Manga Monday #3: “Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney” by Kenji Kuroda

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney by Kenji Kuroda (via Amazon)


Whenever I hear anything remotely about this manga series, I think of the super dramatic “OBJECTION!” exclaimed by Phoenix Wright as he points out the bs happening in the courtroom. In this series,  you’ll follow Phoenix and his assistant Maya as he defends his clients through a line of serious cases.

via Youtube

It’s nothing extraordinarily silly and overdramatic like I had in mind before reading (I’ll still read it either way). The cases have their funny moments but it gets right down to some serious business.  Fun stuff.

Special note: In the first volume, Phoenix has a case associated with a creepy dude who collects spiders (freaky). Just letting you know if you have a serious case of arachnophobia! ^_^


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