BOOK REVIEW: “The Mayan Code” by Barbara Hand Clow

The Mayan Code by Barbara Hand Clow  (Amazon) (Goodreads)

The Mayan Code carries out a brighter perspective of 2012 as a new beginning than the end of the world. Barbara Hand Clow claims the years beyond 2011 mark a new age of
enlightenment and a higher consciousness. Each cycle in the Mayan calendar represents an evolutionary cycle called “underworlds”.

There are nine underworlds:

The Mayan Calendar via Time and Date
  1. cellular
  2. individual
  3. mammalian
  4. familial
  5. tribal
  6. regional
  7. national
  8. galactic
  9. universal.

All of these cycles end in 2011.

So what’s next? Well, that’s where the Mayan calendar ends (don’t panic). Clow explains what has happened in each underworld and how it affects us today in our post-2011 world.

I was satisfied given the main answer to the Mayan calendar’s symbolism. Unexpectedly, I picked up random information on Atlantis (which is always cool) and the evil “Bushites”. Apparently, Clow deeply despises the Bush administration. She believes the Bush family are using their knowledge of the Mayan calendar (and astrology in general) for their own selfish political agenda. I only laughed and read past these portions.

The Mayan Code is an acceptable book for those who are interested in the Mayan calendar but I wouldn’t recommend as your main source (obviously). Clow tends to be on point on most chapters but way off to where you’re wondering if you have a crazed conspiracy theory book in your hands. She heavily refers to Carl Johann Calleman to support her Mayan calendar premise. He seems like a good start from Clow’s book to gain a wider perspective on this case. The Mayan Code is only an initial read of the Mayan calendar and the post-2011 golden age.

Read more books on this subject!

Meanwhile, I’m reading more books by Clow. She touches on subjects I absorb. 😉

Have you read this book or any books from Barbara Hand Clow?

Any books on the Mayan calendar?

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