BOOK REVIEW: “The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge” by Dolores Cannon

The Search for Hidden Knowledge by Dolores Cannon (Amazon) (Goodreads)

I have never heard of “past-life regression” until I was introduced to Dolores Cannon.  She worked as a hypnotherapist for forty-five years and created the “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique” (QHHT). This technique involves relieving a client’s problem by recalling their past incarnations through hypnosis. In The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge, there are chapters of transcripts with Dolores speaking to her clients about their past life experiences. Most of them were associated with protecting sacred knowledge from those who wanted it for their own selfish purposes or destroying it altogether.

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I couldn’t put this book down! Even though it was over three hundred pages, I’ve managed to finish the book in two days.  Sacred Knowledge made me more curious of where I’ve been as a spiritual being. I wonder if I had any part of protecting any sort of sacred knowledge in my past lives. Did I ever live in Atlantis?   I was attracted to the book by the fact some of the clients had past lives in Atlantis and Lemuria.  I’m obsessed with those civilizations.

The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge is an excellent book for those who are greatly interested in past lives or simply curious about it. This is my first book I’ve read from Dolores Cannon and, sad to say, the last one Dolores has written before she passed away. Dolores has written  many books about UFOs, Lemuria, Atlantis,  and Nostradamus. I wish she lived a little longer. I would’ve loved a casual coffee shop conversation with her.

Have you read this book or other books from Dolores Cannon?

Have you ever been through a past-life therapy session? Please do share! ^_^

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