantean high priest, Christopher Columbus, and Francis Bacon. The book mentions he took part in influencing the French revolution and the Declaration of Independence. During his official recorded lifetime in the the 18th century , he was known as an “alchemist” courtier who knew many languages, played the violin, and made jewelry. Little is known of his birth and death.

Saint Germain on Alchemy was an uplifting book despite the wild claims about the Prophets (more on that later). The idea of ascended masters came to me from a random YouTube video claiming they were the spiritual leaders of Atlantis and/or Lemuria named the Naacaals.

If you’ve been reading my book reviews on anything related to Atlantis/Lemuria theories, you should know how much I’m attracted to them!

Now, to the crazy cult story about the Prophets, specifically Elizabeth Clare Prophet. After her husband passed away (or “ascended”), she founded the Church Universal and Triumph (CUT) where members gathered for ascended masters teachings. Eventually, Prophet warned her followers of an upcoming nuclear war. Hideout shelters were made and armed weapons were collected.

Guess what? No nuclear apocalypse! *womp womp*

Prophet believed the power of prayer prevented the world disaster from happening. The nuclear war prophecy flop brought a big wave of media attention.  Several members of the CUT were arrested for  purchasing the guns under false names. The CUT didn’t want any attention for taking firearms. The whole affair was a hot mess but the negative media attention didn’t stop the church.  The CUT is still running today along with Mark Prophet’s branch: The Summit Lighthouse.

Now, putting the whole Prophet craze aside, On Alchemy was a spiritually inspiring, mystical book. I have to admit the whole “ascended masters” concept is a bit far out for me but it’s nice to read new subjects within my spectrum of interests with an open mind.

This book is terrific for those interested in alchemy,  familiar with the ascended masters, and theosophy in general. If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, this book has a place for that too.

Have you read this book?

Do you know anything about the ascended masters?

What’s your take on the Prophets? 

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