Manga Monday #6: One Punch Man by ONE

One Punch Man by One  (Amazon) (Goodreads)

All Saitama wants to do is fight a worthy opponent who can withstand his powerful punch. This is the story of One Punch Man. He always knocks out his enemies with one punch (and they’re brilliant)! These easy matches bore him.

Not only that, the citizens of his hometown accuse him of taking credit from other heroes. It’s not him, the other heroes simply suck at their job. People may hate Saitama but what he cares about the most is a worthy challenge.

I didn’t know what to expect from this series but I have to say I’m glad I’ve finally read it. Curiosity finally got to me as I’ve seen my friends posting images of this bald-headed gentleman all over the web. Saitama’s a pretty powerful guy and he’s really humble about it. All he does to get so strong is simple exercise (seriously, that’s what he says).

via fanaru

Have you read One Punch Man?

Did you see the anime? I heard it was great!


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