June 2016 Library Book Haul II

Just a few days after I posted my previous book haul post, I ventured into a new library with a treasure trove of books! I only checked out a small load since I already have a good cue of books to keep me busy for the month.


The Mayan Code by Barbara Hand Clow (Amazon) (Goodreads)

An exploration of the Mayan Calendar’s interpretation of our universe and the beginning of a new age of consciousness after 2011.

Axis of the World: The Search for the Oldest American Civilization by Igor Witkowski (Amazon) (Goodreads)

A search for the oldest civilization not mentioned in mainstream history with insights on the Easter Island mystery, Native American origins, and lost lands of the Pacific (Lemuria, perhaps).

The Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt by Edward F. Malkowski (Amazon)(Goodreads)

Conscious awareness. Quantum theory. The power of thought. That’s what I’m getting from reading the back cover premise of this book. Sounds interesting overall.

The Mars Mystery by Graham Hancock (pic via Graham Hancock) (Amazon) (Goodreads)

A thriving civilization may have existed on Mars. Graham Hancock goes into further details about this theory and the connection we may have with the Red Planet.

I promise myself this is all the books I’m be reading for this month!

Have you read any of these books?

Any recommendations with similar themes for next month? 

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