Manga Monday #9: “Moyasimon” by Masayuki Ishikawa

Moyasimon by Masayuki Ishikawa (Amazon) (Goodreads)

Dear germaphobes, be grateful you don’t have the ability to see germs every single day. College student Tadayusu Sawaki was born with it. Sawaki has to keep his strange ability under wraps from those who might take advantage of him while attending agricultural school. Only a few know about it: his best friend, grandfather, and a trusted college professor close to Sawaki’s family.

How long can Sawaki survive in school without being discovered?

Moyasimon is fun and educational. You won’t be left out from any informative tidbits on bacteria and other micro-organisms. Sucks the library I regularly attend only has the first two volumes. I’m finding a way to get more volumes asap (without going to the bookstore or reading online)! There are thirteen volumes in the series.

Have you read Moyasimon?

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