BOOK REVIEW: “DMT-The Spirit Molecule” by Rick Strassman

DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman (Amazon) (Goodreads)


Rick Strassman dives into an intriguing study of DMT (dimethyltryptamine) in his book: DMT: The Spirit Molecule. During the early to mid nineties, Strassman went through a lengthy process to legally test DMT on human volunteers for his research. DMT is a psychedelic compound found in certain plants, animals, and human beings. This chemical is responsible for the visions people have during birth, near-death experiences (NDEs), and highly accelerated meditations. It can be taken as a physical drug (smoked) and consumed as a beverage called ayahuasca, a special brew made by South American shamans for religious purposes.

I read this book mainly to discover what the research volunteers experienced after taken DMT. Many had good trips, but you can’t have the good without the bad. One volunteer dropped out of Strassman’s study after having visions of crocodiles assaulting him.

Yeah, not fun.

It’s funny DMT is illegal in the United States as a Schedule I drug but it’s an endogenous (meaning from within) chemical in every single human being. You don’t really have to travel to South America to sip some ayahuasca or lick some strange toad (please don’t) to gain the DMT’s effects.

I mean, we take it every night to dream.It’s responsible for that too.

I may have missed this from reading but Strassman did not answer the function of DMT. Why do we dream? Why do we see “the white light” during NDEs? Perhaps we have it as a reminder of where we really come from and the physical world we live in is merely an illusion.

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But seriously, who knows? I’m sure we’ll figure it out eventually. DMT: The Spirit Molecule was a great, precise book.

Have you read this book?

What other books about DMT or psychedelics have you read? 


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