BOOK REVIEW: “Lemuria and Atlantis” by Shirley Andrews

Lemuria and Atlantis by Shirley Andrews (pic via Amazon) (Goodreads)

Shirley Andrews brings the sunken cities to life in Lemuria and Atlantis. With the research she has gathered, Andrews describes in detail the citizens’ cultures, science/technology, and their migrations after their lands disappeared into the vast oceans. Atlantis and Lemuria were once paradises. The people were intelligent, psychic, and one with nature.

Unfortunately, they slowly turned to the dark side. Perverse ways (orgies, slavery, etc.) grew evident in their nature and their obsession with power lead them to their destruction. Andrews reminds readers to change their ways so they  won’t screw themselves up like the Lemurians and Atlanteans did.

This book has become one of my favorite books when it comes to Atlantis/Lemuria theories.Andrews has achieved surprising me with pieces of information I haven’t read before on this subject. It gets boring finding Atlantis/Lemuria books regurgitating the same ol’ “Plato said this” and “Ignatius Donnelly said that”.

I wished Andrews had gathered more recent proof of Atlantis’ and Lemuria’s existence especially more concrete evidence than past-life accounts, Edgar Cayce readings, and 19th/20th century explorers ridiculed by mainstream society (though I enjoy reading about them). I would have love to learn more of what has been done during the nineties and the start of the new millennium.  I’m sure something has happened and it missed Andrews’ attention.

Lemuria and Atlantis is an excellent book for Lemuria/Atlantis fans. I didn’t take in everything Andrews wrote to heart but I still loved it.

Apparently, Andrews wrote a previous book  about Atlantis. I’ll check that out too.

Somebody reading this might be like, “Yo, these darn cities aren’t real, you goof!” You have a right to your own opinion and I’ll  continue being a believer. There has to be more to this world.  Reading these books give me hope and fuel my imagination! 🙂

Image result for lemurian city
A depiction of Atlantis via The Greater Picture

Have you read this book?

What is your favorite tidbit about Atlantis and Lemuria? 


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